Ideas for Having Sex in Every Room of the House

Your home is your playground. Don’t let any square feet go to waste. Who says sex has to be confined to one room of your house?

If you can lie down, sit down, bend over, or lean up against something, you can have sex. (If you dodge a wrench, you can avoid a ball) There is no hope for you if you are still unclear about that reference. I just can’t.

However, if it is how to have sex in every room in your house, I am here to help. (In some cases, one on one) For the rest of you, find out how to have sex in every room of your house in this article.

Beyond the Boudoir: The Dining Room

Why the dining room?

The dining room has so many possibilities for trying new sex positions.

You can use the table for missionary or doggie-style sex positions and a chair to do the reverse Cowgirl or the Wheelbarrow.

Nude woman in a dining room

Possible scenario:

You are a waitress ready and willing to make customers happy. You will need to do much bending and stretching for this one. They could also drop something on the floor, forcing you to clean it up on your hands and knees. (Don’t go overboard. Having to clean ruins the pleasure)

Double Decker

How to do it:

Have your partner lay on the floor facing up. Then, climb on top like you do for Reverse Cowgirl and lay back on their chest while they penetrate you from behind. The floor keeps you out of sight of your nosy neighbors, so you don’t have to worry about attracting attention. (Unless that’s your thing)

Table Top

How to do it:

Position your back on your table with your legs dangling off the edge. Have your partner sit on a chair before you, giving them a perfect position to perform oral sex.

The Kitchen

Why the kitchen?

There are plenty of surfaces to use in the kitchen to try new sex positions.

Be creative and fully explore the possibilities of this room to cook up some fantastic memories.

Add some food (maybe whipped cream) to the mix if you want to be extra kinky.

(Am I the only one with a flashback of Don’t Be A Menace?)

Couple in the kitchen

Possible scenario:

You are a slutty maid trying to get your boss’ attention while you clean up the kitchen. Put on the skimpiest French maid outfit you can find (I have four if you need one), and do a lot of bending and stretching in front of the master.

Counting On You

How to do it:

First, climb onto the countertop, ideally sitting in a corner where two counters come together. Have your partner standing in front of you between your legs and face you.

Gently open the cabinet door and place your foot on it for balance. Then, grab onto the countertop firmly and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

The Burner (sounds dangerous & hot)

How to do it:

For this sex position, you start by bending over the kitchen counter in a standing position leaning with your partner penetrating you from behind.

This will allow for deeper penetration. It is also an excellent angle for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Just hold on tight and let them thrust away.

You can have them use a spatula for a spanking for some added kink. (Make sure to clean all surfaces and utensils thoroughly after use. Don’t be gross)

The Living Room

Why the living room?

The living room is filled with furniture to have sex on.

Comfy couches (check out our couch sex position ideas), love seats, and recliners allow you to experiment with sitting positions.

Tables are great for trying new lying-down sex positions.

The front door and walls also make great places for standing sex.

If you want to make things even spicier, you can invest in sex furniture, such as a sex couch.

Cuddling couple

Possible scenario:

You are having a Netflix and chill night with a hottie. You finally got to ask you out. Stretch out on the couch with your feet, accidentally ending up in his lap or hide your remote and crawl to the TV to adjust the volume.

Sofa Spooning

How to do it:

Lay down on your sofa like you would for spooning with your partner behind you. This gives them the perfect position for deeper penetration. (Great for lazy Sundays)

The Wheelbarrow

How to do it:

Have your partner sit on the sofa and get comfortable. Then, lie down on your stomach with your arms flat on the floor, face down. Use your upper body strength to lift yourself and wrap your legs around the waist for support.

The Bathroom

Why the bathroom?

The bathroom is a great way to relax but can also provide you with a new area to play outside the bedroom.

Shower sex is always enjoyable for both partners and can be done in various ways.

Experiment with different sex positions until you find one that works best for you.

There are numerous ways to have some fun. Use your imagination to come up with new positions.

Sexy woman in a bathroom

Possible scenario:

You are a naughty nurse giving your patient a sensual sponge bath. Be sure to accidentally brush up against them or clean a few areas thoroughly.

