PIV orgasm tips
Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Types of female orgasm in PIV sex and sex furniture to make it happen!

Yes, during PIV sex there are 4 types of female orgasm. There are g-spot, a-spot, o-spot and cervical. What does PIV stand for? “Penis in vagina”!

You’re thinking, “4 types of female orgasm just through the vagina?” I get it. Sex is like the rainbow and the big orgasm is the hidden pot of gold at the end.

You aren’t alone. A recent study found that 83% of women rely on clit climaxing during PIV sex 

But rest assured, you can have fantasy orgasms through PIV sex so long as you and your partner are open-minded and ready to experiment.


For the most intense orgasms, read on…

The Types of Female Orgasm during PIV Sex

The G-Spot Orgasm

You want “wet orgasams”, the “best orgasems”, the “most intense orgasim”. The word “orgasm” is hard to spell, let alone make happen!

It’s highly likely that you’ve mastered the clitoral orgasm. Uh, hello? Or was it just me flicking the bean as a teenager? But the g-spot?

It’s like a make-believe creature that you just can’t get your hands on.

Knowing this might help: Dr Nicole E Williams is a sexual psychologist who explains that for CIS-women, vaginal orgasms come from the root of the clit.

And you know about your clit!

Types of Female Orgasm white girl hand

The g-spot is an area on the front wall of your vagina, about an inch up. It’s like a tiny sponge.

Go on, find it.

Then get your partner to make a “come hither” motion with their finger to find it. Now, you really want to warm up before you do this.

Make sure you get in some foreplay first!

Once you have the g-spot (yes, pressure on it might feel a little strange at first), it’s time to start the PIV sex adventure.

Best Sex Furniture for a G Force Orgasm?

A sex pillow! (see more)

You and your lover are on a journey to find the right angle, pressure, movement… to get you screaming! Using a sex pillow is a delicious way to maintain the angle.

It lifts your hips up so the penis (or dildo) can directly hit the g-spot. Ooosh!

Clit fact: Your clitoris is bigger than you realise. The cute little hood at the stop is just the tip. Its root sweeps down and splits into two bulbs that wrap around your vaginal passage.

The g-spot, a-spot, and o-spot are stimulated by hitting different areas of your clitoral anatomy.

So take heart! If you can cum through your clitoral hood, there are different ways to orgasm too.

The A-Spot Orgasm

Time to go in a bit further.

Yeah, that’s right, keep going, push up past the g-spot (still on the front wall of the vagina) and you’ll find an area that the MindKink podcast describes as feeling like “the roof of your mouth”, that has a “ridge” of muscle.

It might be difficult to “find” yourself even with lube because of how far in it is. It’s “in front” of your cervix.

This area is known as the a-spot.

Types of Female Orgasm resting girl listens to the music

Best Sex Furniture for a Lovely Wet Orgasm?

Your a-spot requires deep penetration and your lover is going to love finding it. Guess what? Doggy and rear-entry missionary are the ideal positions to get at this darling A!

The best type of sex furniture* for this type of female orgasm during PIV sex is the wonderful sex bench (see our favourite products). It’s next level orgasmic sh*t!

Research has shown that stroking the a-spot area increases vaginal lubrication and can, indeed, cause orgasm during PIV sex. The sex bench enables your lover to get to that deep spot you’re aiming for.

Top tip: Get them to go slow as well. It’s too easy to get swept up in a pounding when it’s from behind!

*Click here for the list of best sex furniture on the market!

The O-Spot Orgasm

After you’re comfortable with where the a-spot is, it’s time to flip it.

Get your lover to turn their fingers towards the back wall of your vagina.

This is where you’ll find the o-spot. It’s behind the cervix.

Jacqueline Hellyer (2), a sexual health expert, advises that your partner really needs to explore this region with stroking and tickling as the o-spot area might be a little to the left or right (we’re all built differently)!

Types of Female Orgasm two girls laughing

Best Sex Furniture for an O-Spot Orgasm?

A sex chair or an oral sex seat.

Have you ever done it on a chair? It. Is. The. Hottest!

To reach your o-spot, have your partner sit on the chair, sit on their penis/strap-on facing away from them and lean forward. In this position, you control the movement. Get them to stimulate your clit or nipples too.

It’s so easy to reach everything and keep going on a sex chair!

Ahhhh… chair sex! Trust me, if you don’t know, get to know! (see our buyer’s guide)

Top tip for PIV orgasms: If you’re into masturbation and often use a vibrator on your clit, try reducing how much you do this. This can make female ogasms easier to get during PIV sex.

