how much does a sex room designer cost
Last Updated on June 21, 2023

How Much Does a Sex Room Designer Cost?

Kink is fun and can be expensive, especially if you want to design a sex room. If you’re familiar with the Netflix reality series ‘How to Build a Sex Room,’ you will recognize Melanie Rose – the Mary Poppins of sex – as the face of high-end design sex rooms.

Don’t be fooled by this TV series – the sex rooms Ms. Rose created are indeed gorgeous – who wouldn’t want a luxurious tufted boudoir chaise in the space where they are spending intimate time with their partner?

However, these sex rooms can be incredibly expensive. We’re here to answer a question you might have had on your mind: how to build a sex room – and how much does a sex room designer cost?

Sex Room Designer Prices

Sex room designer prices vary a lot – much like Melanie Rose’s sex rooms; high-end designer prices can get very high. A normal interior designer can charge anything between $50 and $500 per hour – and an interior designer specialized in sex rooms will charge something quite similar.

You should expect to pay $100 to $200 per hour on average and for the total amount in design fees to be at least a few thousand dollars.

What does a design fee include?

A design fee includes consultation, design, and project management. Remember that the price of the furniture, paints, or anything else is not included here.

See the following table for estimates of the prices of professional designing sex rooms:

What You Need

Total Cost

Designer Charge

Design Only

$4000-$25 000

$500 – $2500

Design, Supply & Install

$7500 – $25 000+


These costs can vary a lot. As Melanie Rose explained, the cost will depend on the amount of renovations.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Sex Room Designer

Renovating a master bedroom in a Los Angeles home or a Vegas suite into a BDSM theme with real leather is going to cost much more than creating an erotic living room area in a cabin in North Dakota.

The overall scope of your project will influence the cost of a sex room designer quite a bit – as well as materials, furniture of choice, the theme of your erotic room, and its features.

Project scope

Envision your ideal finished sex room – maybe it’s a tantric space, perhaps reminiscent of the sex dungeons you visited during your trip to London – I mean, you still have those UK chain marks on your lower back and now you’re trying to find out how much does a BDSM room designer cost – or alternatively, you can take a look at these great sex rooms for rent.

Pick a room, and list all the changes that you want – do you only need to add sex swings and subtle decorations, or do you need an entire revamp, including painting your ceiling joist and replacing everything you own with new equipment? The more changes you want, the more expensive hiring a designer for erotic rooms will be.

Room size and features

So, uh… what are you into?

Do you want that pricy green tally ho chair from Fifty Shades of Grey or the hottest item from a luxurious BDSM store?

If so, prepare to pay a lot – and maybe take a look at these ideas for a BDSM room (not for people with a vanilla kink).

If you simply prefer purchasing one nice curved back chair along with some simple decor, maybe a sex swing with stirrups attached – you’re looking at a lower price.

High heels, handcuffs and black gloves

Experience of a designer

More experienced designers – like Melanie Rose, will obviously charge more. A designer who is new in their field will most likely have lower prices – so if you want to save money, choose a newbie (as long as you trust their judgment).


If you want to attach a suction cup dildo and a sex swing to your en suite bathroom and call it a day, this should not cost much. In all seriousness, location matters – the bigger the room, the more money you’ll spend. Also, some locations are much more difficult to work on than others.

How to Budget for a Sex Room Designer

Much like traditional renovations, renovating a sensual space can get costly. Think of how much you will spend on a professional interior designer, combined with an estimated cost for the new furniture, painting, and sex toys – then see if there are things you can cut costs from.

Ways to cut costs when hiring a sex room designer

Ways to cut costs when hiring a sex room designer start by first making sure that your space is easy for the professional to work with.

You can also cut down costs by choosing your furniture with your designer from secondhand stores and perhaps considering faux leather instead of that authentic thousand-dollar beautiful leather tantra chair.

Remember to communicate your budget to the designer; they should be understanding.


Regardless of budget, you have great options, so start planning! List down everything you need in order to estimate how much a sex dungeon designer costs – or perhaps stick to a romantic vanilla room with a hint of eroticism.

Hire a professional and work on the project together – and get excited for the day when you finally get to finish your sensual space by tossing fluffy throws on your new furniture and covering your new great bed linens with flower petals. Remember what you saw on Netflix – Melanie Rose would be proud!


Is sex room design expensive?

Sex room design can be expensive, but not everyone needs a red room from Fifty Shades of Grey – there are cheap hacks to get around high prices – you can consider secondhand stores instead of high-end stores – just make sure your sex toys are not secondhand. Plenty of places sell affordable decor too!

You might be surprised by the selections at your local stores – maybe you’ll find that tally-ho chair secondhand. The sex toy market has many cheaper options for great alternatives to a new line of toys by high-end brands.

Is hiring a sex room designer worth the cost?

Hiring a sex room designer is worth the cost. Creating sex rooms is not easy, especially on your own – and trust us, your sex life is worth it. A professional can actually help you save money and time.

How can I ensure I'm getting a fair quote from a sex room designer?

To ensure that you’re getting a fair quote from a sex room designer, make sure they are precise about what services they will provide and have a list of costs. Make sure they answer your concerns – if their client asked for an estimate on how much renovations cost, they should be able to provide an estimate.

How to estimate the cost of an interior designer?

To estimate the cost of an interior designer, do some online research first. Along with rewatching the second episode of Melanie Rose’s show ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ for the fifth time, you can ask around – maybe your next-door neighbor hired a local interior designer recently.

Think of your project scope: how many changes do you need? List everything down, and estimate the number of hours a professional designer needs to invest in your project.

How much does it cost to hire Melanie Rose to create my sex room?

It costs a lot to hire Melanie Rose to create your sex room. She charges quite a bit to create sex rooms, and her clients’ rooms are not cheap – Netflix’s ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ host is known to design high-end sex rooms that cost anywhere from $35 000 to $190 000.

Being her own businesswoman, she had an extensive interior design career even before the show and is easily the most sought-after person in this profession – in fact, Netflix’s ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ was born when Melanie Rose pitched it to Adam Sher, the president of ITV America, based on her erotic writing.

If you want to have your bedroom renovated by Melanie, you can apply for her program on Netflix. Check out who pays for the rooms on ‘How to Build a Sex Room’!