Fleshlight Shower Mount Review - Hands-free Orgasms in the Shower!

I don’t know about you, but ever since the first time I jerked off in the shower as a horny teen, I got used to it pretty quickly.

Sure, it felt great thinking about that hot senior-year cheerleader the first time, but having my hand wrapped around my shaft is hardly (heh) what sleeping with her would feel like!

So, when I discovered Fleshlights, I was thrilled to find something that would be closer to fucking an actual pussy if I’m on a solo adventure. And when I discovered the hands-free masturbation made possible by Fleshlight mounts, I felt doubly grateful.

Today, we’ll look at just one of those mounts – meet the Fleshlight Shower Mount!

Why Do You Need a Fleshlight Shower Mount?

Let’s face it; when it comes to jerking off, the hands can be a bit… restrictive.

Enter the Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adapter, a game-changing accessory that takes your Fleshlight adventures to a new level of hands-free fun.

Designed specifically for shower play, this mount sticks firmly to any flat surface, including your shower walls, for a fully hands-free experience.

Here’s what a customer on the Lovehoney website had to say about this mount:

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Adapter
Never used something like this before, and boy, was I not disappointed, simple and very easy to use, and an amazing combination of pleasure and hot water sends you to heaven.
Man with a beard and mustache

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more! The freedom this mount affords, the thrusting motion unencumbered by holding the toy… it’s a revelation.

The shower mount has an adjustable wing nut allowing for a variety of angles, making it a truly customizable experience. Add to this the fact that all standard Fleshlights and Fleshlight Flights are compatible, and you’re looking at a must-have for any Fleshlight fan.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Fleshlight user or a newbie looking to level up your solo shower sessions, the Fleshlight Shower Mount is a worthy investment for your schlong.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Fleshlight Shower Mount Benefits

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

What I Don’t Like about this Product

What I don’t like about this shower mount is that I need a very smooth surface to stick it on.

Now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with how suction cups work. Maybe you had some toys as a kid that you could suspend from a wall thanks to this technology, or maybe you own a suction cup dildo (smart investment btw).

The thing about most suction cups is that they really only work well when stuck on dry, flat surfaces, and the Fleshlight Shower Mount’s own cup is no different.

If you make the mistake of sticking it to a textured wall, wood, uneven surface, or a wet wall, chances are it’ll come off mid-thrust, and your mood (as well as that raging hard boner) will be killed!

So yes, I really wish I didn’t have to worry about having access to the right surface before I stick my pecker in.

What Is in the Box?

Not a lot, to be honest! Inside the box, you will find the shower mount on its own, sans lube or pamphlets of any kind.

You can find instructions on the back of the box.

On the front, you see a handy picture of what it looks like holding a Fleshlight.

How to Use Fleshlight Shower Mount?

The Fleshlight Shower Mount has swooped in to bless your dick, and let me tell you, it’s as easy as pie to use. Or, should I say, as easy as a hot steamy shower on a cold winter night?

Start by finding a smooth surface in your shower; trust me, that suction cup is like a dog with a bone when it’s got a flat, smooth surface to stick to. Now, take the bottom cap off your standard Fleshlight or Fleshlight Flight – don’t worry, your Fleshlight won’t feel naked without it.

Here’s where the fun part begins. Screw the base of your Fleshlight onto the shower mount. Yeah, I know, a bit technical, but trust me, it’s worth it.

When you’ve got that securely fastened, simply press the shower mount against the smooth surface you picked earlier and turn the suction cup’s lever down. Voila! Your Fleshlight Shower Mount is ready for action.

Now, step into your shower and adjust the angle to your liking. Remember, this isn’t just a hands-free masturbation tool; it’s your ticket to pleasure town. Whether you’re a solo rider or playing with a partner, the fun you can have with this Fleshlight accessory is mind-blowing.

Just remember, when you’re done having fun, unscrew your Fleshlight for cleaning. After all, cleanliness is next to sexiness. Or… is that not how the saying goes?

