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Last Updated on March 11, 2024

Tips to Choose Sex Furniture in 2024

There is no debate; sex furniture is the future. Some might even argue that it was vital even in the past. The great Romans and Greeks in their orgies would often make use of these timeless inventions.

Its use seemed to have faded in the middle ages, but sexy is back.

Choosing the right sex furniture can be a headache.

Who knows how to do it effectively anyway? Most of us just want to purchase it (to shop for best sex furniture, click here) and get our freak on.

Fortunately, for you, this is what we love to do. Here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect sex furniture.

The critical thing to be aware of is that you should base your choices on either need or desire.

We will get into this in more detailed examples below.


Choosing your sex furniture based on your preferred positions is a desire based choice.

You desire to be able to enjoy your favorite positions without a care in the world. You want to find furniture that will either aid or enable you to do so.

Consider the parts of your body that could use a little extra support. See for example best Liberator shapes.

Don’t forget to think about your partner, as well.

Underlying Conditions

Sex can be one of those activities that will occasionally remind us that we are not as young as we used to be. If there ever was a selling point for sex furniture, this should rank high.

Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the same joys that sex used to provide?

Well, you still can. At least in moderation.

If there are specific parts of your body that cause you pain during sex, these are the positions that can benefit from sex furniture. It can be classed as a needs-based choice.

For instance, if you have troublesome knees stemming from your football days.

You could consider getting a piece of furniture that would provide support to your knees.

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Usage Space

The venue is just as important as the act itself. Most of us have outgrown the days of having sex wherever we possibly could.

When choosing your furniture, you must choose it based on the space that you have available. You don’t want to have furniture that is too big for the room.

Not only does this place limitations on other activities that space can be used for, but it also makes it harder to move the furniture in and out of the room.

At this point, it is worth measuring the space that you have available before ordering your furniture.

A common mistake, in this case, is not considering your other furniture when measuring your space. If you have a sofa, table or something else in that room, consider how your new furniture will fit in. See inflatable sex furniture! You can blow it up when needed and deflate it when you are done using it.


Sex furniture spends a lot of its time playing hide-and-seek. With you hiding it, and everyone that you don’t want to know you have it, seemingly seeking it.

That is what makes storage a key factor when considering your furniture.

When considering the size that you are looking to purchase, think about if you have space to store it?

Some furniture (like sex benches or sex chairs) comes in several parts, which makes it easier to store out of sight.

The other thing to consider is that these types of furniture may be more complex to put together.

We just want to have great sex, for goodness sake!

Not a trip to Ikea (here you can read why). Not a lesson in DIY.

As with the usage space, it may be worth measuring the space that you want to store your furniture.

Interior design of an elegant house

Most people would store their furniture in wardrobes, cupboards, and perhaps in the garage.

Do any of these places have enough room? Do they provide the discretion that you may need?


Finally, having said all of these things, choose sex furniture that you will love.

After all, sex is meant to be enjoyed.

If you love your furniture, that will undoubtedly add to the fun. Please do not consider it from a strictly practical side of things.

Please take advantage of our review of the 12 best BDSM furniture and take your bedroom to the next level. We also recommend taking a look at our guide to the best furniture for sex positions.