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Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Prelude Bench Prince Black Label Vs Prelude Bench Queen Black Label Review 2024

It takes time picking the perfect sex bench. And then you find the Liberator Black Label benches and think, “Well, how do I choose?”

By the end of this review, you’ll know which is ideal for you.

Guess what?

KY (the lube company), did a survey and found out that 92% of men find sex fun compared to 78% of women.

Ladies, one way to make sure you’re in that 78% is by getting a Black Label Bench!

There are a few important things to know about Black Label sex benches…

Best sex benches are designed to encourage a little kink in the bedroom.

They’re especially great for bondage and spanking, whether beginner or expert.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll find these points useful…

You should also know:

The bench arrives in a compressed package so looks small. As soon as you take the foam bench out, it “swells” (like all the best things do)!

Right, I’ll tell you which bench I prefer and why soon, but first you should know…

Why benches are amazing for a spankingly great love life

Of course, they look great at the end of the bed. Except, here’s the thing…

If you have one in your living room, conservatory (yes, our Prince bench is in the conservatory), or anywhere that isn’t the bedroom, then you’re far more likely to have more sex.


Because the bench is right there in your face. Slim-lined and easy to straddle at any time.

Because of its size, we have better mobility and control of our movements.

We’ve been having much more sex, and actually, my partner’s been going down on me more (he likes the idea of someone spotting us through the conservatory window)!


Brunette Girl lying on Prelude Bench Prince Black Label

You might be thinking, “But it’s made of foam”.

I think foam’s the supreme material for sex furniture. It doesn’t snap the way wood does!

Also the little give it has is way more comfortable on my spine, elbows and hips.

We used both benches for all sorts:

Blindfolded Girl on Prelude Bench Prince Black Label

Really you want to know:

How to choose between the Prelude Prince OR Queen Black Label benches.

So it’s best to look at similarities and differences to figure out which will suit you best.

This is what I found…

What's similiar?


It really depends what your purpose is for having a Prelude Black Label sex bench.

I find the Prince bench better for sex (cowgirl) because it’s 4” narrower in width and I find that easier to straddle.

On the other hand, my partner prefers the Queen for sex because he has a bigger surface to spread over!

So, for me, personally?

Even though, I prefer the Prince for sex and spanking (I’m more likely to bend over the Prince, while the Queen I immediately lay on), I would choose the Queen bench overall.


Because I’m really into foreplay and massage. The Queen is longer and both of us find it comfortable to lay on.

Both benches are going to have a happy effect on your relationship, but if you’re really stuck, go back to that age old question: “Does size really matter?” If it does, go for the Queen!