The Cervical Orgasm

Yay! You’ve found the g-spot, a-spot and o-spot – you have graduated. Now it’s time to start the master’s course: how to have a cervical orgasm (haha – “master’s” – that’s funny, I’ll give you a historical sex fact soon)!

To find your cervix, your partner can lube up one or two fingers and push into you. The tip of the cervix is often described as feeling like the end of a nose! (Once you find it yourself, you’ll understand why!)

Durex (the condom producer) describes cervical orgasms as “more expansive” than g-spot orgasms.

Imagine that! Worth a shot, ey?

Types of Female Orgasm three girls spending time together

Best Sex Furniture for a Pressure Orgasm?

The Esse Chaise Lounge. Without a doubt.

You know what’s so brilliant about it?

The fact that it’s engineered to give you so many options for positions, and angles, and variations and ease, and comfort, and, and, and… “Ooooooh”!

The best positions are doggy and cowgirl because you can really get the penetration right and focus on the pressure (see our favourite doggy style pillows).

You have to bear in mind that at different times of the month your cervix will be more or less sensitive.

The trick is to make a note of when in your menstrual cycle feels best for a good pummelling on your cervix. Once you have, it’s then practise to make it a pressure-perfect “O”!

Oh yes!

Historical fact: Masters was one half of Masters and Johnson, two of the earliest sex researchers who wrote “Human Sexual Response” in 1966.

So, there’s something you need to know…

Yes, we’re coming to the two best starting positions to make you orgasm during PIV sex… But before that…

Women say different things as to which type of orgasm feels best. This is proof in itself that the types of female orgasm during PIV sex vary widely. Your experience is unique.

With the huge differences in our bodies, it’s healthy to remember that not only will you respond differently to other women, but your own sexual arousal will vary on different days.


We’re women! Full of wonderful hormones and emotions.

Keeps us and our lovers on our toes, right?

The great thing is that because of this, you have the potential to keep surprising yourself, so long as you’re always willing to keep experimenting.

Also, you must keep in mind that the “spots” we refer to in sex are usually small areas or regions, not an actual spot (or button)!

We get that it might also become a little messy when trying to find the right spot. You could be a squirter or like me use a lot of lube with my collection of toys. Invest and purchase in an absorbent blanket. Perfect for collecting any fluids and they are machine washable! 

Women dancing in the sun

Two Ultimate Starting Positions for the Most Intense Orgasms during PIV sex

OK, if you’re at the start of this journey and just want your partner to get stuck in, there are two PIV sex positions you can try right now.

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

This technique was developed by Edward Eichel with the aim of making women climax through penetration. What a man!

The CAT is sensational.

Especially if you love missionary, and who doesn’t love the weight of their lover pinning them to the bed? Here’s what you do:

Happy woman is laying on her back in bed

Cowgirl (girl on top – facing your lover)

It’s a brilliant position because you control the movement, penetration, and if you lean forward you get stimulate your clit as well as have them play with your nipples.

This can create a blended orgasm. For additional fun? Introduce vaginal stimulants.

What’s that? Haha! Anything that gets you off. Perhaps lube, or a best egg vibrators. There are other things you can do too.

Have you ever thought of edging?

It’s when your partner keeps taking you to the brink of orgasm but stops stimulating you before you cum. Sounds mean, right? But when they finally let you orgasm, the climax is much more powerful.

If you combine lube, lots of foreplay, edging and then go in for some deep a-spot or o-spot stimulation, you’re far more likely to tip over the edge into one of those types of female orgasm.

It just takes time and practise!

Oh, also, there are a couple of other things you can do to…

Types of Female Orgasm girls kissing outdoor

Increase Your Chance of the Most Intense Orgasms!

Here we get a little biological.

The fact is that the stronger your vagina muscles, the more likely you are to not only have the biggest orgasms, but perhaps even serial orgasms!

There are a few things you can do to support your orgasm life!

Participants of one study reported that “orgasms feel better if their clitoris is stimulated during intercourse” (4).

Your final tip may seem obvious, but it’s shocking how often it is “overlooked”: get your lover to play with your clit while they’re penetrating you! This also increases your chances of a blended orgasm.

And remember, orgasm isn’t the be all and end all of PIV sex. Your emphasis should be on pleasure as a whole, not just the event of orgasm.

People have PIV sex for various reasons: pleasure, intimacy, relief, pregnancy… One of the biggest tips in the sex arena is to get away from the pressure you put on yourself “to cum”. Instead, focus on the entire event. All of the pleasure. From start to finish.

And remember the wise words of the poet, William Cowper, “Pleasure is labour too, and tires as much”.


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