For even more useful knowledge, read how to cum hands-free. Our guide to showerhead masturbation might spark your interest too.

How to Clean It?

To keep your Fleshlight Shower Mount in top shape, just give it a quick rinse with warm water after you’ve finished your hot and heavy session.

If you’re feeling fancy, you could use a mild soap. Dry it off and store it for your next wild shower adventure.

And for the Fleshlight itself? That’s another story for another day, but it basically involves warm water, a touch of gentle soap, and lots of care. A clean toy equals a happy user, right?

My Experience

Fleshlight Shower Mount and Hands-Free Adapter

I was both intrigued and a tad nervous when I decided to try the Fleshlight Shower Mount. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Getting ready to fuck a suction cup device attached to your shower wall isn’t an everyday occurrence.

From the start, this adventure was a splash. Out of the box, I was impressed with the mount’s sturdy feel.

I was ready for a hands-free fun session, and boy, the Fleshlight Shower Mount didn’t disappoint.

My shower tiles, while smooth and usually pretty slippery when wet, turned out to be the perfect surface for this mount to stick like it was born there.

Initially, I had some trouble sticking it at the right height, but with a few minor adjustments, I got it just a bit lower (cue the Goldilocks – just right!).

This nifty device allowed me a fully hands-free experience I hadn’t known I was missing out on.

The wing nut was an unexpected hero, allowing for easy angle adjustment that translated into some truly groovy thrusting motions.

Of course, as with any sex toy, lube was my best friend in this adventure.

In short, the Fleshlight Shower Mount was like the Carly Rae Jepsen of my shower time – it had me saying, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my shower wall, so stick on, maybe?”

What to be careful of while using Fleshlight Shower Mount?

Here’s a friendly tip, treat the Fleshlight Shower Mount like a delicate dance partner, not a wrestling adversary. Be gentle with the thrusting action, and don’t go all Tarzan on it. Remember, glass or smooth surfaces are its jam – so rough or porous walls are a no-go zone.

Avoid the temptation of cranking up the hot water unless you fancy playing “rescue the suction cup from the scorching shower wall”.

And finally, don’t skimp on the lube – it’s not just a luxury, but a necessity for a smoother ride to pleasure town.

How Much Does Fleshlight Shower Mount Cost?

If I had a dollar for every time I was astonished by the sheer brilliance of this gadget, I’d probably have enough to buy another one!

In the grand scheme of things, the price of the Fleshlight Shower Mount is a small investment for such a monumental boost in your shower rendezvous. So, put on your best monocle, and prepare to make it rain those $$$ bills!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

Fleshlight Shower Toy Mount Alternatives

Sometimes you need a change-up in the lineup of self-pleasure. If your Fleshlight Shower Mount has been getting all the innings, it’s time to check out the rookie sensation – the Main Squeeze Penis Masturbator Suction Cup Accessory by Doc Johnson!

This little trooper is just like that underground indie band you found before they went mainstream. It offers a similar, hands-free experience but gives your shower time a little more… hmm, let’s say ‘curveball’. It attaches to your Main Squeeze Masturbator and shower wall like a star-struck groupie on a backstage pass.

The strong, adjustable arm on it lets you smoothly swivel and bend to let you fuck however you want to. Worth giving it a shot when you’re looking to switch up your play roster!

Would you like to have even more fun when taking a shower? Take a look at our selection of shower sex toys as well.

Where to Buy Fleshlight Shower Mount?

You can buy the Fleshlight Shower Mount directly from the official Fleshlight store, where you can also find a ton of Fleshlight toys that tickle your fancy.

That would be your best bet since buying from anywhere else would put you at risk of ending up with a cheap-looking version of the actual thing, and your schwantz should be nowhere near a product like that!

