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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

How to Improve Your Sex Life With a Fleshlight Pillow

Let’s start with the obvious: For some of us, masturbation has gotten old. It was great when we were teenagers and it was fresh and exciting. Heck, that’s where I got my first callouses.

But man, after you’ve done it every day for 20 years, wouldn’t it be nice to feel something new?

Today We’re gonna talk fleshlights and especially their pillow mounts: where to get them, my favorite pocket pussies, and how to use your toys better so you can have the most mind blowing experience possible with a warm rubber sleeve.

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If you’ve never used a Liberator before, let me tell you they’ve got a quality list of products for the bedroom. These pillows can help you and a partner achieve positions you never thought you could do, and make the ones you can manage on your own even easier.

Me and Miss Sasha even own the original Wedge for when we’re both feeling a bit sexy. Whenever we use it we end up even happier and more satisfied than the cat who uses it as her bed the rest of the time. (Yes we brush it off before we play on it.)

If you’re a penis owner who doesn’t have a willing partner to play “hide the sausage” with, and would prefer to do something closer to fucking than giving yourself a handjob, I think you’ll like these solutions:

Best for Prone Boning your Sex toy: Liberator Fleshlight on a Mission

The Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission is basically a large pad made especially to help you and your fleshlight to do the nasty in the missionary position.

All you have to do is stick your favorite stroker in the fleshlight sleeve sized crevice, hole side out.

From my experience, a shorter fleshlight works a bit better here than a big one, because if the case is too long you might end up with an awkward vagina on a stick instead of a nice fuckhole.

The hole is also very snug for the average fleshlight (especially official Fleshlight products, which this mount was made for) so it won’t be sliding around while you use it. Which also means you can hump your sex toy hands free.

From there, mount your Liberator and start thrusting in one of your favorite positions. Both missionary and prone-bone (the one where you straddle your lover’s legs and thrust in from behind) work best for this model, as you’re probably not going to get the Liberator to ride you, haha.

You might even try a threesome if your partner is up for it, as the Fleshlight on a Mission can double as a positioning pad to help you and our partner achieve positions you might not otherwise be able to do.

There’s enough space in the curve where you’d put your fleshlight for your lover to sit on top while you thrust up into them from below. Take some of the weight off your legs and try some more adventurous positions with help from one of your amazing new sex pillows.

Or maybe you can ask them to lie on their back while you play with your toy. Nearly everyone loves oral! I’m sure your friend would love to have your mouth on their sensitive bits while you play with your fleshlight sleeve.

It’s covered in a machine-washable (if you get it really dirty) faux leather exterior, and lined with moisture-proof polyester to protect the sturdy, polyurethane foam inside. I’ve only ever needed to wipe mine off with a washcloth and some warm water and then I’m set to slide it back to its spot under the bed.



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Best for Fucking your Fleshlight Sleeve in Doggy: Liberator Top Dog

A long time ago I experimented with homemade sex toys.

I tried a lot of things: sponges wrapped in duct tape with lube inside, a balloon filled with hot water, and one time a warm buttered dinner roll.

But when I was done constructing these duct-tape, jury-rigged sex-toys, I would almost always return to the love seat in my room, stick my new toy between the cushions and fuck my couch doggy style.

Things often got weird when I was a young man.

If you love doggy, like me, Liberator has you covered with their Fleshlight Top Dog model. It’s got a large hole so you can insert your favorite fleshlight. (see below for a list of my favorites) Or if your erect penis is as big as a fleshlight case (Wow, good for you!) you can just lube up and go straight to fucking the sleeve hole.

This Liberator pillow stands rigid at a little over a foot tall, right where the average person’s genitals hang (or the approximate height of a short coffee table), so it’s perfect for doggy style self-sex.

The curve of the pad also simulates that wonderful arch that all tops love. It’s also surprisingly big, so while it might be difficult to hide if a guest comes into your room, it’s also pretty sturdy when you’re pounding away on it.

You’ll be able to ride your mounted fleshlight either hands free or by pulling its “hips” back into you. This isn’t just a one trick doggy though, it’s also super useful for couples play. Have them bend over it while you ride that ass, or maybe take the middle position for ultimate pleasure yourself!

Plus, with its easy-to-clean faux leather cover, you’ll never have to worry about someone accidentally sitting in your mess again (I’ve apologized profusely to my couch). Just take a washcloth and some warm water and you’re set.



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Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

My Favorite Sex Toys

Pocket pussies come in all shapes and sizes; from tiny, petite and ultra-tight to 10 inches long with several internal chambers and different sensations in each. To be sure, I’ve come a long way from my duct-tape based sex toy.

Fleshlight offers a wide array of different “fleshlight experience enhancer” devices on their website, from suction cup mounts for your shower to a fleshlight warmer so your cock won’t get cold (personally I just pour hot water onto a towel and wrap my sex toy in it until the whole thing is warm.)

Unfortunately none of the liberators come with their own fleshlight in package (reminds me of the old “batteries not included” disclaimer in toy commercials), so you’ll have to get one separately. If you’re ready to make the investment, there’s a lot of good ones out there.

Personally, I’ve already got several fleshlights just waiting to be mounted and stuffed.

Fleshlight STU

The first thing you’ll notice about the Stamina Training Unit (STU) is the bright gold fleshlight case.

After you take it to bed, the only thing you’ll notice is the stars in front of your eyes! This bestselling stamina training toy by Fleshlight was designed for one thing:

To make you cum as fast as possible.

The idea is that the longer you can resist the urge to finish, the longer you’ll last in bed!

Just grab your penis, throw on your favorite video (not videos, video. Most likely just one.), lube up, slide inside this toy and get ready for a mind-blowing experience.

