King Edward Sex Chair
Last Updated on August 15, 2023

Uncovering the Mysterious King Edward Sex Chair

Ah, the royals! They’ve always been a fascinating subject, but the steamy and scandalous tale of King Edward VII’s sex chair, or as some might call it, the “King Edward sex chair,” is one for the ages.

This unique piece of furniture was designed specifically for the king’s promiscuous pleasures, and its history is as intriguing as it is titillating.

So buckle up, dear reader, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of royal debauchery and uncover the mysterious story of King Edward VII’s scandalous love chair.

Short summary

King Edward VII's Scandalous Love Chair

King Edward VII, also known as “Dirty Bertie,” was well-known for his lascivious ways and insatiable appetite for pleasure.

To satisfy his desires, he commissioned a special piece of furniture – a custom-made “siege d’amour” or love chair, also known as the royal sex chair.

This contraption was designed specifically to accommodate his amorous activities with multiple partners, despite his enormous belly.

Let’s delve deeper into the design and purpose of this scandalous piece of history.

The design

The King Edward VII’s sex chair, also known as the Siege d’amour, was nothing short of an engineering marvel.

It featured a unique design with multiple seats and restraints, enabling his royal highness and his partners to engage in their naughty escapades.

The chair was upholstered in luxurious red velvet, adding an extra touch of opulence to the proceedings.

King Edward Sex Chair

This quite a contraption was more than just a fancy piece of furniture; it was a testament to the ingenuity of its creator and the boundless hedonism of its owner. The chair not only served as a symbol of King Edward VII’s promiscuity, but also as a showcase of the libertine spirit that defined his reign.

The purpose

King Edward VII’s sex chair, also known as Bertie’s sex chair, was designed with a singular purpose in mind: to facilitate his sexual encounters with multiple partners simultaneously. The chair’s intricate design allowed Bertie to engage in various positions with his partners, while comfortably supporting his rather large belly.

It may seem shocking by today’s standards, but at the time, it was a testament to the future king’s unbridled pursuit of pleasure, which some might even describe as a bit kinky.

Dirty Bertie's Extravagant Love Life

Edward VII’s reputation as “Dirty Bertie” was well-earned, with numerous high-profile affairs that often caused public outrage and strained relationships within the royal family.

His insatiable appetite for pleasure extended beyond the confines of his sex chair, leading him to engage in a series of scandalous liaisons that would make even the most seasoned gossip columnist blush.

These affairs, often a part of private lives, were conducted in secret, with the help of a network of loyal servants.

High-profile affairs

King Edward VII

King Edward VII’s list of romantic conquests reads like a who’s who of high society.

His affairs included liaisons with actresses such as Lillie Langtry, courtesans like La Barucci, and even married women like Alice Keppel.

It seems that no one was off-limits to the king, whose insatiable appetite for pleasure saw him leave a trail of broken hearts and scandalized whispers in his wake.

Of course, these endeavors were not without consequences.

The public outcry over Edward VII’s behavior often led to strained relationships within the royal family and caused a great deal of embarrassment for the monarchy.

However, it’s worth noting that some of these scandals might have been more accepted in today’s much freer society.

Royal scandals

Edward VII’s affairs were not the only source of scandal during his reign. His involvement in the Royal Baccarat Scandal and the Tranby Croft Affair further tarnished his reputation and caused even more tension within the royal family.

Queen Victoria, in particular, was not amused by her son’s behavior, believing that it was unbecoming of a future king and set a terrible example for the public.

Despite the scandals and public outrage, Edward VII managed to maintain his position as king and even worked to reform the British Home Fleet and the British Army after the Second Boer War of 1899-1902. His legacy as a monarch is a complex one, with his promiscuous lifestyle often overshadowing his achievements as a ruler.

Queen Victoria's Disapproval

Queen Victoria was none too pleased with her son’s scandalous behavior, and she made no secret of her disapproval.

As a staunch adherent of the mystique of the blood royal, Victoria believed that her son should be a paragon of virtue and decorum, setting an example for the rest of the nation.

