How to hide sex furniture guide
Last Updated on January 30, 2023

How to Hide Sex Furniture ?

If you had to guess which gender the following results of a survey apply to, would you get it right? 56% of one gender said they used a sex toy. 43% of the other gender said the same.

Which gender is which in this survey? If you guessed that 43% is for men, you would be right (1).

The difference would either come down to one gender being less honest or differences in sexual habits. One thing that we can all agree on is that our sex toys or furniture are not for the public to see.

Who would be the last person that you would want to discover this furniture? Keeping that person in mind is always a great motivator for finding the right solution.

How can you save yourself the shame of your mother or father finding your sex furniture? Or perhaps it is the in-laws that worry you? Let us consider some ideas.

Also we’ve compiled a list of sex furniture for you to explore. You can find our short & full reviews here.

Buy the Right Furniture

The first line of defense is always getting it right from the beginning. If you are afraid of your sex furniture being discovered, consider buying furniture that fits the rest.

Not all sex furniture has the “sexual” look about it (like sex couch or bench). Some pieces look unusual, perhaps even unique and interesting in some cases.

You could always invest in some sexy blankets as well to cover up the furniture. 

That may be what you should be going for.

No, Go Areas

There are specific spaces within your home that no one but you would go.

Unless you have particularly naughty kids.

Places such as your bedroom or garage would come to mind or see inflatable sex furniture. Place your furniture under a cover.

If it is with a bedroom, be sure to use things such as blankets so that it does not look out of place. If placed in a garage, you can pile various rugs on top of it. The less interesting it looks, the better.

Curiosity may kill a cat, but we must always address what caused that curiosity.

hearth shaped graver on a lock

Lock it away

There is no substitute for the lock and key.

Granted, you may have limitations based on the size of your furniture. You may consider having an extra wardrobe in your bedroom that has space reserved specifically for your adventures.

In which cases, you would keep everything locked away from prying eyes.

The Naive Approach

If you find yourself in a sticky situation where someone has found your furniture, playing naive is an excellent approach. You could pretend to have no idea what it is.

“I got it as a gift and have no idea what it does.” or “I bought it at a yard sale, it looked antique.”

Any of these would get you off the hook. Once you have been found out, you must reconsider where you were keeping your furniture in the first place.

We have often found that we get better at hiding these things with practice.

Girl doing the dont know pose


I guess at this point we should say that your secret is safe with us.

Hopefully, with some of the ideas that we have presented you with, you will be able to hide it all away – even from us!

If you have some of your own incredible hiding tips and tricks, we would love to know them.


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