Lelo Ella vs Lelo Gigi 2

I was just wondering, what if Cinderella’s stepmom had Lelo sex toys? Would she still be so darn grumpy all the time?

Well, let’s not dwell on that fantasy and focus on the real deal – Lelo Ella vs. Lelo Gigi 2.

These two sex toys are like the Prince Charmings of the pleasure world.

But which one reigns supreme?

Let’s dive in and find out which of these toys will make you feel like the Cinder-Ella of your own erotic fairytale.

Lelo Ella

Key features:

Lelo Ella black

Lelo Ella is a functional and uncomplicated piece that will surely bring you pleasure.

This non-vibrating dildo is for anyone from beginners to advanced players.

Made with firm silicone, Ella’s g-spot head reaches the g-spot quite effectively.

The shaft is slightly smaller than average, so it glides in effortlessly for penetration or warm-up play.

There’s even a little bulge in the middle for added pleasure.

The only drawback is that I find it a bit short, but that’s just me!

If you’re new to g-spot play and crave a non-motorized toy, Ella is a great entry-level dildo that’s highly effective and designed to work for almost everyone.

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Lelo Gigi 2

Key features:

Lelo Gigi 2 pink

Okay, let’s talk about what’s totally awesome about the Gigi 2: The Gigi itself looks so fancy and feels like pure luxury.

When I turned it on, I was blown away by the vibrations focused on the tip!

This one really hits the spot, and the controls are so easy to use!

And the best part? It’s SO QUIET!

I mean, seriously, I could use this thing in a library, and no one would know!

My old go-to vibrator was so loud you could hear it three rooms away!

But the Gigi is like a ninja; it’s so quiet!

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Lelo Ella vs Gigi 2




In conclusion, whether you prefer the powerful vibrations of the Gigi 2 or the thrusting action of the Ella, both Lelo sex toys offer something unique for those seeking G-spot stimulation.

Do you want to explore different modes and settings or prefer a more traditional approach with a non-vibrating toy?

Whatever your choice is, Lelo’s high-quality materials and sleek design ensure a pleasurable experience every time.

So go ahead, indulge in self-love, or share the pleasure with a partner, and let Lelo take you on a journey of unforgettable sensations!

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What is Lelo Ella?

The ELLA is a non-vibrating sexual wellness product that can stimulate the G-spot and provide conventional stimulation with its double-ended design.

What is Lelo Gigi 2?

The GIGI 2 is an upgraded iteration of LELO’s highly acclaimed G-spot vibrator, which has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews and remains the top-selling massager in its category.