Lelo Sona Cruise vs Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
Last Updated on May 22, 2023

Lelo Sona Cruise vs Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Recently, I was swiping through Tinder, just minding my own business, when I came across this guy who had me like, “Woah, who is this?” I was pretty excited to meet him, but I also wanted to ensure I was prepared.

So, I decided to get myself in the mood before our date.

That’s when I thought, why not try out my trusty ol’ Lelo Sona Cruise or maybe give my new Satisfyer Pro 2 Next-Generation a spin?

I couldn’t decide, so I gave both of them a whirl.

After I met this hot guy in a small café, we soon went back to his place. And yeah, babe, the guy definitely knew how to please a girl.

And I have to say, my little pre-date experiment with my toys definitely helped me to be more relaxed and confident.

So we’re about to have a wild ride as we pit two of the most incredible sex toys head-to-head: the Lelo Cruise and the Satisfyer.

Thanks to their intense clitoral stimulation, these toys are designed to make you scream with pleasure.

They’re perfect for anyone with a vulva who wants to add some extra fun and excitement to their solo play or with a partner.

Let’s get ready to rumble and see which toy will be crowned the ultimate pleasure champion!

Lelo Sona Cruise - Key Features

I found this review on Reddit: “The Lelo Cruise Gave Me a Totally New Kind of Orgasm It’s a brave new world” and thought, “bullshit, next amazing sex toy that will lie in my cupboard.”

But after using… I’m sorry, Lelo, that I doubted you.

The Lelo Sona Cruise uses sonic waves to provide pleasure. Besides, it looks beautiful, very luxurious.

You just get a Lelo package with those beautiful gold engraved letters on the side… and you feel extra special.

The best present I could give myself.

It has a silicone tip that fits over your clitoris and sends out waves that stimulate the entire area.

lelo sona cruise pink

This clitoral suction toy is fully waterproof so that you can take it with you in the shower or bath for aquatic fun.

The sex toy has a couple of speeds to choose from, allowing you to customize the intensity of your experience.

What’s more… Cruise Control technology guarantees a consistent level of intensity when toy is pressed hard against the body for a stimulating, deep massage.

You need to try it! If the intensity is too high or low for your liking, then try using the toy over or under your clitoral hood.

It also comes with a storage bag, a convenient way to keep your toy clean and safe when not in use.

One thing to remember with the Sona Cruise is that it may not suit those with a very sensitive clitoris. I absolutely love it, but the sonic waves can be intense and may be too much for some users.

If that’s your thing, try other clit suckers (f.ex. Womanizer Toys with pleasure air technology – click here to check which one is the best one of them).

Satisfyer Pro 2: Key Features

Satisfyer Pro 2

I usually use my toys with my partner… or partners… it doesn’t matter, it all depends on my mood.

In any case, the compactness of toys is very important to me.

I was really disappointed that the Satisfyer Pro 2 was so big.

It would be hard to use it while my partner is humping me from the top.

When I’m on top… or just playin’ solo… magic happens.

I’m not exaggerating! I just really enjoy this clit sex toy.

It only takes me 25 seconds to get goosebumps all over – that’s pretty cool! We’re besties.

I’ve got a ton of adult toys, and only Sasha has even more (seriously, you wouldn’t believe her collection. I always joke to her that she should open a second-hand sex toys store).

So why am I a big fan of the Satisfyer Pro 2? This clit suction toy uses air pulse technology instead of sonic waves.

It also has a silicone head that fits over your clit size and creates a sucking sensation as it pulsates (perfect oraaal, Baby!).

If you want to customize your clit stimulation to fit your needs, you can buy a combo pack with two silicone heads kinds (two flat and three voluminous caps)!

PS Don’t forget to use plenty of water-based lube with this clit sucker. It’s easy to wipe it off of the clit stimulator, and it shouldn’t sensitize you.

If you are wondering about great stimulation, try a lubricant that provides a sensation of warmth or cold.

Which Toy is Better - Lelo Sona Cruise or Satisfyer Pro 2?

Common features of these clitoral suction toys:

  • Completely Waterproof: enjoy the sensation of water droplets on your skin while the powerful vibrations of the Cruise and Satisfyer Pro 2 deliver waves of pleasure.
  • Powerful and convenient rechargeable battery: You never have to worry about running out of power or buying new batteries regularly; Long battery life.
  • Whisper quiet toy motor ensures a discreet and tranquil experience, allowing you to indulge in pleasure without worrying about being heard.
  • All the toys mentioned offering a variety of settings, a couple speeds, and good range of intensities so that everyone can find the perfect level of pleasure and even more of the good stuff.
  • High fashion: they just look beautiful.

Differences between Lelo's and Satisfyer's suction vibrators:

  • Technology: Lelo Cruise uses sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris, while Satisfyer Pro 2 uses air pressure waves.
  • Highest setting: Satisfyer Pro 2 offers 11 intensity levels, while Lelo Sona Cruise offers 8.
  • Discreetness: Sona Cruise has a travel lock feature, while Satisfyer Pro 2 does not.
  • Suction Vibrator’s shape: Sona Cruise is curved, while Satisfyer Pro 2 has a flat design.
  • Mouth size: Satisfyer has smaller mouth than Cruise.


Even if none of these toys have the G-spot arm, they can still work wonders.

Plus, what do you have fingers for? Okay, okay, a penis works too.

These clit suction toys can give you a feeling similar to oral sex (it’s better than traditional vibes). Your partner can’t compete with them – they won’t tire out.

Sure, they’ll eventually need recharging, but I assume your partner doesn’t please you for two hours straight.

But the Sona Cruise can – the question is, can you handle it?

If so, definitely let me know; my personal experience is 30 minutes, and I had to tap out.


What's the difference between air pulse toys (so-called air pulsators) and sonic wave clit toys?

Well, one will give you a subtle buzz, while the other will make your clit go “Woo-hoo!” Air pulse (Satisfyer) toys are typically oriented towards providing clitoral stimulation with a very gentle, light vibration.

Sonic wave clit toys (like Sona Cruise) use sonic waves to create more intense, pleasurable sensations focused on the clitoris.

Which sex toy is best for big clit stimulation?

The Lelo Sona Cruise may be better suited for those with larger clitorises due to its wider mouth.

Do the Lelo Sona Cruise or Satisfyer Pro 2 have an internal arm?

No, neither the Lelo Sona Cruise nor the Satisfyer Pro 2 have an internal arm.