How to have energy orgasms guide
Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Energy Orgasms - How To Have Orgasms Without Touching

For many people, orgasms are mind-blowing and transcendental. Some would even describe them as an out-of-body experience.

But what if you could take your orgasm and multiply it by a hundred? And what if you could do it all on your own, without a partner…and without even touching yourself?

At its core, that’s what an energy orgasm is – the sensation of physical climax without physical stimulation. In the world of tantra, it’s more accurately described as the direction of sexual energy throughout the body, allowing you to feel sexual pleasure from head to toe.

Basically, a full-body orgasm that starts in your brain, not your genitals.

Whether you’re male, female, non-binary, or somewhere else on the gender spectrum, you too can have an intense energetic orgasm. This guide will go through the philosophy behind orgasmic energy, some basic techniques, and how to have energy orgasms that change your life.

Techniques For A Full Body Orgasm

Although it may seem unreal to you right now, the good news is that energy orgasms are a learned skill. Everyone is capable of having one with enough practice. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, however. In fact, it’s a lot harder to achieve than a standard genital orgasm.

It’s all about generating sexual energy – that feeling of desire, arousal, or being turned on – and then consciously moving it through your body so that you feel it in every part of you. Also called energetic channeling can result in sex transmutation and boost your creativity (not only limited to bedroom).

And the trick to achieving that? Getting out of your head and living in your body.

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We, as humans, find it difficult to shut off our brains and just be, feel, and experience.

It’s not easy for us to relinquish control over our thoughts and submit to the desires of our bodies. It’s especially difficult for people with controlling and cognitive personalities.

According to Kendra Hamilton, a somatic sex coach and host of Eat Squat Cum, energy orgasms are created through breath, mindfulness, and awareness.

If it sounds similar to meditation…that’s because it is.

The same techniques that you use to clear your mind and reduce stress are the same techniques that you can use to have an explosive, spiritual orgasm.

There are four pillars to this tantric practice:

What Does It Feel Like?

In many respects, an energy orgasm looks and feels like a genital climax. There’s a tingling feeling, a wave-like sensation, and intense vibrations that rock your entire body.

But since you’re more mentally involved, an energy orgasm can also feel like a trance. Some people report being in this trippy orgasmic state for hours or even days after having an energy orgasm.

Then there’s the spiritual aspect of energy sex. You’re also bringing your soul and entire being into that orgasmic moment.

Hidden memories and repressed feelings may come to the surface, making you emotional. Everything aligns and becomes one – it’s that deeper, more fulfilling pleasure that makes energy orgasms so different from a regular one.

Get To Know Your Energy Centers

All people are made of energy centers (or chakras) which, interestingly enough, coincide with major nerve points throughout the body. Before you can move your energy throughout your energy centers, you need to understand where your energy points are and how they feel when you tap into them.

Here’s a quick glance at the 7 different chakras, from top to bottom:

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You can achieve a chakra energy orgasm by controlling the energy that flows through your body. It is a pure, unadulterated expression of emotion, whether that involves laughter, tears, or something else entirely.

How To Have An Energy Orgasm Without Touching

Now that you know what an energy orgasm, let’s dive right into why you’re here: a step-by-step guide to achieving one.

Open Your Mind

We are all capable of accessing orgasmic energy whenever we want, but the biggest roadblock is our own mind. This first step is, incidentally, the most important – if you are resistant to the idea of an energy orgasm, you likely won’t experience one.

Part of opening up your mind is also accepting whatever feelings or sensations reveal themselves. This isn’t the time to shy away from your own desire! Let go, give in, and fight the urge to block your orgasm with chaotic thoughts.

It helps to prepare the environment beforehand so that you’re more open to the experience. Light candles, put on some sexy music, and make sure you’re sitting or lying down comfortably – anything that could help you get in the mood.

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Stimulate Other Senses

The feeling of being touched (by yourself or a partner) is intoxicating, but it’s not the only sexual sense. You have four other senses: sight, sound, smell, and taste. Stimulate them!

One of the easiest “ins” to an energy orgasm is actually through food. Have you ever thought, “This food I’m eating right now is better than sex”? That’s not just a saying – many people experience ecstasy through food.

Take your time indulging this sense. Close your eyes and prepare to enjoy food in a way that you’ve never enjoyed it before.

Allow the full experience of eating to consume you, and ignore any other outside stimulation or thoughts. Relish each end every bite.

It may feel weird at first because it’s not socially acceptable to enjoy food in a sexual way. But if you do this successfully, you’re also opening your body up to the possibility of a more sensual, full-body orgasm.

Focus On Your Breath

Your breath is your life energy, so if you harness that sexually, it can get very intense and orgasmic. If you’re practicing meditation or yoga, then this part will come more naturally to you.

Take deep breaths, and pay particular attention to how the air feels going in and out of your body. As you breathe out, make sure to relax and let go of any physical (and mental) tension.

Then, move into natural breathing – there shouldn’t be any pauses between your in-breath and your out-breath.

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Connect To Your Physical Self

When your breathing is steady and focused, you have to tie that, your mind, and your body together. As you inhale and exhale, gently rock your body back and forth.

Focus on creating arousal in your genitals and encourage it with your movement. Many people enjoy the sensation of arching their back as they breathe in and then relaxing as they breathe out, but it all boils down to what feels right for you.

Take your time exploring your inner eroticism. When you feel it’s the right time, you can move faster or more intensely to build up your energy.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles and imagine pulling your breath (and your sexual energy with it) throughout your entire body.

If it helps, make noises.

You might find that the sound of your own arousal pushes you closer to orgasm.


It’s a lot of work to achieve an energy orgasm, but is it worth it?

We’d say that the pleasure of self-discovery (and intense climax) is more than enough reason to give it a try, but there plenty of other benefits too:

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What If I Feel Nothing?

If you follow these steps and it still doesn’t work for you, that’s okay!

It’s perfectly normal to struggle with energy orgasms when you’re just starting out. Humans aren’t very good at turning our brains off and tuning into our bodies, so be patient with yourself and lean into the emotions you’re feeling.

Make sure you feel comfortable. That should be your number one priority. Purchasing a sex blanket can be a great way to make you feel more cosy and means you don’t have to clean up the mess once you have an energy orgasm. Have a look at a squirt blanket, it could be the perfect solution. 

Instead of stopping the session when you feel frustrated, keep going. Work through the negative emotions that are blocking your sexual energy. Sound them out – cry, laugh, yell, scream, and grunt if you have to!

Honoring your emotions means experiencing them and releasing them, not pushing them down.

Just keep trying. It may take months or even years to get the hang of it, but once you do, your sexual energy will be entirely under your control.

You can have an energy orgasm whenever, wherever!

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