Sex on Pillow positions explained
Last Updated on June 19, 2023

9 Best Positions Using a Sex Pillow in 2024

Sex pillows make your love life better. Fact. You want that, right?

“How?” you’re asking! So… here’s the secret:

It’s all about positions. Sex pillows are the master of angles, access, and deep deep… Well, you know what I’m getting at…

With the lift, tilt and comfort of a sex cushion, your sex life sky-rockets.

What does that mean?

You’ll have your head in the clouds and shooting stars between your thighs.

Interesting fact: King Henry VIII banned soft pillows for everyone apart from pregnant women! They became a status symbol. 

If you are looking for a pillow to help with fertilization, have a peek at the liberator shapes for pregnancy sex.

Luckily, doggy style pillows made a come back and since, the sex pillow is the new status symbol of a hot sex life. Check out best vibrating sex pillows to leave your body shaking!

You’re about to find out the ultimate pillow positions to boost your sex life. Enjoy…

Sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty illustration sex positions on sex pillows

Don’t let the name fool you.

It is not as uneventful as the story of the sleeping beauty that we all grew up reading. In this case, the prince is delivering more than just a kiss.

When done right, the last thing that the beauty, in this case, will be able to do is sleep.

How to use a wedge sex pillow to do it

As the name suggests, the lady will lay down. She can place the pillow at waist level to elevate her ass.

It will make deep penetration straightforward.

The man will come from behind. One of his legs will be placed above the lady’s waist level, with the other one at the same level as the lady’s feet.

The penis is slung down in a “kneeling-like” motion.

The Deep Dog

The lady lies on her back in this case. She will place the pillow just above her waistline.

It allows for deep anal penetration from a missionary position.

The lady can stay involved in the process beyond the moans by using her hands to keep her cheeky bits spread. To prevent legs from closing in or make it easier to keep them wide-spread, a bondage spreader bar can be the right toy to involve.

How to do it

It is a technique that borrows some of the attractions that most of us love about the missionary position.

There are perfect eye contact and hand touching.

The use of the pillow changes everything. It brings in the elevation that none of us ever realized was lacking in the missionary position.

deep dog sexual art illustration sex positions on sex pillows

Adapted Missionary Sex Position

missionary sexual art illustration sex positions on sex pillows

I know that we often tout missionary as a lazy position.

In most cases, it is.

However, there are physical issues that may cause some of us not to enjoy this position. Guess what could be used to help? Of course, it is a pillow.

You would want to specifically get a wedge for this one.

Read our sex pillows reviews here.

How to use a pillow to do it

The lady lays down on her back with the wedge pillow (review) positioned so that it elevates her waist. The lower end of it should slide down towards her back.

At this point, you may want to allow some time to get into a comfortable position.

Once the lady is ready, the man would lay on top of her in the missionary position. She can then wrap her legs around his waist for support and penetration control.

The Сatch

For those that are looking for a more challenging position, why not try the Catch?

It will usually require an elevated cushion. One that is too thin will not do this position justice.

The Catch is known to provide a balance between deep penetration and intimacy.

How to do it

The lady lays down on the cushion, using her arms to support herself. Once she is in that position, the gentleman will bundle her legs together and lift them to his shoulder level.

His arms will remain around the legs at all times. They may move from knee to ankle, depending on how tall she is.

He would then kneel for penetration.

The Catch Sex pillow position


humming bird sexual art illustration sex positions on sex pillows

It is a position that can be done on a ball or a cushion (see our Jaz review of Liberator Ramp).

It borrows the intimacy side of things from the missionary again.

The position allows for frequent kissing and fondling, which always heightens our sensations.

How to do it

The lady will lay on top of the cushion. Once she is in position, the man will kneel between her legs for penetration.

The critical thing is for the man to allow just enough room between him and the pillow for his waist to thrust back and forth with ease.


For most men, sex is sold as a conquest to get the lady to slide out of her knickers. Well, in this case, it is a win-win situation.

The lady gets to be just as involved as her man or lazy if she prefers it that way.

You do need a reasonably large pillow for the Conqueror.

How to do it

The lady lays with her waistline on top of the pillow for a bit of a lift.

Instead of leaning back, she’d holster herself up by bending her legs at the knees. It will mean that the man does not have to go down as low when kneeling for penetration.

The lady can also use her legs to aid in the sexual thrusts, and her man puts in the strokes.

All hands on deck!

conqueror illustration sex position on sex pillows


weightlessness illustration sex positions on sex pillows

It is another position that will require a reasonably large pillow or a ball.

It is undoubtedly more suitable for the more athletic ones among us. Your endurance will be put to the test.

Although you may be surprised at how high your endurance is during this activity when the pleasure feels just right.

How to do it

Think of this as hanging onto the pillow for dear life.

The lady lays her chest on the pillow with her arms over it. The gent will then lift her legs for penetration. Endurance will be required on both ends.

The man will need to have the stamina to hold his lady’s legs up while stroking.

The lady will need to hold onto the pillow for dear life.


Did you ever play Pokemon as a child? Or perhaps Pokemon Go in more recent times?

I ask this because I have tried unsuccessfully to figure out how this name was arrived at for this sex position. Perhaps you may have some ideas?

What we do know is that it provides incredible clitoral stimulation.

The lady will be on top.

How to do it

The gent will lay down on the pillow at waist level. His hands will be used to support her and provide balance. He will also have his feet bent on the knees for support.

His lady will climb on top for the ride. Instead of just sitting, she will remain on her feet for motion.

It also means that there is less weight placed on the man.

The lady can place her hands on his shoulder to help with thrusts and for balance.

pokemon illustration sex positions using sex wedge


barberry illustration sex positions on sex pillows

It is one for those among us that just need a feeling of the impossible in their sex life.

If you are not on the flexible side, you will find this to be quite challenging as a female. It requires a lot of core strength.

If you are still with us, let us consider how to do it safely.

How to do it

The lady will lay on top of the pillow facing downward. She will bend her open legs at the knees and use her hands to hold them in that position.

While she is in this position, the man will take his position by kneeling between her open legs for penetration.

The limited contact means there is greater sensation.


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If you have attempted these positions on a sex pillow, which one do you like the most?