Sex Chair Positions
Last Updated on February 24, 2024

Best Sex Chair Positions to Try Tonight

It was a typical night for my partner and me; We had just finished a romantic dinner and were now ready for business.

As we entered our bedroom, I noticed something strange; A sex chair in the corner, something I had never seen before.

My partner sat on the chair and straddled me, ready to go. The chair gave way… And we both came crashing down to the floor in laughter.

Still rolling on the floor laughing, we needed a while to catch our breath. My partner got up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. I followed his lead. Then I kissed him and whispered, “Well, that was certainly an unexpected climax!”

Don’t take any chances – take the time to learn the proper techniques for using a sex chair to stay safe, enjoy the experience and avoid any accidents.

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Top 5 Chair Sex Positions

Sex chairs can excite your sex life by providing a new way to experience old positions (also new ones).

But what are the best chair sex positions? Let’s check.

69 on the chair

69 position is most popular oral sex position. It provides both partners with much pleasure at the same time.

It is good for people who think too much during sex and haven’t been able to orgasm. 

The fun and intimate experience of 69 positions can also help to bring a couple closer together.

You can try it with sex position enhancer chair (read my review).

69 on a chair

How To Do It:

This position may be a little awkward, but it’s worth the try.

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow gives your partner the best shot at an internal Big O.

By positioning the penis; you can easily target the A-spot and G-spot and heighten the chance of achieving a mind-blowing orgasm!

It may present a tantalizing challenge for the adventurous!

How To Do It:

Chair Cowgirl

The Sex Chair Cowgirl position is the perfect way to excite your romantic night.

Take your partner on a wild ride. Check how sexy would look in faux leather harness.

Try it with Liberator’s Chaise Lounge (read more about the best sex furniture).

The cowgirl position lovers might also like the Liberator Lyza Lounger. Just sayin’.

Couple on a sex chair

How To Do It:

Straight-Legged Doggy Style

It involves the penetrating partner entering the receiver from behind (you can try it with strap-on dildo too), typically with the receiver on all fours.

This position provides deeper penetration, allowing for increased pleasure and sensation for both partners.

You can also use sex bench or sex stool for it.

Couple getting ready to have sex

How To Do It:


Lotus’s sex position is really romantic because it allows for eye contact.

You should try it if you’re a fan of tantric sex.

If you want to use a chair for sex, choose the wide seat (read more about Sex Chaise).

Chair’s arms will provide additional stability.

Chair Lotus

How To Do It:


By using a sex chair (find out more about the best ones), couples can explore a variety of sexual positions that regular furniture simply cannot provide.

From legs spread to a tight embrace, couples can bring the ancient Kama Sutra to life with new and exciting positions.

They can reach new heights in their sexual journey like never before. Try new sex positions, choose right chair and have a good fun!

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How to use a sex chair to become a position pro?

To use a sex chair to become a position pro, start by familiarizing yourself with the chair and its features.

Experiment with different positions to find the best fit for you and your partner.

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What are the advantages of using a sex chair?

Using a sex chair can provide deeper penetration, allowing for more intense pleasure.

It can also make it easier to reach different angles and positions, as well as provide support for those with physical limitations.

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