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Last Updated on August 25, 2023

How to Build the Best DIY Sex Furniture in 2024

You know the sort of sex where you’re left panting? That’s the sort of passion you want, right? My most life-changing erotic sesh was on a dining room chair…

If you haven’t, do it. Why?

Because once you start doing it on furniture that isn’t the damn bed, you get more, more, more pleasure!

It’s been reported that “globally, the average number of sexual partners is somewhere between 10 and 20″(1). Whoever you’re sleeping with, and with however many partners you have, you want incredible sensations.

By introducing furniture made especially for screwing, you get a whole new ball game. With a bit of sex furniture DIY, your home will become an orgasmic den. So, perhaps it’s time to start building. You must, however, make sure your new equipment is safe.

Keep reading for tips on how to make the hottest erotic pieces ever…

Things to Consider when making your own DIY Sex Furniture

Now, before you start building you need to create foolproof DIY sex furniture plans.

As you know the purpose of building sexual fittings is to enhance your love life. You want erotic chairs, sex swings, a BDSM bed, and all the kinky bits to take BDSM to the next level.

However, you need to make sure that anything you make is safe. This guide is gonna show you how to create your hottest do-it-yourself sexual experience!

Sex Furniture DIY: Think about Positions

When you’re getting jiggy, changing position brings new thrills. 

This is one of the biggest reasons that erotic furnishings are so popular.

And here’s the thing, with the correct DIY sex swing, sex wedges, or whatever naughty piece you create you get to try new positions. How?

Well, a love sex chair or sex bench is an excellent way to give you and your lover body support. 

Yep, you can hold all positions longer and take the strain off your limbs. With a kinky sex toy mount, you even introduce the feeling of threesomes (check our gouide to choose the best)!

Best Bondage Swing for Hardcore Sex




Because actually? Size does matter. Why? Because we all come in different sizes!

You want to create pieces that will suit both you and your lover. Comfort is the highest priority. The length and width of the foam, wood, restraints (every fabric you use) need to be the perfect match fit.

Also, your creations need to hold you and your lovers’ weight. Learn how to make a sturdy DIY sex stool here!

Yep, you’ve guessed it, you’ll probably need to measure the length of your thighs, back, arms, and any other cheeky bits!

Best Position Enhancing Queening Chairs




You ever got carpet burn on your knees from doggy? Of course you have! That’s because carpet isn’t designed with sexual shenanigans in mind.

You need to think about this thoroughly. Yes, you might be into BDSM and pain, but you want spanking benches, chairs, and handcuffs to be made from fabrics and material that are comfy and to your taste. Learn how to make a DIY spanking bench here.

Liberator’s Obeir’s Spanking Sex Bench two womans

Why have nylon straps if you love leather?

You also need to consider what tools you’ll need to manipulate all this stuff! You can’t cut leather with a pair of kitchen scissors! This is why you should think about what you’ve got in your tool kit and how skilled you are. Do you have staple guns, woodblocks, a hand saw, needle and thread, a drill?

If you’re shaking you’re head, you’d be better off checking out the best Liberator furniture instead!



Furniture Features

Another thing that’s should be top of your list is this…

What do you want the main feature of your sexual creation to be? Will you be using your chair to sit on when you’re working from home? Will your do-it-yourself bed double up as the kitchen table? Maybe you want your own DIY sex dungeon furniture.

For the best sex furniture, you have to ask yourself two questions:

  • What’s the main purpose of it?
  • Where are you going to keep it?

The purpose influences the design. How? OK, think about it… Bondage furniture might be restricting, but a regular sex chair encourages thrusting and gyration!

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair girl on top of sex stool



Any Accessories?

If you’re putting this amount of effort into improving your sex life then it’s likely you’re up for exploring. What does that mean?

Well, you know, the usual sexy things, like…


You know the drill, being a sexual explorer comes with lots of toys. The things you build need to factor this in! And guess what all these additional bits mean? It’s likely to increase your spending! 

To learn how to make a DIY sex machine, click here!

Best Cheap Restraints



DIY Sex Furniture Plans: Must include Safety

Now, this is ultimately the most important issue. You don’t want to be building all this furniture and then causing yourself an injury. 

To be honest? If you aren’t a designer, carpenter, and don’t know much about human anatomy then really it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Why?

The best erotic furniture manufacturers have engineers building sexual equipment with your safety in mind.

couple on a liberator sex chaise

You can check out the best Liberator furniture for the best in the business. Brands like Liberator also put their products under strict testing so you know you can totally rely on them.




Ah, it’s gutting to think how much comes down to money! But here’s the thing… 

You might think that the price of building furniture is going to fit into your budget better than buying from a big brand, but you’re wrong for a few reasons…

  • All the materials cost. It adds up quickly.
  • To build you’ll need a lot of tools, do you have them all?
  • The amount of time it takes to build.
liberator wedge combo

You might get away with making a DIY sex wedge if you have all the tools you need, but I’ll be honest, there’s no chance it be better than a Liberator wedge.

If you really want to save dollars, check out inflatable sex furniture!



Final thoughts...

If you’re on a budget, you might want to build your dream sexual aid for a couple of reasons. The thing is, building your own furniture usually ends up hitting your pocket. 

With all the tools and materials you’ll need, the costs always end up being more than buying a top-quality piece.

Also, there’s the additional issue of safety… you aren’t an expert, and frankly, building your own can be very dangerous. Check out what erotic stools, sofas, and beds are available before you take on this kind of project.


How much does it cost to build DIY Sex Furniture?

It costs a lot of money because of everything you need. Your budget has to include tools and materials. This all adds up.

What Materials are Best for Building DIY Sex Furniture?

The best materials to build furnishings are foam, wood, metal, as well as leather, and nylon.

Is it Safe to Build DIY Sex Furniture?

Not really. Not unless you’re a designer, carpenter, blacksmith, and anatomy expert all rolled into one!

What is the Best Sex Furniture to Build for Couples?

Go for the most simple to build at home, a spanking bench or some foam pillows.

What Accessories are Best to Add to Sex Furniture?

The best accessories to include with an erotic chair, swing, or BDSM bed are vibrators, fleshlights, restraints, and spreader bars.

What Positions are best on Sex Furniture?

For the best experience when it comes to positions, you need to explore. Find out what suits you and your lover. With sexual furnishings, you get a whole new world of possibilities.

Is it Hard to Make BDSM Sex Furniture?

To make safe BDSM furniture that’s reliable for bondage and restraints it’s difficult. You might want your sub in position for a long time, but it has to be one that isn’t going to damage their posture. It’s always better to buy from expert brands, though even famous and trustworthy brands have considerably cheap bondage set.