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Last Updated on May 24, 2023

7 Top Tips To Remove Cum Stains!

Great sex with a man usually involves a big wet spunky mess!

One study (1) revealed that even after 3 washes, DNA in semen didn’t reduce by half!

So, it’s a fact; cleaning up semen is a constant problem for dick lovers! Finding a solution is important. Nobody likes seeing semen stains from past bonking escapades.

This might even be the right moment (while you’re thinking about it) for you to buy a cum blanket. They are machine washable which means its 100x times easier to clean up hot sticky mess you leave. 

As hot as sex was in the moment, an old semen stain is gross! (Especially if you’re with a new lover!)

Know why cum is one of the hardest stains to remove? You guessed it, because it’s full of protein. For this kind of dirty spot, you’re going to need a careful cleaning process and some good products.

I know Cameron Diaz may have used cum as hair gel in Something About Mary, but I think you and I both know, that just ain’t hot!

How to remove cum stains from washable fabrics (tip: quickly!)

To remove cum stains from washable materials, it’s best to follow a simple method.

After all, when you’re getting down and dirty, the off-shoot can often mean, well, uh… off-shooting onto your Sunday best!

So what do you do?

To remove fresh stains:

  • Rinse your clothing thoroughly with cold water.
  • Use a damp cloth and soap to remove the cum stain.

Note: make sure you use cold water on fresh semen stains. Hot water can make sperm protein expand into the fabric. This can cause irreversible staining. Eeeeek!

Top tip: Seltzer water is great to soak cum-stained fabric in!

For delicate materials, like wool and silk…

You need to take a more careful approach with delicate clothes to prevent damage.

  • Use cold water and make a mixture with detergent.
  • Soak the item in the mixture.
  • Blot with a soft sponge (rather than rub) to remove stains.
  • Wash as normal.

How to get rid of dried cum stains:

Here’s the best way to get rid of dried semen matter…

  • Brush off/use a blunt knife to scrape off the hard, dried semen.
  • Spray the semen stain with enzyme-based or natural cleaner and let it soak in.
  • Pop the item in the washing machine as usual.

As mentioned before, avoid using hot water!

How to get rid of cum stains on your bedsheets & pillows:

To get rid of cum stains on your sheets and pillows, the process is easy-peasy!

  • Use a blunt knife or tampon/cotton wool to slide off the excess liquid.
  • You then need to dilute the semen left on your sheets and pillow by soaking the sheets in cold water.
  • Wash as usual in the machine.

Useful tip to combat semen stains? Get sheets designed to handle spunk!

Check out Liberator sheets. They’re hardy, waterproof, and go in the wash.

If your old mattress is stained, get a new one, or a mattress topper (check out our product recommendations here).

The easiest way to remove cum stains from your couch and car seat!

Removing cum stains from your house and car upholstery is a little different.

You can’t rely on putting the fabric into the machine and often can’t soak the material (unless it’s a cushion cover that you can take off).

So what do you do? Spot clean.

easiest way to remove cum stains from your couch and car seat
  • Make a soapy solution (use cold water and detergent).
  • Use a cloth to wet and rub the area where the stain is with the solution.
  • Damp a second cloth with just water and rinse off.

You can try one of the acidic products mentioned below before starting this process.

By the way, if you love couch sex, you really should check out Esse chairs and the Zeppelin Lounger.

The upholstery on these two couch-equivalents are designed to be removed for easy washing!

How to remove semen stains from your carpet

Removing cum stains from a carpet can be a little tricky.

Use a sponge, one that was made without dyes (or the dye might run from the sponge into your carpet fabric).

remove semen stains from your carpet
  • Mix cold water and mild detergent.
  • Blot to remove cum stains.
  • Rinse the carpet.
  • Leave to dry naturally

Tip? Remember, more detergent doesn’t mean better!

Historical fact: the term “giving her a green gown” (2) was used between 1351-1500s. It refers to turning a girl’s dress green from getting jiggy out in a field!

Act quickly!

When you have a semen stain, the best advice is to act quickly to remove it! It’s also really useful to keep a small bin in the bedroom, perhaps under the bed – for condoms and tissues. This helps prevent the transfer of semen to your bedding and helps protect your sheets, clothing, and carpet.

Having a towel nearby is also handy, you can lie on top of them to keep things clean. Only issue? They’re not sexy. It’s worth checking out sex blankets to keep things romantic!

It’s good to have a supply of cleaning products, just in case! Hydrogen peroxide and lemons, for instance, are brilliant when you need to remove cum stains from clothes. Ultimately, cold water is your best friend with that cheeky semen stain.

Quick-fix tips to hide cum stains

If you need a quick-fix in the spicy moment to hide or protect your sheets or carpet, then a towel is one of the best things you can lay your hands on!

If you and your partner get a lot of action, then it might be worth getting a set of Liberator Liquid Velvet bed covers.

They’re designed to handle lubes, lotions, and the mess of jizz!

green velvet bed covers

The top-tested vegan/ allergic friendly stain removal products

Living Vegan isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. Here’s a few of our favorite earth-friendly solutions for your perusal.

Remember to only use cold water, hot will just make the semen stick worse!

  • White vinegar. It naturally dissolves stains due to its acidity.
  • Boric acid. Mix it into a paste with water, leave for 20-30mins, rub off then pop the clothing into the wash.
  • Fresh lemon juice. Mix with cold water and clean with a cloth. Be careful of color staining. Don’t spray it on light fabric.

Final points...

You want to keep your sheets clean, the carpet, and, of course, your clothing.

You could even purchase some waterproof sex sheets. A great addition as they are machine washable and easy to clean if they become stained by cum. 

These are items you use a lot. That’s why it’s handy to keep a mild detergent in the house with a few other products. 

Finally? Be sure to move quickly to clean the spunky mess before the next time you and your lover are getting some hot, sticky action!

clean bed sheets


How long do sperm stains last?

Even though you can wash stains out by following the procedures above, the DNA in semen can be found in fabric up to 8 months after, even through numerous washes.

What color is dried sperm?

Spunk dries to look like a whitish or even yellowish stain.

What do I do when cum stains make my room stink?

To get rid of cum smells, remove any items with spunk on (i.e. condoms, underwear). Wash any bedding and clothing with semen on and open the windows to air the room.