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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Waterbed Sex: How's Sex on a Waterbed??

Different. For great sex in a waterbed, you need a fun relationship. And a partner with rhythm who knows how to giggle!

Interesting fact: The earliest version of a waterbed was invented to prevent bedsores in the early 1800s. But the waterbed became really popular in the 60s and 70s when Charles Hall designed the “Pleasure Pit.”

A pit of pleasure? Oooooh yes, please. That’s something you can get down with, isn’t it?

Let me tell you about how the pleasure pit affects intercourse. Here are the pros and cons of waterbed sex…

Are There Really Waterbed Benefits?

Yes! Sounds weird when you imagine the movement and the matter of sleep, but every experience in life has pros, right?

Just as memory foam mattresses are all the rage, waterbeds are a delicious mattress for adults whose preferences are soft and squishy.

You will want a sturdy bed frame to make the softside waterbed mattress work – the softsides come without a frame. More on that later.

Waterbed sex introduces a new type of fun. It feels more intimate. 

Gone are the days of your partner just going “in-and-out”. On these beds, the answer is grinding!

couple playing on waterbed

What other good things are there?

They're a doddle to clean!

The mattresses are made from vinyl. You just wipe them over with vinyl cleaner and a towel

If you team the waterbed up with the best sex bedding on the market, the job’s a good’un! Although water beds are great for sleep, you’ll want a bit of nooky too. 

For that, you want the right kind of bedding. Fitted works wonderfully on these soft edges.

Sometimes bounce adds to rhythm...

couple making love on waterbed

The waterbed has the potential to be a pit of love for some couples. If it’s easy for you to have a conversation about positions, movement, and bounciness, you’re in for an experience.

The bounce can aid your love-making, but the con is that for some people, it’s the opposite. Only a firm memory foam mattress will do. 

It really depends on the way you and your partner have intercourse. Sex is an individual experience. 

Some report that for girl-on-top positions, the support and leverage of the waterbed mattress is non-existent! Others say waterbed sex is sensational.

It's all so quiet: Shh...shh!

How awkward is it when your bed frame squeaks?

(Check out Furnpeak’s best bed frames for the sexually active couple).

Waterbed sex completely dissolves that embarrassing noise. The waterbed is perfect for noise discretion!

And the more you do it on a mattress filled with water, you’ll start to get the idea of all its…


You get softside or hardside waterbeds. The softside bed is more modern.

It’s placed on box springs, a type of spring bed mattress that makes sex easier. It’s also easier to climb in and out of this bed.

The hardside is the more traditional experience with a wooden frame. Great fun to pull each other in and out of!

The even weight distribution means two of you can try many things with your body on any part of the mattress!

What a waterbed does is turn your thoughts to sex. These mattresses can be great, but the fact is that they’re far from perfect.

They aren’t for everyone, and if you’re an insomniac, a waterbed might not bring the springs to help you sleep!

So What Are the Disadvantages?


I was listening to a 2018 show from the All The Sex Podcast and the host, Rebecca, described getting trapped under an ex-boyfriend during waterbed sex!

He’d started to fall asleep with his dick in her mouth. Hilarious to listen to, but imagine!

It sounded suffocating, like she’d been sucked into the water bed mattress!

sex on waterbed

You don't always bounce back - awkward!

That’s right, everybody’s had the experience when they’ve gone “out of sync” in the sack

Yes, the waterbed can help the rhythm for some, but many say the opposite: that your body simply lacks the support you need during waterbed sex

There’s no “leverage”.

Couples like solid matter to get down on! Sex should be a time for comfort, not screwing out of sync. Cringe!

Yes to motion in the ocean, but the wave effect?

No-one wants a Nightmare on Elm Street 4 waterbed moment. Freddy Kreuger may not be under your waterbed but the wave effect can feel pretty monstrous!

If you’re in one of those couples who has a lot of sex, loves the sexual rhythm and new positions, then another mattress might be for you (i.e. one without water)!

Nowadays, you can buy mattresses with wave-reducing designs, but here’s the thing: a waterbed is filled with water! Duh!

So yes, there's constant movement.

If you’re a deep-sleeper, fine, but if you aren’t?

And actually, if your waterbed doesn’t have temperature control, it feels really cold. Of all the options, most couples prefer memory foam for both sleep and sex.

It could be worth your while buying a sex mattress protector or also know as a sex blanket. Perfect for a little extra warmth and even better when it comes to cleaning up cum and fluids after getting a little kinky. 

Uncomfortable beds mean grumpy heads.

man and woman resting on waterbed

If you’re single and use a bed for sleep then you’ll be fine so long as soft mattresses are your thing.

But if you’re in a couple and your lover moves, you feel their ripple effects which can disturb sleep and means you might be screaming their name for the wrong reasons!

We all know how important sleep is! Sleep.org explains just how much sex and sleep can positively and negatively impact each other. Make sure you’re on the right side of it!

It's not memory foam. The worst? Back and Neck Problems.

My advice? If you suffer from back and neck problems, don’t even think about a water mattress.

You want a bed that provides firm support for your precious spine, all the way from bottom to top.

You want the perfect mattress for that. Our website has links to the best mattress for sex and sleep.

Owning the ideal mattress is critical to your overall wellbeing, so choose wisely.

What Type of Waterbed Mattress is Best Suited for Sex?

It’s likely that you already have a bed frame, if not, or if you’re looking for a new one, check out our best bed frames for a sexually active couple.

With the bedframe sorted, it makes sense to buy a softside waterbed mattress which is designed to sit on regular frames.

These are the modern frames that are also easier to get in and out of. You can buy them with reduced wave-action, which improves your motion in the ocean!

Alternatively, you can have a peep at the Liberator Zeppelin. We reviewed the product deeply looking into the battle of the Liberator Zeppelin vs a waterbed.

You can also take a look at our best air mattress for sex guide to learn about other sexy options.

best waterbed for sex

How Do People Have Sex on a Waterbed?

Most people say the act of love is hindered. It can affect the in-and-out motion, forcing you to slow down.

Slow sounds great to me, but everybody wants a good banging every so often!

Whether on a regular mattress or a waterbed, a Liberator sex wedge will make your sex better. Wedges are designed to stay put and give you all the access and penetration you could want.

They’re particularly useful for waterbed sex. They provide the leverage and stillness you want on top of the gently rocking waves below.

Whether you get one or not, use your waterbed time to explore all the new options of waterbed sex with your partner!