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Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Best Sex Retreats & Sex Therapy Retreats for Couples

End sexual discontent and deepen your erotic connection on your next sex retreat [exclusive offers included!]

Bad sex or no sex is a telltale sign of a relationship on the rocks. Are you ready to do what it takes to get back on track?

Light the fire of passion in your relationship with any of these couples’ sex retreats.

Looking to recharge your sexual energy, strengthen your chemistry, and synergize your connection?

Intimacy retreats are here to save your sex life and teach you more about the power that lies within.

This isn’t just about making each other have life-altering orgasms, although that will be happening too.

A sex therapy retreat does what ordinary couples therapy may not be able to. Through sexual connection, you can restore emotional intimacy, learn to feel safe, empower your communication skills, and learn to be lovers again.

No more weird waiting rooms and awkward one-on-one conversations about sex in regular couples therapy. Branch out and reach new horizons as a solo sensual dater or with your loving partner by embarking on a sex retreat.


Here is a brief review of our top picks for bringing passion and fun back into the bedroom.

Couples' sexual retreat in California

You can only explore your partner to the depth in which you’ve explored yourself.

This sex retreat is one of the more emotion-based intimacy retreats that teaches you to lead with your heart.

In group and couples therapy, you will discover what intimacy blocks are keeping you from forming meaningful connections, experiencing romantic intimacy, and having great sex.

What desire do you have that lies dormant?

As one of the top sexual retreats, join a sex therapist to help liberate and heal the parts of you that crave intimacy and powerful sexual experiences but are covered by insecurities, uncertainty, fear, pain, or shame.

Sexual retreat in California

Enjoy your intimate relationship like never before. Great sex and closeness can’t be achieved through a quick fix, it’s a journey.

This intimacy retreat offers you the tools for successful and healthy long-term relationships, marriage, and a healthy relationship with your sexual expression.



Sexual wellness retreat in Mexico

Marriage boot camp meets sexuality retreat in this holistic intimacy retreat. You will learn how sexuality can be integrated into your daily routine.

In an open and respectful atmosphere, you’ll discover practical ways to implement tantra inside and outside of the bedroom.

With a focus on connection, passion, desire, and love— you will leave knowing that better sex is the result of a better intimate relationship and it’s hard to have one without the other.

Sexual retreat in Mexico



Intimate retreat in Andalusia

This city in Spain was built on passion and has a beautiful demonstration of love and sexuality woven into its roots.

But the setting isn’t the only thing that will make this a life-changing sex retreat for you and your partner (intimacy retreat for couples – no article yet).

It’s time to practice how to slow down and reconnect with the lust and butterflies that initially drew you and your partner to each other.

The best couples know how to go through hell and still be able to return home to each other’s arms.

Sexual retreat in Andalusia

In Andalusia, you will remember how to trust each other with your mind and body. With a focus on deepening your sensuality, this sexuality retreat will break down walls that cause most relationships to run dry.



Thrive in Love Retreat in Indiana

Create emotional safety within your relationship that encourages you both to open up.

Thrive offers life and love-altering couples retreat that can heal a marriage, rebuild sexual connection, and solidify couples intimacy.

Well thought-out and perfectly structured, this love retreat addresses the most important cornerstones in every relationship to ensure that as a couple you leave stronger and more resileant than ever before.

Sexual retreat in Indiana



Sex therapy retreat in Caribbean

Spirituality meets sensuality at this colorful sacred retreat for couples.

Maximize your sexual experiences through energy balancing and transmutation.

Using mind, body, breath, and soul–this group retreat will empower your sex life.

Sex therapy retreat in Caribbean



Marriage sex therapy retreat in Bali

This is the longest, most luxurious, and potentially the most restorative retreat on our list.

I mean does it really get better than being in Bali with your beau talking about sex!?

The lessons are tailored to your sexual and relationship goals.

You will reconnect with your partner, learn the art of communication (inside and outside of the bedroom), and embrace kundalini yoga as your primary tool for transforming your sex life.

Sexual retreat in Bali



Tantric sex retreat in Thailand

Ready to learn new positions? And I’m not talking about reverse cowgirl.

This is Tantric yoga and aqua tantra to open your chakras and let your energy flow.

In Thailand, you’ll become familiar with the energy centers in your body and how they work together to liberate your sexual expression and increase your ability to receive love and pleasure.

Tantric sex retreat in Thailand



What to consider before buying sexual retreat ?

Are you ready to think outside of the box? These retreats will push your limits emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As you learn new ways to connect, you’ll have to let go of old ways that aren’t working. Come with an open mind and be prepared to transform.

Also, make sure your partner is ready.

If you have to force someone to join you, they won’t get what they’re meant to from the experience. Should that be the case, select any one of the retreats that welcome singles.


What is a sex retreat?

A sex retreat, in general, is a fun, romantic getaway where you learn tools to improve your intimacy and sexual experiences.

They can be emotional, entertaining, and a little spiritual. Expect to discover a lot about yourself and your partner, and how to have great sex.

Read also our article about adult retreats to find out what are the benefits of them.

What happens at couples retreats?

There is a lot of communicating, expressing, tuning into your body, and re-learning and re-structuring your approach to intimacy, love, and sexuality.

Which retreat is perfect for me?

This depends on your budget, travel desires, and relationship goals. Want to stay close to home, head over to California or Indiana.

If you want to travel on a budget, join the crew in Thailand. But if you’re ready for something truly extravagant and transformative–you can’t beat Bali.

Do you and your lover want to get away but don’t think a sex retreat is for you?

Then make your way to one of The Best Kinky Sex Rooms and reignite the fire overnight!

The key is doing what it takes and going where you need to in order to deepen your connections, invigorate your relationships, and ensure that your sex life is as powerful and fulfilling as your deserve it to be.

Book your sexual retreat now and find out how you can create heaven on Earth with the person you love.