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Last Updated on July 16, 2023

How to Make the Best DIY Sex Wedge in 2024

When you feel sexy, lovemaking is much better, isn’t it? The thing is, the more lovemaking you do the more sexy you feel. The two go hand in hand.

To improve your sexual confidence, you need regular sexual shenanigans! There’s evidence too that sex is linked to overall wellbeing.

One study (1) showed that 94% of people “believed that it is important for a man to be sexually confident for good sex and that being able to have good sex enables men to have greater satisfaction with life.”

So sex is important for life satisfaction. Want to know a simple way to improve your erotic life?

Let me tell you the easiest way to get the best sex….

By using sex wedge! And guess what?

To improve your sex positions you can build your own sex furniture. You’re gonna love learning how to do this…

How to Build a Sex Wedge: Method!

Now, you want your pillow to be sexy, right? I mean if you’re going to be screwing on it, you want it to look good, feel good and make you and your lover have better sex.

You’ll need to look at how a top-quality sex pillow is made for inspiration. Once you have that in mind, you can follow these steps to build your own…

1. Get a large block of foam and a felt tip pen.

2. Use the felt tip to draw the side angle view of the measurements onto the side of the foam. The wedge should be 14″ in length, 24″ in width, and 7″ tall to match Liberator dimensions.

3. Make sure the incline is 27 degrees.

4. Use an electric knife to cut the foam to measurements.

5. Place the wedge onto machine washable, water-resistant fabric (fabric should be face down).

6. Draw around the wedge shape including an additional half inch. Do this for each side of the wedge.

7. Cut out the panels.

8. Sew all the seams together (apart from the zipper seam) ensuring the underside of the seam is on the back of the fabric.

9. Sew the zipper in.

10. Push the wedge into the cover.

Tip: Be very careful when cutting the foam. It’s very dense and hard to cut. Make sure your knife is sharpened.

Things to Consider when making your own Sex Wedge


To have a mind-blowing sex life you really need erotic furniture. 

Why? Well, this is the thing, when you treat yourself to sex products that enhance your sex life, you enjoy much more than the standard go-to missionary position.

Making an erotic pillow like the Liberator Wedge makes your regular positions more exciting. More sensational. 

Doggy style is incredible, along with missionary and oral sex positions.

On a sex wedge, your hips are lifted – this coupled with the 27-degree angle gives you sensational sex. You have to try oral sex liberator shapes to feel the relief of your muscles when receiving or giving oral sex.

It not only feels better, it also supports your body. This is next-level sex. It also takes the strain off your limbs and joints.

Tantric Pillow - the loveliest Tantra accessory to add to your bedroom.

Find out all about sex pillow positions for more ideas here!




The size of your sex furniture is important. 

The interesting thing when building your own is how you’re able to make it “fit” you (see best plus size furniture). 

You might end up making a couple if you’re not that handy at crafts (like me) but if you’re great at design and textiles, you could end up with the perfect size wedge.

Now, the Liberator wedge is 14″ in length, 24″ in width, and 7″ tall. So this is the standard size. If you’re plus-size or a small, then you’ll want to change those measurements.

liberator wedge combo

Also, think about how many partners you plan to have on a wedge pillow. If it’s just for solo-sex stimulation it won’t need to be as big as it would if you’re going to have one or two lovers!

You can make your DIY pillow a ramp by measuring your body and also thinking about how high you want your hips off the bed.




So, it’s really important to choose the right materials to make your wedge. To build your sexy pillow, you’re definitely going to need the following…

  • High-density foam block.
  • Fluid-resistant, machine washable fabric.
  • 24″ zipper.


You’ll also need the following tools:


  • An electric knife.
  • A protractor.
  • A ruler.
  • Felt tip pen.
  • Tailor’s chalk.
  • Sewing machine or needle, thread, and scissors.

For inspiration on what your dream pillow should look like, check out our Liberator Wedge Review.

(Tip: The Liberator website often has discount codes for you to benefit from.)



Furniture Features

Erotic pillows come in all different shapes. You can check out Liberator shapes for ideas on how to make your sex cushion shape more interesting. 

The shape of the pillow is a feature that can look good as well as feel good.

Think about what you want.

Also take into account the color you want the fabric, what sort of fabric feels good on your skin. This really increases pleasure. 

black label wedge

You can adapt the angle of the wedge or its height. Stimulation from oral sex is so much hotter when your lover is comfortable too. Sex pillows make it easier for them to stay down longer!



Any Accessories?

If you’re in one of those couples who love a little kink then you can make your pillow kinky. 

How? Include something exciting like cuffs. Take note of how the Black Label Wedge has handles for your favorite restraints!

Or perhaps you’d fancy a piece of furniture that holds your favorite vibrator (check my guide about vibrating body pillow)? 

You could make a sleeve in the wedge to hold your sex toy. 

Liberator sex toy mounts are pillow mounts that make masturbation as good as partner sex!

Dominix Wedge




When you make a sex pillow for doggy style or any sex furniture, safety should be a priority. You want to be getting off at all times and that doesn’t include hurting yourself or someone else.

Building a wedge isn’t as hard as other DIY furniture items because most of the materials are soft. 

However, you need to ensure you use tools safely and correctly. Also, if you were to create your own pillows but you got all the angles and dimensions wrong, you could end up causing pain rather than ecstasy in bed!

making love on liberator wedge

If you’re a lover of restraints, ensure you have built your pillows with quick-release features so you’re always safe.

You’ll also want to use flame-resistant materials, especially if you’re a lover of candles. And who isn’t? Temperature play is the hottest!

The people who design erotic furniture for big brands like Liberator are experts. To put your mind at rest and have the best sex, buy their perfectly designed and manufactured products instead!




Building your own erotic furniture might appear to be cheaper. However, you often get unexpected costs. 

If you’re a creative person who is good with their hands and making things, then you might be able to make a ramp or wedge easily. 

If you’re not, you might end up having to build it twice or buying one!

Also, you have to factor in the cost of tools. A sewing machine and an electric knife don’t come cheap!

Get more information about what Liberator charge by checking out their site. You can compare the price of buying and the cost of making your own. Be sure to remember the amount of time it takes.

liberator wedge for plus size




How Durable are Sex Wedges?

If you buy a top-quality wedge it could last a lifetime. This is because it is made by expert designers and manufacturers who use the best materials.

What are the Weight Capacities on Sex Wedges?

It really depends on how big you are and how big the wedge is. It’s advisable to check size guidelines. You want to make sure it will hold you and your lover’s weight.

What are the Best Sex Wedges on the Market?

Liberator makes the best erotic wedges. They’re the world’s top manufacturers of erotic furniture and have the bestselling sex pillow on the market.

If you need some ideas, we did the research for you and wrote the best BDSM wedge guide.

What is an alternative to buying or building a Sex Wedge?

You could try and use a couple of pillows, but they won’t provide the same support. They’re too soft and won’t give you the deep penetration you’re looking for.

Are Sex Wedges Comfortable?

Yes. Incredibly. Wedges are comfortable to lie on and to have under your neck, back, hips, and knees. Penetrative and oral sex positions feel much better with a wedge. They give you more angles and more shivering sensations.