Lelo Enigma vs Enigma Cruise

A few years ago, I wandered into a swanky adult store in Brooklyn and stumbled upon mysterious gadgets looking less “Bedroom Boulevard” and more “alien gadgets.

I asked the shopkeeper, “Which one is the ticket to the intergalactic pleasure express?” Lol, maybe not literally.

She introduced me to the LELO Enigma and Enigma Cruise. Bemused yet enlightened, I left, knowing I’d boldly go where I hadn’t gone before.

Now, I’m your captain on this cosmic journey (yeah, I’m also laughing). All aboard the pleasure galaxy express—we’re about to explore these cosmic curiosities!

Lelo Enigma

LELO Enigma is not just your average pleasure toy; it’s like a carnival ride for your senses.

I mean, it might not replace your cat’s laser toy, but it does have:

  • Dual stimulation design,
  • 8 pleasure settings,
  • Body-safe silicone,
  • Rechargeable.

When I tried it, the experience was like going on a roller coaster, blindfolded, in a chocolate factory. Surprises at every turn!

Lelo Enigma



Lelo Enigma Cruise

Enigma Cruise sounds like the name of a Hollywood spy thriller, but it’s equally thrilling in the world of pleasure toys.

  • Cruise Control technology,
  • Sensonic technology,
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Fully waterproof.
I’d say my experience was like a five-star cruise vacation, minus the seasickness.
Lelo Enigma Cruise



Shared Features & Differences

comparison Lelo enigma vs engma wave

While both are champions in their own right, let’s see how they fare against each other:



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Choosing between LELO Enigma and Enigma Cruise is like picking a favorite dessert; it’s nearly impossible!

However, if a winner must be crowned, the Enigma Cruise edges ahead slightly for its innovative Cruise Control technology and extra-long battery life.

It’s the ultimate luxury experience in a pleasure toy, treating you to a sensory journey akin to a five-star cruise vacation.

Whether you’re looking for gentle caresses or wild dances, Enigma Cruise might just be your perfect partner in pleasure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear a cruise ship horn calling my name!


What is toy Lelo Enigma?

The Lelo Enigma is a luxury dual-action sonic massager offering combined G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

What is a toy Enigma Cruise?

Enigma Cruise refers to Cruise Control technology in LELO’s products, providing consistent pleasure without a reduction in power.

How does Lelo Enigma compare to Enigma Cruise?

Lelo Enigma focuses on dual stimulation, while enigma cruise emphasizes consistent power, both enhancing pleasure experiences.