Svakom Amy vs Cici
Last Updated on September 2, 2023

Svakom Amy vs Cici

As a seasoned, I’ve spent more time with vibrators than most people do in traffic. So when the “SVAKOM Amy” and “Cici” entered my world, I was like a giddy kid,  Or shall I say, like a botanist discovering two new species of orchids!

Let’s take Amy first – sleek, stylish, and quieter than a mouse on tiptoe. Then there’s Cici, flexible as a gymnast, hitting spots you didn’t know existed.

Both are unique, like twins with different personalities. , but let’s dig deeper. What truly sets them apart, and who gets to don the victor’s laurel in this friendly duel?

Svakom Amy

svakom amy

Let’s begin with our earlier acquaintance, Svakom Amy.

This lady carries herself with polished finesse, all thanks to her sleek, waterproof silicone body.

Amy’s exceptional charm lies in her elegantly curved tip, aimed to tantalize your G-spot like a seasoned maestro.

As I’ve said before, Amy embodies the very essence of serene discretion. Consider her the secret agent of adult toys – chic, quiet, and remarkably skilled.

Amy’s ‘intelligent mode’ sets her apart – a pre-set mode that rhythmically varies, emulating an authentic, ahem, ‘encounter.’

Equipped with six vibration modes and intensity levels, Amy promises an amusement park of delightful sensations.

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Svakom Cici

Now, let’s give a warm welcome to Svakom Cici, the underrated gem of adult toys.

What sets Cici apart is her ultra-flexible, vibrating head that can bend up to 180 degrees, ensuring to pleasure even in the most elusive spots.

The moment Cici came alive, I was introduced to a whole new realm of pleasure.

With five distinct vibration modes, Cici ensures your rendezvous with pleasure is nothing short of unforgettable.

My favorite feature? Its slender, elongated design is perfect for those who prefer a less intimidating, more comfortable shape.

Cici is also 100% waterproof and rechargeable, making every bath time an adventure.

Svakom Cici



Shared Features & Differences

Svakom Amy vs Cici




And now, the moment of truth. Who reigns supreme in this battle of pleasure? Both Svakom Amy and Svakom Cici have shown impressive strengths. However, there can only be one victor…

And the winner is… Svakom Cici! Cici’s ultra-flexible head, beginner-friendly design, and discreet size give her the edge in this face-off. But remember, the true winner will always be the one that aligns best with your personal needs and desires.

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What is Svakom Amy?

Svakom Amy is a top-tier pleasure toy renowned for its plush texture, powerful vibrations, and near-silent operation.

What is Svakom Cici?

Svakom Cici is a discreet, beginner-friendly pleasure device designed with a unique, flexible head for personalized stimulation.

Which toy is more suitable for beginners?

Svakom Cici is often recommended for beginners due to her sleek, less intimidating design and flexible head.