How to put a pillow under hips to get pregnant
Last Updated on August 2, 2023

How to Put a Pillow Under Hips to Get Pregnant?

Let’s face it, we all know the basics when it comes to baby-making. But what if I told you that the humble pillow, your loyal companion in the world of dreams, could be your unsung hero in the quest for a bundle of joy?

Sounds like a cozy, comfy option, right? Well, get ready because we’re about to explore the ins and outs of this classic conception tip.

The Pillow Trick: A Myth Worth Investigating

Placing a pillow on a bed

Yes, you read that right! It’s a myth.

That’s not to say you should throw your pillow out of bed just yet; there’s a place for it, just not in the realm of proven fertility boosters.

The assumption behind the pillow trick is that elevating the hips might encourage the sperm to swim faster or more effectively towards the egg, but alas, the scientific community disagrees.

This isn’t to say the pillow trick is entirely devoid of value.

It can certainly make sex more fun and comfortable, adding an extra dimension to your lovemaking.

The key to conception is regular, enjoyable sex and anything that enhances that experience can’t hurt.

However, using a pillow might be a good idea to make your sex more comfortable.

Especially when you use a dedicated sex pillow that has been designed for that purpose.

Best Positions for Conception: Grandma's Wisdom Revisited

When it comes to sex positions for conception, deeper penetration is believed to be more beneficial, and pillows can help achieve that.

Now, your grandmother or that well-meaning aunt might have mentioned that the cowgirl position isn’t ideal, shaking her head in disapproval.

Science hasn’t backed this up either, but hey, why risk the wrath of family superstitions, right?

The point is, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to conception.

So, whether it’s Missionary, Doggy style or Sideways, as long as you and your partner are comfortable and having fun, you’re doing it right!

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A couple cuddling in a bed

Sex, Fun and Conception: The Ultimate Trio

Here’s the secret ingredient to boost your chances of pregnancy – enjoyment.

Making love should be just that, making love. Not a military operation, but a passionate, enjoyable act of connection.

So, rather than worrying about the angle of your hips or whether you’re defying your grandma’s wisdom, focus on the pleasure and intimacy of the moment.

That’s not to say you should completely ignore the advice that’s out there, after all, knowledge is power. Just remember, getting (and staying) pregnant isn’t always a walk in the park.

There are many factors at play, most of which are out of your control. So, hold onto your sense of fun, your love for your partner and your trust in the journey.

In conclusion, it’s clear that while the pillow trick isn’t a guarantee for pregnancy, it sure can spice up your bedroom antics. So, go ahead, grab that pillow, experiment, laugh, love and enjoy the ride.After all, isn’t that what life, and potentially creating it, is all about?

And remember, there are no guarantees in this baby-making business.

But with a positive mindset, a good sense of humor (and maybe a pillow or two), you’re setting yourself up for the best possible outcome. Happy loving!


Does placing a pillow under your hips after sex increase your chances of getting pregnant?

Placing a pillow under your hips may make sex more comfortable or enjoyable, but it does not increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Sperm are highly motivated swimmers that are perfectly capable of reaching their destination, regardless of your position.

So even if it doesn’t help you to get pregnant, trying some sex pillow positions sounds like a good idea.

Which sexual positions are best for conception?

The best sexual positions that are often recommended for increasing the chances of conception include the Missionary position, Rear entry, Elevating the hips, and Side-by-side (spooning) position.

These positions allow for deeper penetration, which may help sperm reach the cervix more easily.

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Is the cowgirl position bad for conception?

The cowgirl position, contrary to some old wives’ tales, is not detrimental to conception.

While it may not allow for the deepest penetration compared to some other positions, the sperm’s ability to reach the egg is not affected by this. Remember, the most important factor is that you and your partner enjoy the process.

Can having fun while trying to conceive influence your chances?

Having fun while trying to conceive can absolutely influence your chances of getting pregnant.

Stress and pressure can negatively impact your fertility, so it’s essential to ensure you and your partner are enjoying yourselves.

This won’t directly make you more likely to conceive, but it can help create a more relaxed and positive environment that may indirectly boost your chances.

Is it difficult to get and stay pregnant?

Yes, it can be difficult to get and stay pregnant for some couples. It’s not always as straightforward as it may seem, and many factors contribute to fertility, such as age, overall health, and timing.

However, a healthy lifestyle, regular, unprotected sex, and a good understanding of the menstrual cycle can significantly increase your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.