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The Best Sex Chair explained
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Best Sex Chairs in 2020

Want to take your sex life to new heights? With chairs for sex, you can do precisely that.

Designed to provide several angles of access, this sex equipment makes exploring the Kama Sutra a lot easier. Choose to play out your wildest fantasy on your sex chair and inject some spice into your sex life.

When you set out to buy sex chair, it can be confusing to know which model to choose.

To make that easier, we’ve created a comprehensive review of the top adult sex chairs on the market today. Are you ready to find the perfect sex chair for you? Then let’s get started.

Our HOT Picks

Best Sex Chair



Liberator Chaise Lounge Yoga Chair


Spring Sex Chair


Things to Consider When Choosing a Sex Chair

First things first, let’s look at essential design elements to considerwhen comparing sex seats.

  • Size
  • Budget
  • Style and Discretion
  • Stability
  • How Easy it is to Clean

Do you have space for a full sex lounge chair, or do you need a smaller sex seat?

If you have a small space to work with, an inflatable might be a better option.

Consider the sex sofa design carefully as well based on the space available to you.

A love sex chair or fuck chair is pricey because of its specialist nature. We recommend spending a bit more on a high-quality item. Don’t just take the cheapest sex sofa for sale.

We’ll be covering how to use your sex position furniture in later posts.

Consider this fair warning; you'll want sturdy sex furniture for couples and chairs made for sex here.

Ask anyone, “What is the best furniture to have sex on?” and you’ll hear a sexual love chair being brought up a lot.

If you’re going to use the sex chair as furniture in your lounge, you’ll want something that fits the décor and is discreet.With bedroom sex furniture, you can be a bit more adventurous. 

Fortunately, most furniture manufacturers do look at creating discreet designs.

Consider the type of sex position you use the most here as well. Do you need firm support? How much flexibility do you need?

The best furniture for sex has to be stable.

If you’re having sex on chair, you want to know that the piece of furniture isn’t going to collapse under you.

Ideally, you want a sex chair that you can easily wipe down.

The best options have an inner lining to protect the foam on the inside in addition to the outer cover.

Best Sex Chairs

Liberator Esse 1 & II

This faux leather sex chair is also part of the Liberator’s luxe range. It might well be the best sex chair on the market.

It looks like a high-end sofa but offers a lot of play options. It’s designed to allow for deep penetration. It also has a detachable headrest that fits neatly into the curve of the seat.

The headrest can also be used as a knee-rest.

A moisture-resistant cover protects the high-density foam. The outer cover is made from soft faux leather that’s easy to clean.

Want to know more? Read the full product review of Liberator Esse.

Pros & Cons

Red esse chair liberator

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Tantra Chair

The Tantra Sex Chair design has been emulated a lot, but never quite matched. It looks like your standard sofa, but it’s designed to enhance sexual pleasure.

The curvature gives you a lot of ways to adjust the angle of thrust. By experimenting, you can find the perfect position to stimulate the P-spot or the G-spot.

It’s covered in synthetic leather that’s easy to clean. For more tantra chairs reviews, read our dedicated guide.

Pros & Cons

Tantra Sex Chair

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Yoga Sex Chair

Liberator Kama Sutra Sex Chair Sensual Chaise

This sex chair has been created to help you and your partner explore the Kama Sutra and Tantric positions.

The curvature is similar to that of the Esse 1 & 2, but it’s lower to the ground. 

The high-density foam body is covered in a moisture-proof lining to protect it. The outer cover is machine-washable and made from soft micro-velvet.

This model is the best Kamasutra chair for sale on the market today for shorter people. If you’re on the taller side, consider getting the Liberator Flip Stage as well.

This stage offers multiple height settings to increase your options.

Pros & Cons

Liberator Kama Sutra Sex Chair Chaise Sensual

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Liberator Chaise Lounge Yoga Chair

This curved sex chair combines classic design and exciting positioning opportunities.

The curves are designed to take maximum advantage of the human form and allow for deep penetration.

The body of this sex chair is narrow enough to straddle but wide enough to provide firm support for the pelvis.

The high-density foam cushion is covered with a moisture-proof lining. The faux leather outer cover is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Pros & Cons

Liberator Chaise Lounge Sex Yoga Chair

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Sex Sofas

Liberator Black Label Esse

The design of this sex chair is similar to the Liberator Esse I & II, but the Black Label is part of Liberator’s Luxe Collection.

It’s higher than the Esse I & II , allowing for a broader range of positions and deeper penetration. It’s heavier for extra stability. It also includes a sturdy wooden base complete with hidden restraint clips.