It’s got a super-stimulating sleeve made of SuperSkin, which acts a lot like real human flesh.

This superior Fleshlight is also equipped with an adjustable pressure seal, so you can create all the suction you want before collapsing onto your bed.

Never go back to your duct tape toy again!


It might seem weird at first, but once you’ve got your hands (and penis) on it you’ll realize this toy is one of the greats.

Modeled after one of Japan’s favorite porn stars, the Julia+ features the entire torso of the model, including her wonderful breasts and booty!

The Julia+ sleeve is made out of TPE, a very soft, squishy, stretchy material, and has a curved, almost organic inside. There is no hole at the end, unlike most fleshlight models.

You might have guessed, but this makes all the thrusting create a nice suction effect, even though the lack of a vent makes a little harder to clean.


I checked the reviews on the website I got it on for help, and several of the other customers said it’s best to buy an extra toothbrush for the task of cleanup. Just don’t mix it up with your normal toothbrush!

The one thing I might say before you rush out to buy a Julia+ is that it’s not perfectly fitted for the liberator the way an official fleshlight is, so keep that in mind if you find yourself lusting after this particular sleeve.

Na'vi Alien Fleshlight

Now before you judge, let me tell you this: I am a giant nerd. I watched a lot of Star Trek as a kid, both the original series, and The Next Generation.

I got to see Kirk and Riker roll up to alien worlds as attractive and virile humans.

So when Hustler put out a porn parody called This Ain’t Avatar XXX and bundled it with a Na’vi colored Fleshlight, I was the first person in line for it (OK, the only person in line).

Na'vi Alien Fleshlight

That said, this fleshlight has served me well for many years, and maybe even many more to cum. It’s made of SuperSkin, the same material used in all official Fleshlight products, so you know it’s built to last.

The inside is heavily textured and imaginative, as it is an artists rendition of an alien vagina. This model might be the best fleshlight experience I’ve ever had. And my penis says the same!

What to consider before buying a Fleshlight pillow ?


The first thing you might want to know is the size of these products, especially so you’ll know if you have the space in your room to put them away properly. The Liberator on a Mission is 27″ x 10″ x 9″ (L x W x H) while the Top Dog is 12″ x 14″ x 14.5″, so they will both need a special place in your closet or under the bed if you need the privacy.


Liberators don’t come cheap. However, their quality is informed by their price. The Fleshlight on a Mission starts at $165 at the time of this writing, while the Top Dog can be found for around $145 at the lower end.

How to Use a Fleshlight Pillow: 3 Easy Tips

Get it nice and warm

Nobody but a greengrocer likes their meat cold.

I highly recommend wrapping your fleshlight, case and all in a towel soaked with hot water.

You should never use your fleshlight while it’s wet, so keep the towel on the outside, and give it a little time to heat up.

Alternatively you can buy the fleshlight warmer from their official site.

Either way, enjoy your pleasure toy warm!

fleshlight warmer

Watch some sexy videos in VR

If you’ve already got the setup for virtual reality, you know. But if not, let me introduce you to the possibility of VR porn video.

You can find many a site nowadays that offers these new experiences for free, in all sorts of fun categories.

If you pair this with a fleshlight and the Fleshlight on a Mission, then sync up your thrusts with the actors in the videos, your penis won’t know the difference between reality and fantasy.

Man watching videos in VR

Make it Vibrate

Vibration isn’t just for the vagina! When removing the sleeve from the case, you’ll notice there are a number of fins around the outside of your fleshlight.

These allow for expansion, but can also be used to affix a few bullet vibrators to your toy!

You can secure these with superglue, or strong tape for a less permanent vibratory experience.

The website would probably tell you not to do this, but you’re an adult, do what feels good!

bullet vibrators


If you’re like me you need to cum early and often. I use my fleshlight at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. I’m very glad I invested in the Liberator Fleshlight on a Mission mount, because it makes masturbation not only more fun, but way more active.

It’s not exactly sex with a partner, but my fleshlight and liberator combo make me feel more confident that I can please my lady in the sack. I exercise the same muscles and build more stamina with my fuckpillow than when I just jack off without them.

I’m glad I got my Liberator, and if you get one, you will be too.


Where can I purchase a pillow for my Fleshlight?

Obviously the best place is on the Fleshlight or Liberator websites, both of which sell the above products. However there is a page or two where you can find them for cheaper.

You can also search for websites where you can get a shredded foam anime-girl pillow, but if you’re thinking of going that route, just check below for how to turn a pillow into a fleshlight.

How can I mount a fleshlight to my new fuckpillow?

Well, there’s a big hole at the end of each of the Liberators, approximately the size of a fleshlight case. Adjust the pressure seal to your preferred level of suction, then insert that end into the hole first.

It will be tight, so use all the pressure you need to secure it. Don’t add lube to the outside to make it easier to push in, as this might cause the fleshlight to slide during use.

How do I use a pillow as a fleshlight mount?

This will require at least two pillows, maybe more depending how you would like to arrange them. Start by setting your two pillows like shingles on a roof, each one about halfway down the one beneath it. From there, tuck the fleshlight between two of the pillows.

Your body weight should hold it in place. If not, stack more pillows on top until it does. If you’ve gone the anime-girl bodypillow route, put her on top.

How do I create a fleshlight out of a pillow?

Okay, first you will need some duct tape, or something to bind the pillow into a tight roll. at the center of the roll will be a hole. Open a ziplock bag, and put a little lube inside. Stuff this baggie into the middle of the pillow, add one erect penis, and voila! A homemade fleshlight made from things you already had at home.

Believe me, a real Fleshlight feels better. But this solution is much cheaper.

Fleshlight On A Mission

Man The Fleshlight On A Mission-1

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!