DIY Spanking Bench
Last Updated on July 1, 2023

DIY: The Best Way to Build a DIY Spanking Bench in 2024

Isn’t it great when your lover’s got you bent over, is thrusting hard, and then suddenly slaps you on the butt? Daaamn, I love that!

The reality, though, is that this little spanking thing can go much deeper, can’t it? Before you know it, you’re into handcuffs and paddles (read more).

One study (1) makes it clear why you love spanking… You like the “use of interpersonal power; experiencing physical pain; and altering one’s state of mind”.

BDSM is more than a sex life. It’s an incredibly mindful practice and can easily become part of your lifestyle. With all the right equipment, such as the best sex furniture, you get more stinging, sexy spankings.

Perhaps you’re looking for a fun home project. If so, building your own bench can be great fun. There are, however, lots of things to consider… Have you thought about the equipment you need, how big to make it, and the ultimate overall cost?

You want a spanking bench that’s not going to snap in half, after all! Read on, for the best tips to build your own DIY spanking bench!

How to Build Your Spanking Bench: The Method

Let’s be honest about this, you’re probably making your own whipping bench because you want to save money.

So, the easiest and simplest way to make a BDSM bench is by pimping up a coffee table. You got it, coffee time’s never gonna be the same after this!

Here are the steps…

1.  Measure up and make a wood frame. It needs to be a little larger than the surface of your coffee table.

2. Cut a sheet of plywood so it’s the same size as your frame.

3. Hammer your screws into that hard piece of plywood and into the frame. Whack it hard so those screws go in deep, deeper, deeeeper! Yes, basically attach the two.

4. Use wood filler on any jagged, uncomfortable edges of your spanking bench.

5. Once the filler is dry, smooth it down with sandpaper so it’s silky to touch.

6. Get your memory foam or padding and stretch it over the sides of the frame. Staple gun it to the underside of the bench. (Trim with craft scissors to make it neat.)

7. Get your sexy fabric (leather, faux leather, velvet, PVC – whatever turns you on) and get a mate to hold one end while you use your staple gun to attach it over the top of the memory foam.

8. Use a strip of fabric and upholstery pins to hide the staples.

9. Decide where you want to attach your D-rings, then drill and screw them on. Absolutely perfect for sex cuffs and restraint play!

Things to Consider when making your own Spanking Bench

Yep, you really need to think about it from all angles.

If you’re starting to see what a hard job this is and really can’t be bothered to do it, check out the Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench review and the Liberator Steed Spanking Bench review.

It’s a SEXY bench that you don’t need to make!


Oh yes, benches can improve sexual positions.

Now ultimately this is both a torture device and a pleasure bench. Perhaps you’ll want to feel restricted.

Maybe you’ll be gagging for pain. But let me tell you, if you’re into long-time BDSM sessions, you’ll want your whipping bench comfy! Especially under your hips.

Doggy, let’s just put it out there… this is probably gonna be your main bench position. Especially if bondage and hot spankings are your thing.

Liberator’s Obeir’s Spanking Sex Bench two womans sitting

Tip: With a long, tall bench you can also use it for massage, oral, and sitting positions (take a look at the Prelude King Black Label Bench for inspiration.)




You need to make your bench the right size! Guess what the cutest thing about whipping benches are apart from you bent over them?

They’re usually kinda small. But really, you can decide what size is best for you and your lover.

You’ll totally want to measure up. Get the tape measure on your hips, thighs, legs, and make sure your coffee table or whatever you want to use will support you.

You know there’s always a sex table if you’re looking for something a little bigger?!

Pony Play Spanking Horse table




You’ll need a lot of materials to build a bench. What’s the main DIY stuff you’ll need for your hot new DIY spanking bench?

  • A plank of plywood.
  • Padding or memory foam.
  • Screws.
  • A staple gun.
  • Leather, velvet, or fabric that turns you on!
  • A drill.
  • A saw.
  • A hammer.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Upholstery pins.

Yep, as you can see it’s going to take a lot of time and energy! And to be honest, unless you’re a carpenter, it’s probably not going to look too sexy.

I suppose that doesn’t matter unless you want to sell it on Etsy after!

