How To Use Wall Mounted Sex Toys?

When someone mentions wall-mounted sex toys, you might conjure images of a quirky art installation or perhaps a confusing puzzle waiting to be solved.

But rest assured, these are neither objets d’art nor cryptic challenges — they’re your ticket to hands-free pleasure. Let’s delve into how to spice things up using these innovative toys.

It’s Not Just for Walls, People!

Let’s debunk the myth right away: the term “wall-mounted” might imply a single-use scenario, but that’s far from the truth.

Feel free to mount your toy on any smooth surface—be it the bathroom wall, the floor, or even the bottom of your bathtub.

New to the game? Start with the floor. It gives you a solid base and simulates the familiar sensation of straddling a partner, helping you identify what really gets you going.

Shower Thoughts (And Cautions)

If you’re adventurous enough to try this in the shower, do so with care. While the water might add an extra layer of sensation, it can also make things slippery and potentially unsafe.

Always ensure that the shower door or any glass surface you’re sticking the toy onto is securely fastened and that you have good footing.

It's Not Magic, It's Science

If your toy doesn’t stick the first time, don’t worry—gravity is just doing its job.

Add a little moisture to the suction cup to create a better seal.

If you still have trouble, consider a smoother surface or even switching to a horizontal surface where gravity is on your side.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Take a Step Back... Literally

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adapter

Ever fantasized about a hands-free doggy-style experience?

Backing into your wall-mounted toy can make it a reality.

Just make sure you have something sturdy—like a solid piece of furniture—to hold onto for balance and support.

No Suction Cup? No Problem

Don’t have a wall-mounted dildo? You can easily adapt a regular one with the help of specialized suction cup accessories.

Just attach, and voila! Your common garden-variety dildo just got a wall-friendly upgrade.

Embrace the Freedom

With your hands unoccupied, why not make the most of it?

Use your newfound freedom to touch other erogenous zones—be it your clitoris, your nipples, or anything else that adds to the sensory experience.

The Art of Unsticking

So you’ve had your fun, and now your toy doesn’t want to let go. Don’t panic! The trick is to gently lift one edge of the suction base to allow air in, releasing the vacuum effect.

If all else fails, a credit card can be a useful tool for gently prying it loose.


Wall-mounted sex toys offer a fun and liberating way to explore your sexuality.

Whether you’re a couple looking for new adventures or a solo artist aiming for a hands-free masterpiece, these versatile toys can add a new dimension to your intimate moments.

Enjoy your new-found wall, floor, shower, or chair adventures!

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What surfaces can I mount my wall-mounted sex toy on?

Surfaces for mounting wall-mounted sex toys can vary from walls to floors and even the bottom of a bathtub.

The key is to find a smooth and solid surface that can create a strong suction with the toy’s base.

Is it safe to use a wall-mounted sex toy in the shower?

Using a wall-mounted sex toy in the shower can be a thrilling experience, but it’s important to exercise caution.

Ensure that any glass surfaces are securely anchored, and be mindful of slippery conditions.

Why isn't my suction cup sticking?

If your suction cup isn’t sticking, it could be due to a variety of factors, such as the type of surface, moisture levels, or the angle of application.

Make sure to moisten the suction cup slightly for better adherence, and consider using it on a smoother surface.

Can I use a regular dildo as a wall-mounted sex toy?

Using a regular dildo as a wall-mounted sex toy is possible if you purchase a specialized suction cup accessory.

This allows you to attach a suction cup base to a dildo, converting it into a wall-mountable option. With a little help from our guide, you can also make your DIY dildo mount.

What can I do with my hands when using a wall-mounted sex toy?

When using a wall-mounted sex toy, your hands are free to roam as they please!

This opens up new possibilities for self-exploration and stimulation of other erogenous zones like the clitoris nipples or even running your hands through your partner’s hair if you’re engaging as a couple.

How do I remove the toy if it gets stuck?

To remove a stuck toy, you should gently lift one edge of the suction base to allow air to seep in. This will release the vacuum effect and allow you to easily remove the toy.

In extreme cases, a credit card can help to gently pry it loose.

Is there a particular technique for mounting the toy?

The technique for mounting the toy largely depends on your comfort level and the position you find most pleasurable.

Some people prefer backing into the toy for a doggy-style experience, while others may choose to face it and use it in a riding motion.

Are wall-mounted sex toys easy to clean?

Wall-mounted sex toys are generally easy to clean, especially if they’re made of body-safe materials like silicone.

Just remove them from the surface and wash them with warm water and a mild soap, or use a specialized toy cleaner for best results.