Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Satisfyer Pro Penguin
Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Which Sex Toy Takes the Cake? Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Satisfyer Pro Penguin?

As you all know, I’ve got quite a collection of toys in my arsenal.

Some I’ve picked out myself, my adventurous friends have gifted some, and a few have been surprise gifts from my significant other.

Lately, I’ve been playing with my trusty Satisfyer Pro 2, but I found a new box I totally forgot to open.

Inside, I found the most adorable little penguin-shaped toy – the Satisfyer Pro Penguin.

And let me tell you, just because it looks like an innocent little Penguin, don’t be fooled.

This little monster packs a powerful punch, leaving my jaw on the floor.

No joke, this thing is a powerhouse, and I can’t wait to let you know how it stacks up against my fave, the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Satisfyer Pro 2: the One Which Your Wife Loves

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a marvelous toy that uses suction technology to entice and tantalize the clitoris!

It’s designed with a snug silicone head and nozzle to hug it just right.

Not to mention, it comes with a charging cord and is available in a dazzling white version.

With multiple settings, the highest setting will leave you feeling powerfully satisfied!

It may take a bit of adjusting, but this little beauty will getcha where you need to be!

The vibrations are out of this world, and if you crank it up to a maximum, you’ll still get that classic shimmy shake.

Satisfyer Pro 2

So take a few minutes to mosey around the different settings and find the one that really speaks to you!

Want to know more? Read my unbiased review!

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Satisfyer Penguin

What can I say? My partner is green-eyed with envy over Penguin.

It is like the Pro 2 Next Generation, but with an adorable penguin design and a removable bow tie!

Crafted from silicone and ABS plastic, it’s safe to snuggle with and whisper-quiet with a snug grip.

There are two buttons to control the intensity of the suction so that you can adjust it to your heart’s content.

Perfect for the penguin-loving pleasure-seeker!

If you identify as a trans/nb guy and penetrative sex isn’t your thing, I highly suggest giving this a go – it’ll be a great experience for you, trust me!

I promised Sabrina I’d share her tip. If you’ve got kids, definitely keep an eye out that a Satisfyer Penguin doesn’t fall into their hands.

I don’t know what would surprise you more – a moment that Penguin moved into a Lego house or trying to vacuum out the kid’s first pimple… Not joking.

Comparison: Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Penguin

Both Satisfyer Models (Pro 2 Next Generation and Pro Penguin) are high-quality toys that use air suction technology to stimulate the clitoris.

The Pro 2 Next Generation is a more traditional-looking toy with a sleek white design, while the Pro Penguin Next Generation has a cute penguin design and a removable little bow tie.

The Pro 2 Next Generation has a more powerful highest setting. At the same time, the Pro Penguin Next Generation allows for more control over the intensity of the suction.

Both toys are quiet and easy to use, with comfortable grips and smooth silicone surfaces.

The silicone head of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a bit squishier, but the tube is also a tighter fit to the body.

Penguin’s head is a bit less cushioned but more concentrated.

Honestly, they are similar toys. I have both of them, but to my clit or nipple, it’s not a huge difference which one I use.

Okay, maybe Penguin tends to create a much more delicate orgasm than this other toy. They’re both waterproof!

PS Remember to use lube to avoid a disappointing (and painful!) experience.


If you think a Womanizer is too expensive, this Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is a nice alternative.

In terms of performance, both Satisfyer Toys – Pro 2 and Pro Penguin are amazing toys that deliver powerful orgasms through suction technology.

The Pro 2 Next Generation is a bit more powerful on the highest setting, but the Pro Penguin Next Generation allows for more control over the intensity of the suction.

Both toys are easy to use, quiet, and have comfortable grips. They ain’t got no big differences between them for clit stimulation.

Ultimately, the choice between Satisfyer products will come down to your design preferences, with the Pro 2 being a more traditional-looking toy and the Penguin having a cute penguin design.

Personally, I prefer the Penguin cause it gives a bit more intense climax (unfortunately, it’s a bit loud too).