However, Edward VII’s lascivious ways would prove to be a constant source of tension between mother and son.

Marriage to Princess Alexandra

In an attempt to rein in her son’s wild ways, Queen Victoria arranged Prince Albert Edward VII’s marriage to Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

The queen believed that marriage would help curb her son’s promiscuity and bring some much-needed stability to his life.

However, while the marriage was successful in many ways, it ultimately did little to dampen the king’s appetite for pleasure.

Parental tension

Despite Queen Victoria’s efforts to control her son’s love life, tensions between mother and son persisted due to his continued affairs. The queen’s disapproval of Edward’s behavior only served to deepen the rift between them, making their relationship even more strained and tumultuous.

It’s a testament to Edward VII’s charisma and charm that he managed to maintain his position as king and remain standing despite the many scandals and controversies that plagued his reign.

Comparing Royal Sex Lives: French Monarchs vs. British Royals

When comparing the sex lives of French and British monarchs, it’s clear that cultural differences played a significant role in shaping their attitudes towards sexuality.

While French monarchs were known for their openness and acceptance of sexual exploits, the British royal family tended to be more conservative and secretive about their sexual behavior.

This contrast offers a fascinating glimpse into the varying attitudes towards sexuality in different royal courts.

French monarchs' openness

French monarchs, such as Louis XIV, were often open about their sexual exploits and maintained official mistresses throughout their lives.

This openness was not only seen as acceptable, but was even celebrated as a sign of the monarch’s power and virility.

In fact, the French court and society at large were known for their libertine attitudes towards sex, with a greater acceptance of different sexual practices and expressions.

The openness of the French monarchs stood in stark contrast to the more conservative attitudes of their British counterparts.

This cultural difference can be attributed, in part, to the different political and social structures of the two countries, with the French monarchy being an absolute monarchy and the British monarchy being a constitutional one.

British royal family's conservatism

The British royal family, on the other hand, tended to be more conservative and secretive about their sexual behavior.

As a constitutional monarchy, the British monarch was expected to be a symbol of propriety and decorum, setting a moral example for the rest of the nation. This expectation likely contributed to the more conservative attitudes of the British royals when it came to matters of the bedroom.

However, it’s worth noting that the British royal family’s conservatism has not always been absolute. As demonstrated by King Edward VII’s scandalous love chair, even the most reserved of royals could be persuaded to indulge in less-than-decorous activities behind closed doors.

Nevertheless, the British royal family has largely managed to maintain their reputation as a symbol of morality and respectability.

Modern Perspectives on King Edward VII's Behavior

In today’s world, our understanding of human sexuality has evolved considerably. As such, modern perspectives on King Edward VII’s behavior might view him as a sex addict in need of rehabilitation.

With a better understanding of the complexities of human sexuality, we can look back at the king’s lascivious ways with a more informed and sympathetic eye.

Sex addiction rehab

The concept of sex addiction rehab is a relatively recent development in our understanding of human sexuality, and it’s worth considering how this might apply to Edward VII’s behavior.

If he were alive today, it’s possible that the king would have been encouraged to seek treatment for his compulsive sexual behavior, which likely caused significant distress to both himself and those around him.

Individuals struggling with sex addiction today have access to a variety of treatment options, including therapy, support groups, and medication. These resources can help individuals better understand and manage their behaviors, allowing them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

It’s fascinating to consider how King Edward VII’s life might have been different had such resources been available to him.

Changing social norms

As society has evolved, so too have our attitudes towards sex and sexuality. Changing social norms have led to a greater understanding of the complexities of human sexuality and a more accepting attitude towards different sexual practices and expressions.

This shift in perspective has allowed us to better understand and appreciate the challenges faced by individuals like King Edward VII, whose unconventional behavior would have been scandalous in his time.

In today’s world, Edward VII’s behavior might still raise eyebrows, but it’s likely that it would be met with a more understanding and sympathetic response than it was in his own time.

