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Last Updated on August 23, 2023

How to Build the Ultimate DIY Sex Stool in 2024

You ever been to one of those peep shows where you pop a coin in the slot and a screen opens up and you can watch people performing? They’re sooooo hot, right?!

Maybe you haven’t had the pleasure. The exciting thing is that you can create your own peep show with all the right props. And isn’t that the sexiest thing when you have a lover? You’re gonna love finding out how easy it is to make one!

Did you know, “voyeurs and exhibitionists are more sexually active (1)… they are more easily aroused, masturbate more often, and have partner sex more frequently”? Let me tell you a little secret…

You can become a voyeur or exhibitionist. All you need is an open mind, a little confidence, and the perfect prop to get you started. What’s the perfect prop?

A sex stool. There’s no denying it, there’s nothing that gets my lover in the mood more than watching me hump a dildo on my LoveBotz stool. But you’re here to find out something else, aren’t you?

You want to learn how to build your own sex stool…

Let me show you how…

How to Build a DIY Sex Stool: The Method

Before we dive into this, you need to be aware that PVC isn’t the sturdiest of materials for making a sex stool. If you’re over 250lbs, it would be a bad idea to use as it could break. For people with more cush on their tush, you’ll need metal pipes to hold your weight securely.

Another tip before we start is to look at the LoveBotz banging bench so you can see and follow the shape and design of what the sex bench should look like.

Without further ado, here are your steps to building a DIY sex stool!

1. Use your saw to cut the PVC piping into 20″ length pipes.

Note: you’ll need 10 pieces of the 20″ PVC piping.

2. Connect the piping using the PVC corners and following the LoveBotz stool shape.

Note: if you apply a little cement to the pipe and in the corners, they will fix solidly.

3. Use 2 or 4 exercise-resistant bands (make sure they can take 50lbs in weight) to create your seat.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking (especially if you’re not handy with saws), it’s a lot of work. Have a browse at some of these sex stools or BDSM restraint chairs or for the easier option (yes, I mean buying one)!

Things to Consider when making your own Sex Stool

Perhaps you have a partner, maybe you’re a saucy singleton, either way you want to build the perfect sex stool to suit your needs.

There are lots of things to think about when making DIY sex furniture. Some of the most relevant are weight capacity, what your budget is, what material are you planning to use?

It’s also essential to factor in materials like wood, padding, and foam that will affect your comfort. Also, you want your sex stool to look hot, perhaps only a leather cover will do! Think about the type of sexual experience you want. If BDSM is your kryptonite then you’ll want to bring in other products, perhaps a vibrator, into your design.


There’s no denying it, stools really spice up your love life. One of the main reasons for this is how it allows you to get into position… and stay there! 

It’s amazing if you’ve got a wife, hubby, or lover, and like to play exhibitionist.

I mean, who wouldn’t love watching their partner screwing a dildo on a stool?

  As well as you-on-top positions, it’s incredible for sitting on top of your lover’s face. Get them to suck your balls while you jack off… or lick your slit as you rub your clit.

If you and your lover enjoy or want to try cowgirl/boy positions, then the Bounce Sex Chair is ideal.

A DIY sex stool is a great addition, so long as you can confidently make it. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to one of the hottest sex chairs for more exciting ways to have sex. (Tip: they give you so much more support!)




When you’re building a DIY sex stool you get to decide how big you want it.

A queening chair when it’s made lovingly by you needs to be comfortable. The seat has to be the perfect size for both you and your lover.

By going DIY, you get to choose how large you want the overall chair to be. 

You’ll need the pipes to be balanced when you turn them into a stool frame. It’s advisable to measure your legs and your butt. 

You want to make sure you can get that sexy body comfortably bouncing in position.

You’ll also need to make sure the dimensions of the frame suit the size of the exercise bands that you’ll be sitting on.

Finally, think about where your hot little sex stool is going to live in the house. You must ensure it’s going to fit when you’re riding it and also has a place to be hidden when not in use!

LoveBotz Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool Valentina Nappi masturbating




So now you’re all in thinking, “I can build a frame easy. Just tell me what materials I need!” OK, OK. You can’t have a guide without the complete list.

You’ll be pleased to see it’s short. Perhaps you won’t be so amused that it’s unlikely that you have all the materials just lying around!

What you need:

  • PVC pipe (1″ furniture grade – get 20ft).
  • PVC corners.
  • Slip tee PVC fittings.
  • PVC cap ends.
  • Exercise resistant bands.

