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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

Designing Melanie Rose-style Sex Rooms

So you have been inspired by the sexy rooms designed by the Mary Poppins of Sex – Melanie Rose – the host from the Netflix reality series ‘How To Build a Sex Room’ (is Netflix “How to Build a sex room” real? Check it out!).

The show’s first episode aired in July 2022 – and has been a popular watch among naughty people ever since. With over a decade of experience as an interior designer, Rose has helped many couples improve their sex lives by renovating their intimate spaces to fit their desires.

When it comes to designing sex rooms, Melanie Rose is the most sought-after interior designer. This does not come as a surprise – she’s incredibly talented in revamping couples’ most sacred spaces by creating new designs that include everything from a kinky BDSM-themed hideout to erotic honeymoon-style sex rooms.

Perhaps you struggle to even find proper placements for your multiple sex swings, but you have recently been persuaded by watching Melanie Rose’s show on Netflix, so now you’re ready to hire a professional. We are here to tell you everything about that and how to improve your sex life.

Why Should I Consider Hiring a Sex Room Designer?

Do you need an area designed for fun and intimacy in your house?

Maybe your current set-up does not scream sexy or romantic; maybe your ceiling joist is cracked, your furniture seems like the most boring, unsexy collection in the entire world – and worst of all, instead of being arranged nicely, your husband keeps hiding your sex toys in the bathrooms around the house – and you’re just tired of putting up with it for now.

Hiring a professional to build a sex room might also help you maintain the spark in your relationship. Is there anything more exciting than exploring the wonders of your new kinky chamber with your significant other?

Additionally, as a client of professional designing sex rooms, you are hiring someone’s (s)expertise, a trained eye, and unique ideas – and potentially saving a lot of money and time compared to having to do all the work on your own.

How Much Does a Sex Room Designer Cost?

Similarly, you can ask how much renovations of any other rooms cost in general – it all depends on what you want. It is possible to find interior designers willing to design sex rooms.

A professional will usually charge their clients $100 to $200 per hour on average, but this may depend on their experience level.

How Can I Prepare for My Consultation with a Sex Room Designer?

Whether you’ve been inspired by Melanie Rose’s sex rooms and that pony chair you saw in that one episode makes you especially horny – or perhaps kinky and dirty pages on Tumblr have awakened your latex fetish, take some notes about your vision, likes, and dislikes.

Also make sure that you understand your goals, budget, and needs.

And maybe, just maybe, if you are open to it, you can visit an exclusive sex room rental.

Is it Essential for Both Partners to be Involved in the Design Process?

Yes – sex rooms are shared spaces for couples, and in relationships, both people matter and should have a say. As Rose explained, open discussions and communication about all topics related to designing sex rooms are vital in a relationship.

Moreover, inform your partner about your ideas – it might not be the most pleasant surprise for them to one day walk home and open the door only to see the wall decorated with 10-inch wide butt plugs.

Who Is Melanie Rose?

Born and raised in London, United Kingdom, Melanie Rose is the Poppins of sex rooms, famous for being a host on the new Netflix reality show ‘How to Build a Sex Room’.

She has years of experience in interior design and is specialized in designing sexual and erotic rooms for couples.

Listen to what she has to say about creating sex rooms.

Melanie Rose

How Do I Find a Reputable Sex Room Designer?

The first good step is to reach out to professionals, instead of asking your next-door neighbor or your brother-in-law. Do some research, and think of the kind of sexy room that you want. Perhaps you want a subtle cute bedroom with a few kinky elements – or maybe a hardcore BDSM playroom with all of your adult toys and that new sex swing on display?

Or, possibly an area dedicated to tantra. After having an idea, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to a professional that has experience in this kinky aesthetic.


Who is a sex room designer?

A person who designs sex rooms is usually an interior designer with experience in designing rooms intended for sex and intimacy – but most of the time they have worked with interior design in other contexts as well.

What does a sex room designer do?

A person who designs sex rooms as a profession is an interior designer – just a sexier one. They are specialized in creating, designing, and altering rooms intended to be used for the best activity in the world – sex.

What is the workplace of sex room designer like?

Unlike what you might believe, people who design sex rooms have quite normal workplaces – they don’t spend their days working on top of their black leather dungeon bed with a foxtail butt plug. They may work from home, or share an office space with other designers.

Can a sex room designer work with my existing space and furniture?

Absolutely. Not everything has to be brand new – just please try to avoid secondhand sex toys (unless they are your own). Putting that aside, whether you want your bedroom or your spare room to be transformed into a new sexy love-making area, and you want your old furniture incorporated, designers can absolutely do this.

Who is the designer from "How to Build a Sex Room"?

This lovely lady from the Netflix show is Melanie Rose, who is specialized in designing erotic rooms for couples that improve their sex life.

How much does it cost to hire Melanie to create a sex room?

The answer is – the cost is high, but it varies. Rose’s sex rooms are of a wide price range: her clients have paid anything from $35 000 to $190 000 and beyond – she is at the top of her field, so her designs and ideas are definitely on the pricier side, so if you don’t work full time, you might want to consider getting some cash from a sugar daddy.

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How did Melanie Start her career?

Melanie Rose spent years as a successful actress in several West End Shows as well as television. She then relocated to Los Angeles from London, where she was born, and began her design career, eventually working her way to the adult room design industry.

Who pays for "How to Build a Sex Room" Netflix series?

In this series, the clients do not pay the bill for their new sexy interior designs – the production company, High Noon Entertainment, paid for the entire work.

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Who is the contractor on "How to Build a Sex Room"?

Melanie Rose has Mike, a general contractor whose job is to help Rose carry out her vision when designing sex rooms.

When should I start looking for a sex room designer?

If you want to build a sex room, start looking for a professional such as Ms. Rose after you have an idea of what you are specifically looking for and discuss it with your significant other. And don’t forget to check out an episode or two of her reality show for some useful tips. Good luck!

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