With a greater appreciation for the complexities of human sexuality, we can recognize that the king’s behavior was a product of his unique circumstances and personal challenges, rather than simply a sign of moral turpitude.


In conclusion, the tale of King Edward VII’s sex chair is a fascinating glimpse into the scandalous world of royal debauchery and excess.

From the chair’s unique design and purpose to the king’s extravagant love life and the disapproval of his mother, Queen Victoria, this story offers a revealing look at the complexities of human sexuality and the cultural differences between French and British monarchs.

As we reflect on this intriguing piece of history, we can appreciate the challenges faced by individuals like Edward VII, whose unconventional behavior was a product of their unique circumstances and personal struggles.


As we’ve delved into the history of King Edward VII’s sex chair, it’s natural that some questions might arise about this scandalous artifact and the man who commissioned it.

In this section, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about the chair, its purpose, and its current whereabouts.

  1. What was the purpose of King Edward VII’s sex chair?
  2. Who commissioned the chair and why?
  3. Where is the chair currently located?
  4. Is the chair on display for the public to see?
  5. Are there any other similar artifacts from that time period?

What was the purpose of the chair?

It is believed that the chair was designed to facilitate the use of the chair.

How did King Edward's VII chair work?

The chair was designed to accommodate multiple partners and facilitate various sexual positions, allowing Edward VII to indulge in his promiscuous lifestyle with ease. Its intricate design, featuring multiple seats and restraints, enabled the king and his partners to engage in a wide range of activities without the need for additional furniture or equipment.

While the exact mechanics of how the chair worked remain somewhat unclear, it’s clear that it was a significant part of Edward VII’s scandalous love life. The chair allowed him to engage in sexual encounters with multiple partners simultaneously, ensuring that his appetites were always satisfied.

Where is King Edward's VII sex chair?

The current location of King Edward VII’s sex chair is unknown, as it has likely been lost or destroyed over time. Originally kept at his beloved boudoir, Le Chabanais in Paris, the chair’s whereabouts have become a mystery for the ages.

Whether it is hidden away in the depths of a private collection or has been lost to the sands of time, the chair’s scandalous legacy lives on.

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How did King Edward's VII use his sex chair?

As we’ve discussed, King Edward VII used his sex chair to engage in sexual encounters with multiple partners simultaneously, indulging in his promiscuous lifestyle despite societal expectations. The chair was a testament to his hedonistic ways and a symbol of his refusal to be constrained by the conservative mores of his time.

While the chair may be lost to history, its legacy as a symbol of royal debauchery and excess lives on.

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What was the design of King Edward VII's sex chair?

This royal sex chair designed specifically for King Edward VII was the perfect fit for him and his partners to get creative with – featuring multiple seats and restraints!

It was designed to provide comfort and support for the king and his partners, while also allowing them to explore their fantasies and desires. The chair was made with luxurious materials and featured multiple seating and restraint options, allowing for a variety of positions.

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What was the purpose of the sex chair?

The sex chair was designed to help Edward VII get wild with multiple partners, as it could accommodate various sexual positions. Talk about adventurous!

Where is King Edward VII's sex chair today?

Fear not, adventurous souls!

King Edward VII’s infamous sex chair is nowhere to be found – it’s likely been lost or destroyed over time.

How did King Edward VII use his sex chair?

King Edward VII was known to enjoy his sex chair, using it to satisfy his insatiable appetite for multiple partners. His lascivious lifestyle was fuelled by the carnal possibilities of this contraption!

The chair was designed to accommodate multiple partners, allowing the king to indulge in his desires without any physical limitations. It was a revolutionary invention, one that allowed Edward to explore his sexuality in ways that had never been possible.

How have changing social norms impacted our understanding of Edward VII's behavior?

Changing social norms have made us more accepting and understanding of different expressions of sexuality, allowing us to appreciate the struggles faced by people like Edward VII.

This has been a long journey, but one that has been worth it. We are now in a place where we can celebrate the diversity of our society and recognize the importance of respecting each other’s differences.

We must.