Along with this, you’re going to need your tools: a hammer, saw, and vice.



Furniture Features

You ever used a cucumber or a French stick in the bedroom? When you do that, you give the food item a double purpose: you can eat it or get sexual pleasure from it.

Now, when you build a sex stool you have the potential to make a very interesting piece of furniture. Yes, it’s a stool for budget bonking in the bedroom, but also? Why not give your stool more than one purpose?

They’re very good for holding your travel bags, especially if you can’t bend down too far to pull things out. Perfect for your house guests!

For more ideas on hot features, get the totally saucy lowdown on our review of the LoveBotz Banging Sex Stool!

Master Series Obedience Series Extreme Sex Bench girl strapped



Any Accessories?

With all this DIY you’re doing you might as well take your sexual experience up another notch. How? 

By turning your sexy home-made furniture into an adult playground.

Think about all the things that get you off. Perhaps you can include BDSM accessories? Think regular cuffs or a leg spreader bar with cuffs, gags, and turn your stool into a kinky piece of BDSM furniture. 

Perhaps egg vibrators are your thing? Or Blue-tooth toys so you can control your partner’s orgasmic waves?

The joy of a DIY sex stool is that you get to decide exactly what you want to include as part of its design!

Toughage Weightless Sex Stool woman on top




I know I know, safety might not be the hottest topic, but trust me, it’s sexier than ending up in hospital with a dildo stuck up your butt.

Here’s the issue with DIY sex furniture, it just isn’t as safe as what you’ll buy from reputable sex furniture companies. I’m guessing you don’t have all the skills required to work with wood, metal, pipes, all the materials you need to create a safe sex stool.

The sexiest sensual experience is body-safe. If you’re including BDSM accessories (like Talea Spreader Bar) then make sure you have the tools to easily remove restraints. Make sure you use tools safely. Your final frame and seat straps for sex need to hold you securely.

For the safest and sexiest furniture options, check out the best sex furniture ever here!

Best Position Enhancing Queening Chairs




Let’s be honest, you’re probably reading this page because you want to save a bit of money. The thing is what you might save in money (and that’s only if you have everything you need hanging about the house), you lose in safety.

There is a reason top-quality sex furniture manufacturers charge what they do: the expertise of their safe and sexy-looking designs. When you use sturdy, safe, comfortable materials, you have better sex.

You might be able to save a little money going DIY, but make sure you totally plan out how much your tools and materials will cost. Then compare it with the cost of a stool that you can buy.

Fetish Fantasy Series Pair in Action Sex Stool



Final Thoughts on making a DIY Sex Stool?

For the ultimate experience when using a sex stool you want it safe and comfortable. This gives you peace of mind and makes you feel secure when you want to get wild. For these reasons, it’s better to buy a sex stool. I just prefer to feel certain that I am safe.

A DIY sex stool is great if you’re a practical person who has the skill, knowledge and experience to make things. As well as the tools and materials. It can work out cheaper to make a sex stool if you have everything you need anyway. Otherwise, it probably makes more sense to buy one.

Whatever you do, make sure you use the sex stool for pleasure. It really is the most exciting thing if you’re looking to put on a show for your lover!

And if after playing with your DIY stool, you feel the urge to work on your DIY skills even more, find out how to convert an ordinary chair to a sex chair!


How Durable are Sex Stools?

If you buy a sex stool and look after it, it will last you ages. You do have to take into consideration, though, how often you use it and how rough you like sex. It’s hard to say how durable your stool will be when your sex life is probably different to mine! It’s best to buy a top-quality stool so it has more durability.

What are the Best Sex Stools Currently on the Market?

My personal favorite is the LoveBotz stool. You really get to bounce and can attach your favorite vibrator to it. If you’re into seated sex, hanging sex chair is also hell loads of fun!

Should I be Worried About Load Capacity when Using a Sex Stool?

You definitely need to consider the weight of the person who will be riding on top of the sex stool. Most sex stools have a guideline with the maximum weight capacity made very clear.

What is an Alternative to a Sex Stool?

For seated sex, you can try using a sex swing, a sex wedge, or if you like using dildos try out a sex toy mount.

They’re incredible!

What is a Bouncy Sex Stool?

A bouncy sex stool is a small frame that you can sit on. The seated area that holds your butt is made from elasticated straps that are what give you the bounce during sexual seated positions.