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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

How To Give The Ultimate Tantric Bath In 2024

When it comes to sex and relationships, it takes a lot of work, right? It’s not always flowers and cuddles. Sometimes it’s tears and tantrums!

You and your partner have to put time and energy into nurturing a healthy and happy love life. With day-to-day commitments, sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated.

But let me tell you about something that has healing power for you, your lover, and your relationship.

Think: Tantra!

Bath ceremonies are an incredible way to regenerate the sensual energy between you. A Tantric bath ceremony doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to get into “the mood” for lovemaking. This is amazing for couples who have different sex drives. I’ll explain the key to this secret later.

Want to know something even cooler about a bathing ceremony?

The health benefits of a Tantric bath ceremony

Mindful practices have huge mental health benefits. They’re incredibly healing. Studies show they reduce stress, anxiety, depression, but best of all?

By participating in mindful practices you improve intimate relationships. By developing a bathing ritual between and your partner you strengthen the union between you (1). There are other incredible health benefits too. Where do these come from?

couple bathing together

Tantric breathing! By taking deep breaths throughout the Tantra experience of a bath ceremony and massage, you can gain the following:

  • A calm energy in the mind.
  • Regulation of blood pressure.
  • Control of emotions.
  • Improved memory.
  • A boost to the immune system (2).

What you need for a Tantric bath ritual

You’re going to need a few things before you get started.

The reason for this is that you need to create the perfect ambiance.

A Tantric bath is all about feeling totally relaxed so you can experience ultimate pleasure.

What you need for a Tantric bath ritual

Here’s a list of the Tantric ingredients you’ll need:

The steps to give a Tantric bath and massage...

Before you start, ensure every inch of the bathroom is spic-span (I mean it, check down the toilet)! There should be one giver while the other receives the bath and tantric massage. (You can switch this around on another day.) Make sure you have a bunch of thick, fluffy towels to hand.

Top tip: The bath and massage isn’t about you. Neither is it about climax. It’s about making your lover relax so they feel sensually blissful.

Tantric bath and massage

Firstly, the atmosphere...

Choose some relaxing music, set it at the right volume (not too loud). You want to make sure your lover’s mind is relaxed throughout, so play something they enjoy.

Secondly, the bath...

Ensure your tub is filled with warm water (not too hot or cold). Spoon in sea salts and make sure they’re dissolved (so they aren’t gritty at the bottom of the tub).

Drop-in your partner’s favorite essential oils so that the room smells welcoming. Use bubble bath as it looks and smells good. Also, the popping sounds lovely and feels good on your lover’s body. You want to make them feel like a God or Goddess.

Float rose petals amongst the bubbles.

tantra about bathing

Finally, the massage...

Lead your lover to the bathtub. Have them lay comfortably while you sit alongside them outside of the tub (unless you have a very big tub)!

You want to touch every place you can reach, on the outside of their body, but also the inside. How? This is where deep breathing comes in. But first?

Use your hands and the massage oils over every part of their skin. Start massaging their shoulders, neck, chest, hands, feet, legs, inner thighs… all areas, even their temples, gently. Try a variety of massage movement techniques.

But, don’t touch their genitalia directly. Remember, the goal isn’t orgasm. It’s relaxation. A pleasurable massage. Life and the world are stressful, but this moment is all about calming the inner spirit.

So… to your lover’s breath…

Lead them through deep breathing by inhaling deeply yourself and reminding them to. Touch them where you want them to pull the air too. Pay attention to the heart center (chest), ribs, and stomach area.

Interesting point: Cold water is “magnetic” and “negative” and is recharging for your body. Alternate a warm bath with cold showers for the ultimate effect.

The secrets of why Tantra is so healing...

It’s amazing to feel, well, you know… amazing, but Tantra doesn’t focus on the climax. It’s a journey.

A sensual experience that comes from a long and spiritual history.

A Tantric bath is a cleansing and healing ritual for your entire body. The best part? It aims to relieve stress, clear the mind, and make you feel extremely orgasmic throughout your whole being.

The secrets of why Tantra is so healing

I mentioned the key to the secret of why a Tantric bath ceremony is great for two people who have different sex drives. It works for the person with a high libido by being sensual (see what is tantra sex).

It feels great for the person with the low sex-drive because it’s nurturing and intimate. And for both?

It’s relaxing, sensual, and pleasurable. My advice? Get your bubble bath and go for it…


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