Tantra Yoga
Last Updated on December 7, 2022

What really is Tantra Yoga?

What do you know about Tantra? I’m guessing you’re thinking, “Sex, intimacy… candles… massage…”

But here’s the thing, so much of what you think you know about Tantra is wrong. Tantra Yoga has been misconstrued in Western society because sex sells.

Tantra is not all sexual. It’s much deeper. Here, I’m going to explain to you all about why…

What is Tantra?

Tantric yoga is a kind of yoga practice that includes elements of Tantra, a spiritual practice formed in ancient India and Tibet.

Tantra in Sanskrit means “to weave”. Original Tantra teaches us to connect with our energy and, through this, achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Tantra is the focus on true spiritual growth, although not to be confused with religion.

It’s the journey of discovering your ultimate self and authentic nature.

You can’t find that through sex alone. You’re a deeper being. Tantra taps into this. Your entirety.

Tantra is a technology of the body, meaning that it’s a technology within yourself that you can use to create things or even to explore a sexual energy transmutation.

Tantra yoga on the beach

Don’t worry, I’ll explain this later. Guess what else it’s scientifically proven to be amazing for?

Reducing stress levels. One study reported that Tantra Yoga “triggers a significant reduction of 24% in the salivary cortisol concentration, both after a single session and after the last practice of the tantric Yoga.”(1)

Tantra is So Much More than Sex

You need to keep in mind that Tantra teaches that humans are made up of three parts:

The rest of you is non-physical.

Now, your physical body is compulsive and repetitive in nature, You get hungry, horny, emotional…

Tantra reveals how you can go beyond these limiting boundaries.

Tantra shows you how to use the body to reach a higher dimension. I know, I know, you want to know how… I’ll get to that soon.

Let’s get sex out of the way first. Sex is the primal drive to keep our species on the planet.

The issue is, this drive (and marketing experts) has tarnished what Tantra actually means.

The truth is sex comes with limitations and doesn’t take you consciously beyond that.

When you become aware of sexual limitations and want to go further, Tantra Yoga becomes the ultimate healthy and positive way to manifest your ultimate self.

Tantra tip?

You should only come to Tantra to develop a genuine practice, not to “dress-up” any sexual desire with a “spiritual cloak”.

Your sex drive is just that – be honest with yourself. There’s no need to deny that.

It’s actually irresponsible and disrespectful to use spirituality to gain sexual gratification.

infographic what is tantra if not only about sex

Tantra is How You use Your Energy Field

When you delve into Tantra, you start to grow your energy field. This opens many more possibilities than mere sexual encounters. It’s about overall wellbeing and your health.

According to this ancient practice there are 114 chakra centers that you access when you lead a true Tantric lifestyle. Being able to release from the top 3 chakra centers is regarded as the highest form of energy manifestation.

And guess what?

Every energy running through you, emotional, survival, sexual, intellectual, is tapped into when you build this Tantric energy system.

Interesting point: If you enter into a sex act, you lose the build-up of your Tantric energy and the Tantric energy system will need rebuilding.

You got it, Tantra is a disciplined practice. It takes strength and focus.

A man and a woman practicing tantra yoga

The Left and Right-Hand Tantra

So this is really interesting. There are two practices that connect to your energy centres.

These two practices are completely different.

And guess why Tantra includes both of these practices? Because it’s a spiritual practice that isn’t afraid to include sexuality. Tantra acknowledges the human as a whole.

Tantra does NOT focus on the left hand ritual which people have abused and used to promote and sell sexual products.

In a society where sexual expression is repressed it’s not surprising some of us have latched onto this. But honestly, the truth is, this just isn’t Tantra.

Tantra is a lifestyle encompassing the whole being.

Oh yes, I told you I’d explain what it was you can create by employing your Tantra technology. So here it is…

Tantra empowers you to use all your energies to achieve things:

A great example of this was demonstrated in research stating, “advanced practitioners of yoga and Tantra have shown the ability to exert conscious control over what are thought to be “autonomic” functions such as pulse and heart rate variability.”(2)

There is great power to be exercised when you’re in-touch with and can control your Tantra/energy technologies. And the incredible thing is that you can do this without taking anything from the world (as shown by Agastya Muni).

Another special thing? If you can make your energies act without using the three body mechanisms (body, mind, emotions), then this is also Tantra.

What does the Tantra Guru have?

“Tantra literally means ‘technology’. Technology is designed to create what you want.”(3)

To utilise your energies you can use both low or high body technologies (or Tantra), but you definitely need it to experience full spiritual awakening.

And here’s the game changer:

Tantra brings you full awareness of your potential, of your full possibilities.

Tantra guru

How amazing is that? And guess what it is that the Guru has?

The Guru has capability. Capability is having the ability to do something that people can’t do for themselves. The Guru is in total control of their Tantra/their technology – their ultimate and full being.

What does the Yoga Tantra Guru reveal?

So, if you decided to follow a Guru, you’d become a shishya (or disciple). This connection leads you to the ultimate dimension of self and awareness. And the thing you’ve been waiting for?

This dimension is what becomes orgasmic.

But wait! It’s not a sexual dimension. That’s not the point of it. A Guru doesn’t focus on the sexual aspect of Tantra.

In its highest form, your Tantric practice will feel utterly orgasmic.

However, a person will only link this to sex if they’ve not experienced a higher level of consciousness and bliss.

A couple practicing tantra

A Guru is able to share an orgasmic experience with the shishya in a way that isn’t physical. This orgasmic experience comes from the intermingling of (Tantric) energies, not that of the two external bodies.

Final thought?

Tantra is spiritual practice that takes into account your entire being. It’s not a religion, although it becomes a way of life. It’s your body’s technology where you channel your chakra energies to make things happen.

It’s not about sex or a tantra furniture (gadgets) . It’s about you discovering your spiritual consciousness and true self.

It’s a practice that takes huge amounts of self-discipline and focus.

If you want to try the ultimate orgasmic energy experience, which isn’t sexual, you’ll need a Guru. If you’re thinking about the Tantric lifestyle, do some thorough research to figure out if you have the goods to commit yourself to the path of spiritual awakening.