Who pays for the rooms on how do you build a sex room
Last Updated on July 11, 2023

Who Pays for the Rooms on Netflix's 'How to Build a Sex Room?'

Step aside, Marie Kondo, because Netflix is sparking joy in bedrooms across the globe! That’s right – we’re talking about the thrilling new show, “How to Build a Sex Room”.

The show that leaves viewers wondering, “Who pays for all these luxuriously spicy rooms?” Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the tantalizing behind-the-scenes secrets.

Background of the Show

In the playful world of “How to Build a Sex Room”, couples transform their ordinary bedrooms into pleasure palaces, where intimacy blooms and fantasies come alive. And no, it’s not just a DIY version of “50 Shades” – it’s about fostering communication, expanding horizons, and boosting relationship satisfaction.

High five, Netflix, for mainstreaming the conversation about sexual wellness!

The Cost of Creating a Sex Room

Before we pop the big question, let’s talk numbers.

Are we talking IKEA budget, or is it more on the ‘Beyoncé’s bathroom’ end of the scale?

The cost of a room makeover can vary enormously, from budget-friendly tweaks to opulent overhauls.

On the show, we’ve seen everything from chic, minimalistic designs to palatial pleasure dens that would make a billionaire blush.

The refurbishments showcased on the program spanned approximately $30,000 to $70,000, with the expense not falling on the shoulders of the homeowners.

The Cost of Creating a Sex Room

Who Pays for the Rooms?

Drumroll, please! It’s time to lift the satin curtain. Netflix, our generous benefactor, foots the bill for these bedroom transformations. Yes, that’s right, it’s on them!

Each lust-worthy lair is a result of a budget dedicated to showing viewers how couples can bring their wildest fantasies to life. So, rest easy, folks – no couples were financially harmed during the making of this series.


So, there we have it! Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room” is not just a sensual extravaganza of grand designs but a beacon of open conversations about sexual wellness and relationship satisfaction.

And don’t worry about the couples being out of pocket – Netflix is playing fairy godmother to these pleasure palace transformations.

If you love the sizzling room decor you see on the show, why not try your hand at one? Check out our article covering interior design tips to transform your bland bedroom into a smokeshow sex room! And, if you’re considering hiring a sex room designer like Melanie Rose, don’t forget to go through our handy guide to working with one.


How much does it typically cost to build a sex room?

The cost of building sex room can greatly vary, including the room size, your choice of decor, and the toys you decide to include.

A basic transformation can start from a few hundred dollars, while a luxury renovation can run into the thousands. The key is to budget wisely and invest in quality where it counts.

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Who is responsible for the design of the sex rooms in Netflix's "How to Build a Sex Room"?

Melanie Rose is responsible for designing the sex rooms in Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room.” She is a professional sex room designer who collaborates closely with couples to ensure the room’s transformation aligns with their desires and fantasies.

It’s all about creating a space that’s unique, safe, and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun!

Are the couples on the show expected to contribute financially to the creation of their sex room?

Nope, the couples on the show do not expected to contribute financially to the creation of their sex room. Netflix covers the cost of each transformation.

The couples’ only “payment” is their participation and willingness to share their experience with millions of viewers. Not too shabby, right?

How can a couple design a sex room safely and respectfully?

To design a sex room safely and respectfully, couple should always ensure that any fixtures or furniture are secure and that all toys are used as intended.

Make sure to establish rules, boundaries, and safe words before play, and always prioritize clear, ongoing communication. Remember: a good sex room is a safe room!

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Is it possible to create a sex room on a budget?

Absolutely, it is possible to create a sex room on a budget. While some people may splurge on high-end furniture and toys, many effective and enjoyable additions to a sex room can be quite affordable.

Get creative with lighting, mirrors, and soft furnishings. Don’t overlook thrift shops and sales for unique finds. Remember, it’s not about the price tag, but the pleasure and connection it brings.

What should couples consider before deciding to build their own sex room?

Before deciding to build their own sex room, couples should consider each other’s comfort levels, boundaries, desires, and fantasies.

Think also about the practical aspects, like space, budget, and privacy. Most importantly, make sure it’s something both of you are excited about. After all, it’s a shared space for shared pleasure!

How has the show "How to Build a Sex Room" influenced conversations about sex and intimacy?

The show “How to Build a Sex Room” influenced conversations about sex and intimacy in many ways. It has not only brought the concept of sex rooms into mainstream conversation but it’s also challenged societal norms about discussing sexual desires openly.

The show encourages viewers to communicate more honestly about self-pleasure by showcasing a diverse range of couples and fantasies.