Showerhead Masturbation
Last Updated on September 7, 2023

Showerhead Masturbation

When you live with parents, roommates, your partner, or if you have children, finding some alone time to masturbate can be extremely difficult.

It seems that everywhere you turn there is someone vying for your attention. (Look at me!) The lack of time alone can make masturbating nearly impossible, especially for women. That is why so many women look to their shower time for their solo play.

Everyone needs to shower (some more than others), so no one will ever suspect how dirty you get while trying to get your hair clean. To aid in your shower fun use your shower head to discover a whole new world of pleasure.

Not sure how to do it? Let me fill you in on how. With four kids of my own, showering had become my favorite part of my daily routine.

Experience Ultimate Pleasure with Shower Head Masturbation Safely

Shower time just became a thrilling adventure with shower head masturbation. However, it’s crucial to exercise care and avoid directing the water flow into the vagina, as this can negatively impact vaginal health. Remember that douching can interfere with the body’s natural pH balance and even heighten the risk of yeast infections.

Make certain you maintain a steady posture to reduce the odds of falling or sustaining injuries. (I’ve fallen and i can’t get up!) Topping it off, think about obtaining a slip-resistant mat for an extra layer of security during your sensual escapades.

You can also try using a shower chair or shower bars (you’ll find some of the best ones here) to keep your balance. A slip and fall in the shower can be embarrassing and dangerous. Safety should be your top priority.

I have heard some of the creative ways women have come up with when a dildo wasn’t available. A showerhead should not be one of them. Trying to shove a showerhead into your vagina can lead to infection and become very serious. (Use a cucumber like a normal person)

Discover Your Ideal Showerhead

Embarking on the quest for the perfect showerhead might feel overwhelming, but worry not!

You may need to experiment with a few showerheads before uncovering the one that truly suits your needs. (Like Harry Potter’s wand, it will find you)

Imagine an amazing handheld showerhead with a multitude of settings – now that’s what is your perfect showerhead!

A woman taking a shower

Maneuvering the water stream from a stationary showerhead isn’t always the most optimal experience; it can be challenging to find the right angle and position and even lead to frustration.

Save yourself from performing gymnastic feats in the shower, and opt for a handheld showerhead instead. A hand held showerhead is easier to control and maneuver.

When it comes to your shower fantasy, having an abundance of settings makes all the difference! If variety is your cup of tea, aim for a shower head with as many settings as possible. Experimentation will be key in finding that ultimate setting, so embrace the freedom of choice and enjoy the ride.

Would you like to become a showerhead masturbation pro? If so, consider getting Womanizer Wave to take our fun to the next level.

The perfect water pressure

Explore the world of showerhead masturbation, and experience the unique sensations they offer. With multiple settings ranging in pressure and sensations, you’ll have plenty to experiment with.

Don’t give up on shower head masturbation if one setting isn’t for you. Play with water pressure and various modes until you find what works for you. Some like a pulsating massage, while others prefer something more intense. I like to pressure wash mine so it takes off any unnecessary skin as well.

Start your journey by indulging in a soft, tender spray that caresses your skin and awakens your senses. As arousal grows, increase pressure and direct water flow to target sensitive zones like legs, inner thighs, and the clit for an exhilarating experience.

Temperature Play

Wet woman's breast

Discovering the perfect temperature is essential. Your delicate lady parts are more sensitive than the rest of your body and might appreciate a softer, cooler touch.

But beware of freezing water – it might awaken your senses but won’t be as delightful. Sizzling hot showers could tantalize some, but for many, a blissful warm caress does the trick.

Trust me, you definitely don’t want hot enough to singe your private paradise.

Experiment with temperature play by pressing your front against the chilly wall while indulging in sensual touch as warm water embraces your body. This unique combination of hot and cold sensations will create a captivating stimulation for your clitoris like never before.

The Ultimate Shower Position Quest

No matter the size of your shower or your flexibility, discovering the perfect position can be quite an adventure. Get ready to explore various safe positions until you find the one that truly hits the spot for your liking

If a bathtub with a showerhead is part of your shower setup, brace yourself for a whirlwind of delightful possibilities. If you have a bathtub with a faucet instead of a showerhead, get creative with positioning to find the sweet spot.

Try propping one leg up on the side of the tub – this will open up your vagina and expose your clit to the gentle stream and spraying of water droplets, culminating in an earth-shattering climax.

Another option if you’re tired or lazy is to lay down naked in the tub and spread your vagina open with your fingers. Then spray your clit and vulva with the water. The sensation and pressure of the water on your vagina is sure to increase sexual pleasure and bring on an orgasm.

Try different angles

Explore different angles and positions of your showerhead to discover that euphoric sensation to create an amazing feeling and an unforgettable orgasm.

It might involve lifting a leg, squatting, or spreading your legs to position yourself just right – but remember, experimenting is all part of the thrill!

Once you’re prepared for this wild escapade, secure your privacy in the bathroom. Slip out of your clothes and into the shower or tub. Crank up that showerhead or faucet and dive into experimentation.

Find the Right Stimulation

The key to unlocking maximum pleasure is discovered through finding the right stimulation. Luckily, there are numerous ways to experiment with different techniques and enhance your experience.

Amplify the mood

Transform your space into the ultimate pleasure zone with sensual candles and soothing sounds to help you relax and heighten your senses.

This ambiance can aid in alleviating any distractions while stimulating and intensifying the pleasure you crave.

The pleasure of shower masturbation is taken to another level when you create a relaxing and enjoyable ambiance for your solo sex session.

Plan in advance to indulge yourself amidst a dark, moody setting by lighting a few candles and dimming the lights.

Let the atmosphere make you feel as if you’re on a date with yourself and enhance your experience by burning your favorite incense or spraying your favorite room scent.

To add to this romantic environment, you can consider playing a special playlist that you like to listen to during your shower head masturbation sessions, just as you would put together a sex playlist for sex with your partner.

Woman behind wet shower door


Fantasize and let your mind run wild with your favorite sexual dream scenarios, as research has shown that the more sexual fantasies you have, the stronger your sexual desire and orgasm will be.

Remember to avoid directing the water stream into the vagina to ensure optimal vaginal health. Let your imagination lead the way and indulge in the ultimate shower experience.

Listen to Erotica

If your imagination isn’t very good, you might find it hard to fantasize. In this situation, you can listen to an erotic story to get your imagination going. Listening to erotica is a sure fire way to heat things up quickly. (I listen to Stephen King audiobooks)

You don’t have your masturbation playlist? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Choose something from our songs about masturbation list.

Use your sex toys

Womanizer Starlet 3 waterproof

If the idea of self-pleasure in the shower entices you but a handheld showerhead isn’t available or appealing, consider using waterproof sex toys (we’ve described the best of them in our guide) instead or a sex toy with a suction cup.

Playing with toys in the shower is as straightforward as it is elsewhere, just be mindful of safety guidelines.

Also, for those living with roommates, parents, or children joining your favorite waterproof toy with a running shower offers excellent privacy.

Enhance your experience by combining rhythms of your body, fingers’ strokes and water pressure to reach new heights of pleasure. Let loose and experience unforgettable aquatic bliss!

If you’re a proud penis owner and want to have some fun while taking a shower, you might want to get familiar with the Fleshlight Shower Mount.


Masturbating in the shower is not only an excellent act of self-care, but also a completely innocent way to get a little solo fun time in without raising any suspicion, and the shower head could actually be your little secret sex weapon.

But, even if you live alone, the showerhead masturbation technique is sinfully delicious, and I recommend that you give it a go. Before you know it, your showerhead will become one of your most prized possessions.