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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

The Hottest Strip Club Interior Design Ideas

Your business design is outdated – the seats were designed in the 1980s and had strange stains on them, the surfaces are dusty, and maybe the walls are crumbling.

You might as well be playing sad violin music in the background during a striptease. This does not scream ‘good business’ – or even ‘sexy.’

You’re only dreaming about an aesthetic similar to that of the strip clubs in Magic Mike and Sin City – but with these tricks, you can make this dream a reality.

We are here to provide you with great tips for a strip club sample interior design plan. This guide is guaranteed to make your business look luxurious and provide you with insight into modern strip club interior designs.

What the Inside and Layout of a Strip Club Should Look Like?

Choosing the layout and the strip club interior architecture should be the first things to consider in your project. Ideally, the business should create a welcoming sexy atmosphere for performers and guests – it should have enough space for dancers, a bar, private rooms, toilets, changing rooms, and the essentials.

The Stage

Make sure that regardless of the renovations you make the stage is safe and of a decent size. Choose material that is not slippery, such as plywood.

Consider either black or white as the base color – both are beautifully complemented by colorful neon lighting. This is guaranteed to give guests a strip show that keeps them on the edge of their seats!


Furniture is crucial – keep it sexy!

Create an erotic feel by incorporating cages that can be used in sexy performances – or potentially to keep your drunk friend in to prevent them from ordering more.

We adore this sexy stand-up cage.

Jail cell stand up cage

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Strip clubs are not complete without poles. Quality matters, so we suggest this fetish fantasy dance pole – and remember that even if strip poles can be expensive.

A bar will allow your customers to indulge – whether it be they can also be very affordable.

Check how much a stripper pole costs!

Fetish Fantasy Series Dance Pole

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

The Bar

Serve alcohol or alcohol-free beverages – make sure to cater to both. Create a nice area to relax, and participate in a conversation by picking out modern bar stools, a bar table, and glassware.

Hot tip: although this is not a restaurant, serve some small snacks. Having something to munch on after a heavy night of partying can only enhance the experience.

The Dance Floor

People dancing in a club

Ah yes, the dance floor – the one space in any club where you get to embarrass yourself guilt-free.

They don’t exist in all strip clubs, but it’s a perfect addition! Finish off with an experienced DJ, and have a blast!

Dressing Area & Private Rooms

Dressing areas and private rooms intended for performers should offer them comfort, and privacy and tend to their needs – especially if they need to deal with customers complaining about their mortgage payments or ex-wives.

This area should have personalized lockers, mirrors, and a bathroom. It should also be close to the outdoors so performers can get some fresh air.


This should be one of the few bright rooms in the strip club – try chopping lemons in a dark room – we dare you. Practicality and functionality before anything – so maybe don’t place the bright neon lights in this space. Like in any restaurant, the kitchen should tend to proper safety and cleanliness standards.

Service Areas

Again, functionality is crucial here – these areas have been created for staff, and during a busy night it’s important to have enough space, proper lighting, and organization.


No one wants to walk into a toilet that looks like it belongs to McDonald’s when visiting luxurious strip clubs.

Spare no expense – incorporate opulent mirrors, smooth black tiles for walls, and even nicely scented hand soap.

Toilet sign with plants in the background

Decor & Accessories

Any person with an eye for good design will tell you to add decor to give your business a unique personality. No, please don’t put your stripper heel collection on display. Instead, add a chandelier and mirrors with golden frames – this makes your club look gorgeous and high-end.

Patterns & Colors

With decor in general, picking colors that are in harmony is important. You should pick colors that are complemented by a dim room – the furniture should have a dark color palette – deep red and dark purple chairs and tables are a must. Note that this can be beautifully combined with bright neon-colored lighting.

Gay Strip Club Interior

What’s more masculine than two tall young men with six-packs rubbing their crotch near your face? Seriously – this sounds like the real gentlemen’s club if you know what I mean.

The decor doesn’t have to be too different in gay clubs in comparison to heteronormative ones – but adding LGBTQ+ friendly elements is a must! We suggest incorporating a Pride-themed strip club interior background.

Strip Club Interior Champagne Room

Stripteaser dancing on a pole

Perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party!

Create your strip club vip interior by including a private stage and a table among beautiful furniture with a consistent color scheme – and of course, space for small groups to have the time of their lives.

What to Consider?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What’s their view like of the dance floor and performers? What does the surrounding space look like when they walk in? Are there any interesting details that will encourage them to visit again?




We have given you plenty of ideas on giving your business a new feel and a new personality – a particularly sexy one. Get your business suit on, start planning an overview, and get busy!


What does the interior of a very expensive strip club look like?

The interior of a very expensive strip club look like a royal palace – just sexier. Think of an erotic club with high-end furniture, a beautifully designed bar with exotic tasty drinks of great quality, and a VIP section that looks like it will wipe out your bank account.

How does lighting impact the atmosphere and mood in a strip club?

Lighting is important when it comes to creating the atmosphere and mood. Strippers are performers – you should be able to see them, and their performance should be complemented by beautiful lighting. Just imagine how boring any club would be with boring office lighting – pass!

How to design a captivating stage area for performances in a strip club?

The key to design a captivating stage area for performances in a strip club is the lighting, and sound and keeping it and the surrounding area relatively spacious – with a nice view of course. This combined with high-quality poles for dancers and carefully picked colors – with a talented dancer of course – well, you’re in for a hell of a performance!

How can color schemes influence the overall ambiance of a strip club?

Color schemes are very important considering the ambiance. A collection of colors that don’t go together would ruin everything – and your erotic business should not look like a storage unit. A dark color scheme that incorporates black and purple appears as mysterious whereas a red interior strip club has a more erotic feel.

What materials are best suited for surfaces in a strip club?

Plywood is the best material for surfaces in a strip club for a reason – particularly waterproof plywood with an anti-slip coating. This also allows for many different color choices and easy cleanup. Additionally, it’s very affordable.

Why is it important to collaborate with professionals like interior designers when designing a strip club?

It is important to collaborate with professionals like interior designers when designing a strip club because this will not only save you time and money but also help you understand the overall view and the business model better.

Another crucial thing to consider is the fact that since strip clubs are erotic in nature, proper precautions are taken to keep everyone safe.

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