The Liberator Black Label gets our vote as the best sofa for sex.

Pros & Cons

Liberator Black Label Esse Sex Chair

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Spring Sex Chair

The Phoenix

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this sex position chair was a high-end pool chair.

The design here is unique because of the two springs that help the chair bounce and flex. Jump on and get the motion going, and the chair does a lot of the work for you.

This model gets tops marks as the best ergonomic sex chair.

Pros & Cons

The Phoenix Sex Chair

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Weightless Sex Chair

Multifunction Position Enhancer Chair

We’d classify this as a stool rather than a chair. It’s very simply designed.

You get a metal support with a pair of high-strength nylon straps. The gap between the straps allows for easy access to the genitals. 

The fun part of this sex stool is that you can bounce up and down on it. The extra bounce enhances the motion when you’re on top. You can also use this stool as a support for several different sexual positions.

This model is more of a bedroom sex chair. Unlike the sex couches we’ve reviewed, it’ll stick out in your lounge. It’s nothing like erotic chairs, but how do you explain it’s purpose?

Pros & Cons

Multifunction Position Enhancer Sex Chair​

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Massage Sex Chair

Zero-Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The model that we’re reviewing here is not considered a sex toy.

That said, it can quite easily be put to sensual use. It has lower armrests allowing for a broader range of motion.

You’ll need to be a little careful not to get pinned when reclining the chair.

That said, there’s nothing like the feeling of having your back pounded while your partner pounds away at you.

Pros & Cons

Zero-Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Sex Chair

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Sex Tables

Apparently, we’re more creative when it comes to sex tables than most manufacturers. We were hoping to find a rotating sex table, but no one has designed one yet. (Hint, hint Liberator.)

Other than that, a sex table looks a lot like a portable massage table.

If you run an online search for “sex tables for sale,” you’ll find that Amazon and other online retailers usually bring up a list of massage tables or other sex furniture. We got a little creative with our search and found two tables that could fit the bill.

They’ll have to do until we find our spinning sex table. Looking for more options? Then try searching for “sex beds” or “sex beds for sale.”

Alternatively, we’ll be covering the topic in more detail later, so watch this space. 

In the meantime, check out this video for inspiration on how to use your table as sexfurniture.

Portable Massage Table by MMassage

This portable massage table is a standard option except for one thing. It’s designed with men and women in mind. The designers have created a strategically placed hole in the center to provide easier access to the penis.

You can give your man a sensual massage and then finish him off with a handjob afterward. When it’s your turn, pop the insert in to close the hole and lie back.

The downside is that there’s not a lot of space under the bed because of the support struts. You can access the “glory hole” with your hand, but oral sex will prove difficult. On the upside, those struts provide exciting possibilities if you like to use restraints.

Light Portable Massage Sex Table by MMassage

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Massage Table Portable Massage Bed

This model is a standard massage table. It folds away when not in use. This feature makes it ideal for those in small apartments.

It’s a sturdy table with full padding for comfort.

The padded face rest opens up some potentially interesting possibilities if you have a very athletic partner. It has armrests on the front and side.

There is also plenty of options when it comes to fastening restraints.

Massage Table Portable Massage Sex Bed

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Queening Chair

A queening chair is designed to facilitate oral sex. The partner receiving the oral sex sits on the chair while the other partner performs oral sex. The chair often looks like a modified toilet seat except that the front is open to allow easier access.

These chairs deserve a section of their own, so we’ll do a full review of them later.

Inflatable Sex Chair

Are you looking for a portable sex chair? You have some options here.  You get a full range of options here, from inflatable wedges or ramps to a full sexchair.

Naturally, you’ll want to be careful not to puncture these products.

If you have limited space in your home, inflatables provide a discreet option. Fully inflated, they perform in a similar way to your standard sex couches. Clean and then deflate them when done for easy storage and transport.

The lower price points make this ideal for those on a limited budget.

The downside is that an inflatable sex chair won’t last as long as wooden or foam furniture made for sex. Their also not the best option for spontaneous couples – having to blow them up first can deaden the move.

Quick Tip: Speed up the inflation process by using a hairdryer set on a cold setting.

CharmingNight Inflatable Sex Chair

This model takes the design of a sex sofa and comes with hand and leg cuffs.

The outer surface is covered with soft velvet for extra comfort. See our overview of inflatable sex furniture.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Guiseniour Couples Love Pillow

This model is a wedge-design inflatable. It’s covered in velvet, so it’s soft on the skin.

