Lelo Sona 2 vs Satisfyer Pro 2
Last Updated on June 12, 2023

Comparing the Lelo Sona 2 vs Satisfyer Pro 2

Today I’ve got a real treat for you.  I’ve put the Lelo Sona 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 to the test, and I’m here to give you the lowdown on these two popular clit stimulator toys.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “But wait, aren’t all vibrators pretty much the same?” Well, my friends, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

These two air pulse toys offer completely different experiences and cater to different needs.

For example, did you know that according to a study by Indiana University, 75% of people with a vulva need direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm (1)?

Well, the Sona 2 offers just that with its unique  technology.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before and trust me, it will blow your mind (or other parts of your body, if you catch my drift).

On the other hand, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is all about great stimulation.

It’s designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex, and let me tell you, it won’t disappoint you.

In this review, we will compare the features, pros, and cons of the Lelo Sona 2 and Satisfyer Pro to help you decide which clit suction toys are best for you.

Lelo Sona 2: Key Features

The Sona Cruise is a party in a toy!

This clit suction device uses sonic waves to give you a sensation like you’ve never felt before. It’s like having your own personal DJ for your lady bits.

The silicone tip fits snugly over your clitoris and sends out waves that will make you want to dance.

It’s 100% waterproof, so you can take it with you in the shower or bath for some aquatic fun.

It even has different speeds to choose from, so you can customize the intensity of your experience.

This can be especially appealing for those who want to edge or who prefer a more gradual build-up to orgasm (remember about a water-based lube!).

Sona 2

Looks like the Cruise left you speechless… or maybe just with one sentence of praise!

According to one customer: “In short, my wife’s words were, “well, that was very effective!” Hm… I was probably not so quiet. Lol.



Satisfyer Pro 2: How Does It Feel?

Introducing the Satisfyer Pro 2, the clit suction toy that’s taking the world of pleasure by storm!

It’s like having your very own personal genie.

With its air pulse technology, it’ll make your clitoris sing without even touching it.

It’s like a magic wand (no, I don’t mean vibrator type) but better!

It comes with two silicone heads, one smooth and one ribbed for extra sensation, and a range of levels to suit different preferences, so you can customize your experience.

Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can take it with you in the shower or bath, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery with its convenient USB magnetic charging cable.

Satisfyer Pro 2

And the cherry on top? A 15-year warranty, so you can enjoy your new, quiet toy for a long long time. “If I ever have to choose between my Satisfyer Pro2 and world peace….wheel out the tanks, baby” raves one customer from Twitter. What else can I say?

Satisfyer Pro 2 gives a feeling of pulsation (a woman feels this effect during suction). When used in the bathroom, or underwater, the impression of the stimulant is even brighter, but it can be indulged not only in the bathroom. For many, this development has already become one of the most beloved intimate toys.

It’s not the quietest clitoral suction toy but it’s not a jet engine either. It’s more like a gentle hum that you’ll hear in the room but you won’t have to worry about your neighbors hearing it through the wall.

And the best part is it won’t leave you feeling numb like some clitoral suction toys do (no, I don’t mean Womanizer Toys haha – they’re amazing too).

It’s just the perfect balance of sound and sensation! Read more about other Satisfyer Toys!



Which Sex Toy is Best for You?

Lelo Sona 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 are both powerful contenders in the world of sex toys.

But when it comes down to it, the Sona 2 is like a trusty steed, while the Satisfyer Pro 2 is like a fire-breathing dragon.

Both will get the job done, but the dragon might just leave you a little more singed.

I hope this article has been helpful in your search for the perfect toy.

So, go ahead, give it a try and let the good times roll! Happy exploring!


Which toy is quieter: the Lelo Sona 2 or the Satisfyer Pro 2?

The Lelo Sona 2 is quieter than the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s perfect to use if you have nosy neighbors, lives with roommates… or have kids… (but kids always know, even if it’s quiet, so don’t get your hopes up).

Can I use these devices in the shower or bath?

Yes, you can use these devices in the shower and bath. Both the Lelo Sona 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 are waterproof.

How do I clean the Lelo Sona 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2?

Clean the Lelo Sona 2 and the Satisfyer Pro 2 with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and let the device dry before storing it.


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