Some Testimonials

This is one of the best thing I have bought in a long time. It makes using a fleshlight just that much more realistic. I was surprised when it actually stuck down strong to any flat surface as well as it did. It is yet to fail me.
Man with ginger hair
I love this thing! It truly takes the Fleshlight to another level! Hands free use in the shower or even in the living room, has never been easier! If you are a Fleshlight user, this little beauty is a must!
Man with longer hair and beard
Love this little gadget. I usually use it on a bench top corner which is a perfect height for my fucking pleasure. It can be used on any hard surface and the suction cap really holds well. Have never had it come loose and I do give it a good going over too. Buy it, you won't regret it.
Black man with a beard
The product was very solid and does the job. The fleshlight is easy to fix into the mount easily screw it into place. This is a must have as it will make solo play that much more exciting and enjoyable.
Man with short brown hair
It sticks really well to shiny flat surfaces. Unfortunately, the suction cup is about 5mm too wide in diameter to stick to the LoveArc bar. I was disappointed!!!!
Man with a beard
This great for the people that would like to enjoy a hands free experience, sticks to surfaces well and has great build quality.
Man with a bun
Easy to use mount - doesn’t have to be in the shower & the grip is really good. Means you can really enjoy some hands-free action!
Man with a beard
The product screws into the fleshlight it’s very strong and well built no sliding or wobbling great product.
Bearded man with glasses

Should You Buy Fleshlight Shower Mount? Conclusion

So, my horny thrusters-to-be, should you invest in the Fleshlight Shower Mount? The answer is a resounding “Hell Yeah!”

This isn’t just a sex toy; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It’s the equivalent of finally getting those concert tickets you’ve been dreaming of, only to discover they come with backstage passes.

The Fleshlight Shower Mount takes a solo show and turns it into a rock concert. It adds that hands-free thrill to your intimate performances.

Remember though, all great shows require some practice and fine-tuning, so don’t get disheartened if your first few gigs aren’t sell-outs. Stick with it, and soon enough, you’ll be headlining your own shower show!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is Fleshlight Shower Mount?

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is a fantastic accessory designed to attach your standard Fleshlight to any flat, smooth surface for a hands-free experience.

Is the package with the products discrete?

Yes! Although the product box itself is not discreet, Fleshlight/FleshJack will ship the product in discreet packaging.

How to hide Fleshlight Shower Mount from guests?

You can hide the Fleshlight Shower Mount from guests by simply unscrewing it from your Fleshlight case and stowing it away. It’s compact and easy to hide.

Is Fleshlight Shower Mount safe?

Yes, the Fleshlight Shower Mount is safe! It securely attaches to surfaces, ensuring a safe hands-free experience. Just make sure you attach it to a sturdy, smooth surface.

Does Fleshlight Shower Mount come with a warranty?

Indeed! The Fleshlight Shower Mount is backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. For details, check out the Fleshlight website.

Does the Fleshlight Shower Mount work with any other toys?

No. The Fleshlight Shower Mount only works with your Fleshlight or Fleshjack products.

What if the suction cup won't come off the wall?

If the suction cup doesn’t come off the wall, don’t worry! Ensure the adherence assistance lever is flipped in the opposite direction to which you flipped it to secure the device, and then pull on the small tab connected to the edge of the suction cup.

What is the size of the suction cup on fleshlight shower mount?

The suction cup is about 3.5 inches in diameter.

Where else can I use fleshlight shower mount?

You can use it on any non-porous flat surface – think shower wall, bathroom tiles, even a glass door!

Does fleshlight shower mount work with older cases?

It certainly does! It’s compatible with most standard Fleshlight cases.

Is fleshlight shower mount worth it?

If you want to turn your solo session in the shower into a hands-free adventure, the Fleshlight Shower Mount is absolutely worth it!

What are the best fleshlight shower mount positions?

The best position for using the Fleshlight Shower Mount is standing up, with the mount positioned directly at hip level. But you can always adjust the angle and let your imagination run wild!

Can I use the Fleshlight shower mount with a partner?

Yes, you can absolutely use the Fleshlight Shower Mount with a partner. It can be used as a form of foreplay, and loads of people do find it hot watching their partner thrusting into a Fleshlight stuck to the wall!