The handles on the side are an interesting take on this particular product.

It also comes with a pump to help you inflate it.

Looking for more sex pillows? Go to our dedicated sex pillow review page. 

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Crazy Sex Chairs Designs

designers lovemaking Sex chairs

Adela Chair

Designed by Andres Amaya, the Adela Chair deserves its own category. It looks more like a high-end piece of art than a sex chair.

It features handlebars and footrests and can be customized. If you want to ride your partner, it’s an excellent option.

How comfortable it is for the person being ridden is debatable.

We’d say that this chair is best for quick sessions rather than a sex marathon.

Amaya has also created a range of other exciting sex furniture.

The downside? It’s not cheap. The Adela retails at over $3,000.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Horse Chair

Designed by Indian artist, Satyendra Patel, this makes for an exciting piece of sex furniture. It looks like a naïve sculpture of a horse with a well-rounded butt.

Unless your friends are quite kinky themselves, they’ll never guess what your “sculpture” really is.

That said, this model has limited usefulness. Again, it’s better for shorter sessions. Made of wood, there’s no padding whatsoever.

Another downside is that these chairs were a limited edition, so they’re hard to come by.

Prices of products often change. Click the button above to see the price from our favourite online store.

Sex Chair Positions

You’ve found the perfect sex chair for your needs, and now you want to play. You can see some distinct possibilities but would like to know about more adventurous sexual positions as well.

Patience, young grasshopper, we’re currently working on a series of blog posts covering sex chair positions. We’ll also cover other titillating sex furniture and sex toys, so watch this space.

Impatient to get started? We won’t leave you hanging – check out this video for inspiration.

Best Sex Chairs Suppliers

When it comes to sex chairs, you’re investing. It pays to stick to established companies that focus on furniture for fucking. You’ll pay more, but at least you know you’re getting quality items that last.

Sex chairs enhance sex rather than just being a place to sit. It makes sense to stick to companies that have that design down pat.

Here are our favorite sex chairs manufacturers:


Tantrachair were the first to come up with the tantra sex chair design. They’re also the best. They offer one design style, but a range of finishes and colors.

Each chair is handcrafted out of top-quality materials and can take up to 1,500 pounds of weight.

The company is all about discretion. The chairs are delivered in an unmarked box and look like a high-end designer piece of furniture rather than sex furniture.

The company makes all of its products in the United States.


Liberator stocks a wide range of sex chairs, sex furniture, and sex toys. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it probably doesn’t exist. The company stocks high-quality items

Be sure to check out the “Sale” and “Free Gift” sections of their site. They run special promotions regularly. The company sends out all packages discreetly.

The company makes all of its products in the United States.


Bowchair also focuses on a straightforward design. You can opt for a metal or wooden frame.

They made the list of the best sex chair suppliers because of their innovative design style. We’ve never seen a chair that you can use outside before, and certainly nothing like this one.

This design would be the best sex chair for sale if it weren’t so pricey.

The company sells its chairs and accessories for them. The company makes all of its products in the United States.

Best Adult Sex Chairs Suppliers


How do I have sex on a chair?

How to have sex on a chair depends on how much time do you have 😉 Chairs offer firm support for you to try a range of different positions.

You could have sex in chair, bend over the back of the chair, and so on. Get creative and see what you can imagine.

What is a Vuntu Chair?

A Vuntu Chair is simply a sex chair that’s similar to the Tantric Chair reviewed above.

What is the price of sex chairs?

The price of a sex chair depends on the model and brand. You can get a very basic weightless sex chair for around $70. High-end models, like the Adela, go for over $3,000.

There is a wide range of price points in between. We advice to read our post and learn all the different available sex chairs on the market. 

How to use a sex chair?

Check out this video for some inspiration on how to use a sex chair.

We’re busy creating a series of posts dealing with different positions that you can try. We’ll also go into more depth about how to use sex furniture in general.

What is a sex chair?

A sex chair is a chair designed primarily for sex and sitting second. They enhance sex positions, look discreet and are easy to clean. The sides are generally open to allow for a wider range of movement for both partners.

Some have an undulating design to accommodate several different positions.

What is the best chair for sex?

One that’s been made for the purpose. Sex chair designs take things like penetration depth, open armrests, and so on into account.

Every sex toy chair has elements in it to make it easier to adopt multiple positions.

Where to buy a sex chair?

Most people opt to buy their sex furniture online. 

The furniture is more of a specialty item, so you won’t find a sex chair Ikea section.

13 best sex chairs guide
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