Bathtub Rodeo

How to do it:

Invite your partner to sit on the tub’s edge, using it like a chair. (Don’t lean back) Then, slide onto his lap with your back facing him and start moving to the rhythm of your passion. For added stimulation, try using a clit vibe or your fingers for clitoral stimulation.

The Candle

How to do it:

Have your partner stand behind you to penetrate you from behind. Leaning back, hold on to your partner’s neck. It’s a fun and safe way to have shower sex.

The Laundry Room

Why the laundry room?

Even the simplest sex positions can become super exciting with some vibration.

Picture using your dryer to spice things up.

During any close encounter, turning the freshest spot in your home into something delightfully naughty.

Woman in a laundry

Possible scenario:

You are at your local laundromat and see a hottie washing too. The two of you decide to get a little dirty while your clothes are getting clean.

Shaking Things Up

How to do it:

Toss some towels and sneakers in the dryer, and sit on top. It’s like riding a bouncy horse. Sit on the edge with your legs up while your partner stands on something like a bucket to match your height.

Hold each other tight and enjoy the thrilling sensations. The humming and shaking from the appliances boost your pleasure.

The Home Office

Why the office?

The office is an excellent place for role-playing.

The desk and chairs also allow you to experiment with new positions.

Remember, all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Possible scenario:

You are a naughty secretary ready to please your boss anytime. You could always drop papers on the floor and slowly pick them up while giving your partner a good view of your ass and tits.


How to do it:

Clear the desk by nearly setting things aside or shoving everything off. Lay down on the desk on your back with your partner positioned in front of you. Having them hold your legs in the air gives them the perfect angle for deeper penetration.

A Little Tied Up

How to do it:

Have your partner lay down on the ground, grab some tape (or whatever else you may have on hand) and tie their wrists to the desk legs. Now you are in control to do whatever you want.

The Back Porch

Why the back porch?

The back porch lets you feel the thrill that you might get caught while still being in the safety of your own property.

If you have patio furniture, use it to your advantage or use the railing to support you.

Couple kissing outside

Possible scenario:

One of you is a mail carrier who just can’t resist getting a little flirty while delivering the mail. I’m sure one of you has a package to deliver.

The Stairs

Why the stairs?

Even though this is not technically one of the rooms in your house, it is out of the bedroom.

It should not be overlooked because, by now, if you don’t include them, they feel left out and unloved.

Having sex on the stairs can be amazing but use caution. No one wants to end up in the hospital.

Sexy woman and stairs in the background

Doggie Style on the Stairs

How to do it:

Kneel on one step, placing your arms a step or two up, depending on your size. Have your partner kneel a step or two lower than you and penetrate you from behind.

You can always add a little chase and keep climbing as he holds onto your hips for deeper thrusts.

The Garage

Why the garage?

It gets you one step closer to being in public, and there is no bigger thrill than having sex in public.

Embrace your inner exhibitionist one step at a time.

Possible scenario:

Go to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. He is the mechanic from the wrong side of the tracks, and you are an uptown girl looking for some joy.

Car sex

How to do it:

This one should be self-explanatory. You get in the car (front or back. It’s your choice) then you have sex. You do the missionary position, take turns giving oral or whatever your wonderful imagination can come up with.

On The Hood

How to do it:

Bend over the top of the hood and have your partner behind you for a doggie-style session you won’t soon forget.

The Pool

Why the pool?

The question should be, why not the pool?

Being in water adds different stimulation, and being outside kicks things up a notch if you want to attempt exhibitionism.

Possible scenario:

You are taking swimming lessons. This means your instructor will have to hold you, and since you’re in the water, there is always a chance their hand may slip somewhere naughty.

Pool Hug

How to do it:

Your partner sits on the pool stairs with their legs partially spread apart. Then straddle them, keeping your leg on, then outside of theirs as you face them with your knees bent and resting on the steps. Move up and down while holding onto their shoulders for support.


Your sex life should be fun. If you aren’t smiling or making something memorable happen, then you are doing it wrong, and there is no point to it. Don’t be afraid to try new things and new places with your partner. Explore the rooms of your house, and then maybe you branch out to other places. It will bring you two closer together.