How To Initiate Swing Sex

So, you’ve got yourself a sex swing—or you’re on the verge of clicking that “buy now” button.

Congratulations! You’re not just swinging into a new piece of furniture; you’re investing in a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

You’ve already done your homework on the ‘what’ and the ‘why,’ but what about the ‘how?’ How do you move from the anticipation stage to actually initiating a thrilling experience in the swing? 

Look no further. We’re here to guide you through the exhilarating process of initiating swing sex like a pro.

Preparing for Takeoff

Before you swing into action (pun intended), make sure your swing is safely installed and strong enough to hold both of you.

Safety checks are always sexy, okay?

A couple using the Pipedream Yoga Sex Swing

Send Flirtatious Signals Ahead of Time

Let’s start by sending some flirty texts or sharing a mischievous pic of you near the swing. This will get your partner intrigued and set the mood for what’s to come.

How about something like, “Guess where I’m sitting, and guess what I’m thinking?” Wink, wink!

Start with a Gentle Push

We’re talking both metaphorically and literally here! Offer your partner a seat on the swing and give them a gentle push. This simple act can be surprisingly intimate and a playful way to commence the action.

Share Your Fantasies

While they are enjoying the light rocking, share what you’ve fantasized about doing on the swing. This can set the tone and let your partner know that you see the swing as more than a place to just, well, swing.

Compliments are Your Best Friend

Tell them how amazing they look swinging there or how the setting sun highlights their features. A good compliment never fails to make a person feel desired.

Gradual Physical Escalation

wild sex swing woman solo sex

Place your hands on their thighs or hold their hands as they swing.

The physical contact, even if minimal, will make your intentions clear.

Let your touches become gradually more intimate as you both become more comfortable.

Speak Your Mind

By now, your partner should have a clue, but it’s always good to vocalize your desires explicitly. Tell them how much they turn you on and how excited you are to explore new heights together.

Take the Plunge

If you’ve got green lights all the way, it’s time to make your move. Join them on the swing, align yourselves comfortably, and initiate your sky-high experience.

Keep The Adventure Going

Feeling extra daring? Incorporate some light bondage or toys into your swing experience. But remember, communication and consent are key in any sexual activity.


Initiating swing sex can add an exciting new dimension to your relationship. It’s about innovation, openness, and soaring to new heights together.

Just like a couch isn’t merely a piece of furniture, a swing is not just for fun; it’s a space for adult adventure.

So, the next time you find yourself near a sturdy swing, see it as an invitation to elevate your love life. Trust us, you won’t want to come back down!


How to set the mood for swing sex?

Lighting is key—perhaps some fairy lights wrapped around the swing or nearby tree. Ambient music and ensuring privacy can also contribute to a more intimate atmosphere.

Alright, the mood is there, now take a look at our best sex swing positions guide to get some inspiration for what to do next.

Is swing sex safe?

Safety is crucial! Ensure the swing is secure and that both you and your partner are comfortable. Never forget to maintain standard safe sex practices.

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How can swing sex benefit my relationship?

Swing sex can break the monotony and infuse an element of adventure into your relationship. For inspiration, check out our guide on the best swing sex positions.

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How to make sure it's not awkward?

Communication and reading your partner’s signals are key. Start with lighter activities and escalate as comfort levels rise.