Best Furniture for Sex Positions

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’ll get. But when it comes to our love lives, wouldn’t it be nice to pick our favorite truffles every now and then?

Imagine adding a punch to your romance with some extraordinary furniture that knows exactly how to stir things up. Calling all daring duos out there!

Let’s explore a world where a chair isn’t just a chair, a bed isn’t just a bed, and your love life can go from flat-pack to amazing.

The Magic of Sex Pillows and Wedges

First on our list of must-have bedroom enhancers are sex pillows and wedges. Think of them as the secret ingredient in your sexy-time recipe.

They offer support and lift, helping you and your partner explore positions you never thought possible.

From a subtle lift to gravity-defying angles, there’s a pillow or wedge that’ll hit the right spot. Our top pick?

The Liberator Wedge, famed for its versatility and comfort, is a winner in our books.

Positions to try:

The Versatility of Sex Benches

If you’re more adventurous, then let us introduce you to sex benches. They are more than just the seats;

The bench is a sturdy construction that supports a variety of positions while adding an extra bit of kink. If you’re a fan of BDSM, restraints can add a thrilling edge to your play.

Liberator Steed is my favorite. It provides a smooth, adjustable experience to match any rhythm. And it’s perfect for a little spanking.

Positions to try:

The Versatility of Sex Benches

The Allure of Sex Beds

Ready to go all out? Then a sex bed is your ultimate playground.

Built with passion in mind, it comes with features that standard beds only dream of.

Bondage points, hidden compartments, adjustable parts…

My top choice, The Liberator Divan, takes the crown with its stylish design and unparalleled versatility.

Positions to try:

The Thrill of Sex Swings

For the daring, nothing beats the thrill of a sex swing. They suspend you in mid-air, allowing you to experience weightless pleasure in a variety of positions.

An excellent choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

The DOMINIX Deluxe Bondage Swing leads the pack with its sturdy design and endless rotation.

Kinky Tables

Let’s not overlook sex tables. Sturdier and more versatile than your average coffee table, these pieces of furniture are designed with fun in mind.

Their height and support can help you execute some truly adventurous maneuvers.

The Master Series Bondage Adjustable Table is a standout, offering a surface that is as practical as kinky.

How to Choose the Right Sex Furniture for You

Choosing the right sex furniture comes down to your comfort, fantasies, budget, space, and cleanliness.

So, when picking out your new plaything, don’t just think about the ‘now,’ but consider how you might want to explore in the future.


So, there you have it. A quick romp through the world of sex furniture.

Whether it’s a supportive pillow or a kink-friendly bench, there’s a perfect piece out there for everyone.

So, why not take a leap of faith and explore? After all, the couple that plays together stays together!


What is sex furniture, and why is it important?

Sex furniture is designed to make sex more comfortable and to aid in trying out new positions.

It’s important because it can greatly enhance your intimate moments and bring a new level of excitement into your bedroom.

How can sex furniture enhance my sex life?

Sex furniture can enhance your sex life by adding variety and comfort. It can help you find new favorite positions and make long sessions more comfortable.

Are sex pillows and wedges worth it?

Absolutely, sex pillows and wedges are worth it! They are a simple and inexpensive way to bring a lot of versatility to your sex life.

How to choose the best sex bench?

To choose the best sex bench, consider your needs, space, and budget.

Look for adjustable, sturdy seats that can support both of you comfortably.

What features should I look for in a sex bed?

In a sex bed, you should look for bondage points, durability, and cleanliness. They are key features.

Additionally, choose the one that has adjustable parts for more versatility.

How safe and reliable are sex swings?

Sex swings are safe and reliable as long as they are installed correctly and weight limits are followed.

What are the advantages of a sex table?

Sex table provides a sturdy, comfortable surface for a variety of positions and can also add an element of surprise and excitement to your sex life.