However, I like my sexy things to look hot, don’t you? (Check out already made spanking benches here.)

Furniture Features

A bench can have lots of fun features. Here’s when kinky DIY comes into its own…

You get to decide exactly what you want the end product to be. It doesn’t just have to be a spanking bench. It could also be a sex stool to sit on or a footstool. 

The amazing thing? Storage isn’t so much of a problem when furniture has more than one purpose.

Also, think about whether your bench will be used for restraint play like bondage or if you’ll use it for intimate activities like massage too. Speaking of restraints, make sure you check some of our best bondage ropes, your kinky side will absolutely love those.

Spanking bench for bondage play and sexual positioning



Any accessories?

So I’d argue that nothing is more important than accessories in the bedroom.

Oh, actually, communication first, then accessories.

Absolutely, yes, when it comes to your spanking bench or table, you’ll want to think about your favorite sex toys. Why?

Because how else are you gonna build a bench with a slot to hold your dildo or fleshlight?

Love your favorite bondage kit? Why not attach D-rings for your gorgeous little cuffs?

black sex kit

Tip: If you get turned on by sounds, sew little squares of Velcro on the sides of your bench where your wrists go and on your handcuffs. Then you can hear the sticky pull as you’re being flogged.




Building a bench yourself isn’t the safest option.

It goes without saying that your coffee table wasn’t built to be turned into a spanking bench. 

That’s why you need to consider the safety aspect. 

Also, unless you’re a carpenter and expert in anatomy and how to build furniture in a body-safe way then safety is always an issue with DIY creations.

Two girls playing on spanking bench

It’s always safer to buy a sex bench from a reputable brand, like Liberator or Lovehoney. This way you’re assured that the expert sex furniture undergoes rigorous testing. 

This stops you from worrying about any unnecessary injuries during your spanking sesh.




The price of a bench can be higher than you imagine.

Most of us keep an eye on our bank balance, right? And of course, that’s important. The thing is, there’s often a cost in making furniture “on the cheap”. 

Because cheap products aren’t high quality. This means you’ll usually have to replace your kinky DIY bench!

Sometimes it’s better to weigh up the cost between buying a top-quality spanking bench that will last and having to re-build a cheap one over and over. This has the cost of time too.

You’ll also have the huge price of materials and tools if you don’t have what you need already lying around the house! Sawhorses aren’t exactly a common household item!



Final thought?

Kinky DIY can definitely improve your sex life so long as you know what you’re doing. Let’s be serious, though, the majority of us aren’t carpenters, blacksmiths, or expert designers who know all about human anatomy… or sex, actually!

Think about it, there’s a reason quality sex furniture is so good. There are a team of people expertly creating the pieces. This ensures safety and pleasure.

I’d say if you have a spare old coffee table or the wood hanging about and all the materials you need to build one, then give this home project a go. But be careful when using a kinky DIY bench, you don’t want to hurt yourself!


What Can a Spanking Bench be Used For?

You can use a spanking bench during BDSM practices. You can use it for spanking, flogging, and also restraint if it has D-rings. You can also use it during a doggy-style shag!

What Materials are Best for Building a DIY Spanking Bench?

For a DIY spanking bench, the main things you’re going to need are a coffee table, wood, foam, screws, padding, and some sexy material.

How Kinky Can my Partner and I Get with a Spanking Bench?

You and your partner can go as kinky as you both feel comfortable. Remember, the most important things in the bedroom are always communication and respect

Be open, ask them what they want to try, tell them what you want to do. Make sure you have a safe word. And after? Have a plan for the dom to nurture and take care of the sub in case the sub experiences “sub drop”.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Spanking Bench?

The price of building your own spanking bench really adds up. Unless, of course, you’re the sort of person who has tools and all the things you need already hanging about the house. 

If you’d need to buy a drill, hammer, foam, a coffee table etc etc etc, to make a bench, you’d honestly be better off buying one!

What Positions are Best when Using a Spanking Bench?

Well, duh! The ultimate position on a spanking bench is doggy. Although a bench can also be amazing to use as a oral sex seat. If you’re into being screwed from behind or oral, then you need a spanking bench!