Sex Swing Positions explained
Last Updated on November 25, 2021

The 7 Best Sex Positions
For Doing It with a Sex Swing in 2022

Monotony can be a buzz kill when it comes to sex. What can you do to keep the spark in your sex life?

The use of a sex swing is one way to do it. 

Most users have difficulty coming up with positions that they can execute safely. Fortunately, we have got you covered.

We have some incredible positions that are both exciting and safe.

The Air rider

While this is a position that can be executed without the use of a swing, the swing takes it to a whole new dimension.

It facilitates both partners’ longevity, but it also adds a bit more fun to it all. It is a position that delivers deep penetration without sacrificing intimacy.

air rider position on a sex swing him and her hraphic

How to do it

Lower the swing to about 30cm off the ground.

The man mounts the swing in a laying down position, with his eyes to the ceiling. He should ensure that the ground is within reach for his arms.

The lady steps over her man with one leg on each side of his body. Once she has climbed onto him, she can then glide up and down using her feet.

The man aids these efforts using his arms. The perfect position for a spinning sex swing

Helplessly Devoted to You

When some senses are suppressed, others are enhanced to make up for it. It is the phenomenon that drives this sex position.

The anticipation of not knowing what is coming heightens the pleasure.

You can take turns to have full control of your partner’s ecstasy.

swing oral sex man and woman pleasure

How to do it

Take turns to mount the swing. A blindfold would make a great addition to this position, especially when the idea of anticipation is considered.

Be sure to have your crucial body parts within easy reach. It is to say that your legs should be open, as should your arms.

For those who are into bondage, tying the arms can add to the sensation and helplessness. A brilliant position to try with your partner using a kinky door sex swing

If you love the idea of being taken or indeed taking your lover from behind, this is a great position to attempt on your sex swing (see our Screamer Sex Swing review).

You have the same positional, penetration advantage that comes with doggy style. It’s just as good as the Liberator Whirl for doggy style, but the idea of a swing adds extra excitement on top.

Being airborne only adds to the pleasure. There is less pressure on your knees.

Dog in Space

doggy style on a sex swing graphic couple ornaments

How to do it

The lady would need to lay on her stomach on top of the swing. Once she has mounted and strapped onto the swing, the man will stand right behind her and penetrate.

It would be up to both partners to ensure that the swing is secure.

The man can use his hands to hold his lady’s legs open.

She would maintain her balance by holding onto the swing’s straps.

The Victory

They do say that fortune favors the brave. The Victory is for the ambitious ones among us. It is for those that have the fitness and stamina that it requires.

In its most common form, this style benefits from the steadiness of a wall or doorway. It is where the lady would lean her back. In this case, the swing will do the job.

How to do it

The Victory requires that the lady be strapped into the swing so that her legs retain full mobility. She needs to be able to stand on her toes if required.

With the support of the swing and her man, she will lift one leg and place it above the man’s shoulder.

The man will support the raised leg and help the lady maintain her balance.

The lifted leg allows for ease of penetration. For deep penetration, the man’s hands should be at the lady’s waist.

Reclining or Flying Missionary

What most of us love about the missionary is not only the penetration but the intimate access that it allows both partners.

The lady is within reach of her man’s torso as well as his rear. She can pull him in close or hold him at bay to control his stroke or depth of penetration.

The man can simultaneously stroke while enjoying caressing his lady.

missionary position on a sex swing passionate couple

How to do it

The lady is holstered onto the swing on her back. Once she is strapped in and comfortable.

Her gentleman caller will stand above her open legs for penetration. The lady can wrap her legs around his waist and arms on his torso if she would like.

Be creative about it.

Missionary does not have to be boring. Especially now that you are doing it while “flying.” The perfect position to try with a partner using a bondage sex swing if you want bedroom antics to get really intense!  See the best-rated bondage swing!

Swinging Cowgirl

Even the keenest of ladies will tell you that cowgirl can be exhausting.

There is a lot of gratification that can be derived from seeing your man engrossed in the pleasure you control.

Such is the power of a woman’s body. What if it could be easier? Enter the swinging cowgirl.

cowgirl on a sex swing position art

How to do it

The swinging cowgirl is everything that you would expect from the position, except that there is support.

Instead of depending entirely on her thighs, the lady can use her arms through the swing to pull herself up and down for each stroke.

The trick here is to pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Swinging 69

There has always been something poetic about performing oral on someone that is reciprocating! If you enjoy receiving or giving oral sex, make sure you check out our article about the oral sex stool.

You don’t have to wait for your turn. The only thing that we hadn’t imagined was doing this in mid-air.

That is until the swinging 69 came along.

69 position couple on a sex swing digital art

How to do it

The swinging 69 is the same old 69 that we all love. In this case, you or your partner are held up in the air by the swing.

Depending on how much weight the swing can take, you can have one partner standing over a lowered swing, with their legs open. Make sure to invest in a sturdy sex swing stand to support this position. 


There is no limit to the number of additional sex swing positions that you could try out. These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find something interesting in this review.

Be creative. Be daring. Be brave.

Use your sex swing as a tool that will add to the adventures and excitement of your sex life. If you still don’t have one on your own, we’ve compiled a list of the best products.

If used well, it will allow you to breathe life into each encounter.

We would love to know what you get up to on your sex swing!