How to Hang Install A Sex Swing
Last Updated on February 13, 2024

How to Hang & Install A Sex Swing?

Do you want to spice things up in the bedroom? Tired of the same old positions in bed? Then you, my friend, need to learn how to hang a sex swing.

Sex swings are like hanging pleasure toys. But before you take a ride, you need to make sure that you know how to install a sex swing properly. Otherwise, you could end up in pain (and not the good kind).

I’ve used more hanging sex swings than I can count, and I’m here to tell you the best ways to install them. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to hang a fantasy swing that will rock your sex life.

How Do I Attach a Sex Swing To The Ceiling?

One of the most popular methods is the ceiling hook installation. It involves using your ceiling joists to hang the sex swing stand and beam mounts. There are a few ways to do this, which we cover below.

Ceiling hook installation

Single hook

First up is the single hook installation. It’s a good option for your sex swing installation if you have a strong mounting point available. Here’s the process:

  1. Use a stud finder to locate a wooden beam in your ceiling (exposed beams work for a beam mount as well).
  2. Mark a spot in the center of the nonexposed or exposed beam.
  3. Tap the screw into the beam with a hammer (unless it’s not self-penetrating, then use a screw).
  4. Twist the screw eye until it’s secure, and the thread is totally concealed.
  5. Hang the sex swing from the welded loop of the eye hook.

And that’s it! You’ve got a ceiling sex swing that you can start using to feel higher than your vaulted ceilings, be it for vanilla sex or some steamy bondage on your swing.

Dual hook sex swing

Now we’ll look at installing a dual hook sex swing.

These use two hooks to provide additional security, which increases the weight limit and lets you go really wild with the swing.

The first part of the process is the same as it was for hanging a single hook sex swing.

You need to find a beam and screw the two hooks into the ceiling at the specified range (this varies from swing to swing).

Couple use Screamer Sex Swing Dual Hook for sex

Once you have the hooks in the ceiling, the rest of the installation is fairly straightforward. You simply connect the hooks to the chain and then assemble the swing by connecting the carabiner, spring, quick link, and chain. After that, you can throw on the straps and test it out with a partner.

Beam mounts

Beam mounts might be the easiest way to install a sex swing. But they really only work if you have exposed beams.

With these, you simply wrap the nylon hardware over the beam and hang the swing from that.

Other methods are more secure and can handle more weight.

But if you want a quick way to screw without having to use screws (if you catch my drift), completing your sex swing installation with a tie-down anchor is a great way to go.

This option can also work on a tree branch or gazebo roof if you really want to get wild.

Installing a swing in concrete

couple on a whip sex bondage swing

If your ceiling is made out of concrete, it may still be possible to hang a sex swing from it, even though you don’t have beam mounts or ceiling joists.

With this method, you need to drill into the ceiling and install a hook that you can mount the swing to in order to ensure it’s hung safely.

After that, you follow the instructions you receive for assembling your sex swing.

This is a more permanent installation option that most houses may not want to use.

You always have the option of purchasing a standalone sex swing stand if you’re not interested in a door swing installation and don’t want to drill into your concrete ceilings to create mounting points.

Different Ways to Mount Sex Swing

So we’ve covered some of the popular method options for installing a sex swing with a ceiling hook or double hooks. Now let’s look at some alternatives if none of those work for you.

Wall-to-wall installation

With a wall-to-wall installation, you hang mounting plates into two walls that are opposite one another and separated by about 3-4 feet. Then you can hang the sex swing between these mounting points when you want to use it and cover the plates up with artwork when you’re not.

You may or may not have enough space to really get frisky with this method. But if it’s your only option, it may be a good fit, as it really helps you take full advantage of the space you have by using regular walls – which can even be made of wood if you need them to be.

Door-to-wall installation

Door-to-wall installation is pretty much the same thing as wall-to-wall installation except – you guessed it – you place the stand mounts for the sex swing in between one door and a wall instead of two walls.

Door-to-door installation

You can also use this same strategy by hanging a door mount on two doors that are opposite one another. To anybody else, these door mounts will just look like a regular double hook or screw eye for hanging jackets and things. Only you and your partner will know the truth.

If you only have one door, that can work too. You can purchase straps that you place on the other side of the door. Then, when you shut the door, you have a great door swing installation that will give you enough sturdiness to have fun while also providing more range than some other options.

Door mounts can help you get more out of a space that’s on the small side – especially if you’re against a ceiling hook or beam mount installation because you don’t want to use a rock climbing anchor.

Now that you know how to install it, find out what is the best door sex swing!

Sex swing stand mount

If you want to install a sex swing as easily and non-invasively as possible, simply purchasing a sex swing stand mount may be your best option.

With this, you don’t have to worry about door mounts or choosing between a single hook and ceiling hook screw eye.

It’s just a standalone stand that you can take out and put away as you need it – sort of like that partner you call up when you’re feeling horny.

These can be more expensive than options like a door mount and double hook.

But you can have a lot of fun with them in a room without the doors or strong wood needed for hardware.

Check also out what is the best sex swing stand and how much is a sex swing!

Sex swings are the ultimate in turning your love life into an adventure.

Using a chin-up bar

You can even use a chin-up bar as a mount for a sex swing if you live in an apartment or a space that you don’t want to ruin with a hook that’s permanently installed.

You hang the chin-up bar over the door just like you normally would. And then you use that as the mount for a dual hook sex product. The only hole in this option is the one you drill.

Safety Considerations

Whether you use a door mount, a chin-up bar, or hang an eye hook from a center joist in your vaulted ceilings, you do need to be careful while hanging the sex swing.

Make sure to wear goggles if you’re drilling. Then, once you have the swing set up in the room, only adjust it when it’s not in use and make sure to use the spring it comes with at all times.

Sex swings are mostly very safe to use. But any time you’re hanging off doors or ceilings, it’s important to be mindful about not removing eye hooks and testing the mounts before you get started with your session.

Other People's Tips and Experiences

Use a permanent threadlocker when you install it which will essentially glue the nut in place when you tighten it down and prevent it from becoming loose.
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You gotta budget for a third person’s weight (or fourth if you’re really cool with hot friends).
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Whatever you do DO NOT use a screw-in hook or eyehole. Because if you do, then your wife, while hanging in the swing, might lazily enjoy spinning around as you go to refill the wine glasses.
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The bottom line? Putting a sex swing in your space can be a fun new way to enjoy your favorite hole.

Eye hooks in the ceiling may be the most common way to hang one of these, but you can also use one hook, straps, or a standalone mount, depending on your preferences.

Just make sure to use the right safety practices along the way, and you’ll figure it out.

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What tools do I need to install the sex swing?

To install a sex swing, you may need tools like a hammer, screw gun, and screwdriver. Or you may not need any tools if you don’t plan on drilling a hole. It all depends on the type of installation you do.

How do you install a swing bracket?

You can install a swing bracket by using a stud finder to locate a beam. Then, drill the hook into the beam and install the mount on top of it.

How do you set up a door swing?

You can set up a door sex swing by simply looping the nylon straps through the door and then closing it.

Which sex swing is the easiest to install?

The easiest sex swing to install is a door swing because there’s no installation required. Chin-up bar swings can also be very easy to install and shouldn’t require any tools.

How much does sex swing installation cost?

Your sex swing installation cost should only be between $100 and $200 if you hire a professional. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to find the beam and install the mount, which keeps labor costs low.

How to hide the sex swing mount?

You can hide your sex swing mount with art, a wall covering, tapestries, or anything else that you would normally hang on a wall.