Why Have Sex on the Chair?

Ah, the chair—where you lounge after a hard day,  where you slump when you’re too lazy to head to bed.

But have you ever thought about elevating this humble piece of furniture to a prop for sexual delight?

Think of it as the wingman to your escapades, one that doesn’t just offer a seat but a whole new arena for intimacy.

Top Reasons to Try Sex on a Chair

New angles, who dis?

One word: Geometry. The angles a chair offers can completely transform the dynamic between you and your partner.

Want deeper penetration? Check. A more intimate face-to-face? Absolutely.

Thanks to the chair, you’re not just restricted to lying down; you’re sitting, leaning, straddling—the possibilities are vast and incredibly stimulating.

Welcome to Comfort City

Chairs often come with cushioning or, at the very least, a flat surface that can be much more forgiving than the floor.

Add a cushion or two, and voila, you’ve got a comfortable set-up that’s ready for action, no Cirque du Soleil flexibility required.

Balance and stability

With four legs firmly on the ground, chairs provide a sense of stability that beds or even sofas can’t.

This stability allows you to venture into positions or movements that you might hesitate to try otherwise. Safety first, right?

Breaking the monotony

Ever heard of the “Living Room Olympics”? Well, you’re about to become a gold medalist.

Moving out of the bedroom and onto a chair is like changing the game mode in your favorite video game—the same players, entirely new rules, and an unpredictability that keeps things exciting.

Feeling adventurous?

Want to add a cherry on top? Incorporate some scarves, belts, or even the classic pair of handcuffs.

You can easily turn your chair into a mini-BDSM playground. Consider it a seasoning of kink to your already steamy main course.

Choosing the Ideal Chair

Look, not all chairs are created equal. You’ll want to consider stability, material, and size.

A dining chair might offer a different experience than a plush armchair, while a rocking chair adds a whole new meaning to ‘motion in the ocean.’

Choose wisely, and your chair won’t just be for sitting anymore—it’ll be your co-star in passion.

You can go even further and get a sex chair. Find out where to buy it.

The Phoenix Red Sex Chair


Having sex on a chair can bring about a fresh wave of excitement, intimacy, and comfort to your love life.

It’s a simple yet effective way to shake up routine, explore new pleasures, and use what you already have in a new light. Who knew that something so common could offer an uncommonly good time?


What are the benefits of chair sex?

New angles, added comfort, increased stability, and a fresh twist to your routine are some of the many benefits of taking it to the chair.

How do chairs provide a different experience?

Thanks to their structure and stability, chairs enable new positions and movements that can enrich your sexual experiences.

Read our guide for some inspiration on new chair sex positions.

Is chair sex comfortable?

When done right and with the right kind of chair, yes, it’s a comfort upgrade from many other surfaces.

How do I ensure it's safe?

Ensure the chair is stable, able to support both your weights, and preferably placed against a wall for additional stability.

Can I incorporate other sexual accessories?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix in other toys and restraints for a more adventurous session.

What should I look for in a chair for sexual activities?

Stability is key. You’ll also want to consider comfort, size, and the type of material it’s made from.

Can the chair be customized?

Certainly! With some cushions, restraints, or even just the right positioning, you can tailor your chair to meet your specific needs. You can even turn an ordinary chair into a sex chair!

So, the next time you’re lounging on a chair, remember—it’s not just a place to rest your back but a ticket to a world of heightened pleasure and new experiences. Ready to give it a whirl? We’d love to hear about your adventures!