Where can I buy a sex bench
Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Where Can I Buy a Sex Bench

Online adult stores such as Liberator, Tantrachair, Lovehoney, Adam & Eve, custom furniture designers, and local classifieds/secondhand markets are all excellent places to find a sex bench.

Are you transforming your bedroom or designated intimate space into an even more adventurous haven?

One of the most versatile and exciting additions you might consider is a sex bench. Wondering where to get one? Let’s dive into your options!

Where Can I Purchase a Sex Bench?

Online retailers

The vast digital world holds many secrets and, among them, a plethora of options for acquiring a sex bench. The convenience of online shopping lets you discreetly browse through various designs and features.

Ensure that you choose trusted platforms with good customer feedback and secured payment gateways for hassle-free purchases.

Check out these popular online stores for the best options:

  • Liberator,
  • Tantrachair,
  • Lovehoney,
  • Adam & Eve.

Adult stores

Step into an adult store, and you might be pleasantly surprised at their collection of sex benches.

Apart from an array of other enticing products, many adult stores showcase a variety of benches, with staff that can offer insights and recommendations tailored to your desires.

Custom furniture designers

For a touch of exclusivity and a design that caters specifically to your tastes and requirements, collaborating with custom furniture designers might be the way to go.

This bespoke experience ensures that your sex bench not only fulfills its purpose but also blends seamlessly into your decor.

Local classifieds and secondhand markets

Don’t shy away from scouting local listings or secondhand markets.

Often, you might find someone selling a barely-used sex bench at a fraction of its original price. Always prioritize hygiene and ensure the product’s integrity before sealing the deal.

Key Considerations Before Buying

1. Size and space requirements

Assess the space where you plan to place the sex bench, ensuring it doesn’t cramp the area.

Proper measurements will save you from future inconveniences

Liberator Esse sex couch

2. Material and durability

Whether you opt for leather, faux leather, fabric, or any other material, prioritize comfort and longevity. The bench should withstand the test of time and use

3. Budget considerations

Prices can oscillate based on various factors. Establish a budget, but always be willing to invest a bit more for quality and durability.

Sex is an emotion in motion.

Advantages of Owning a Sex Bench


Sex benches can be a fantastic addition, amplifying the range and quality of intimate experiences.

Whether you’re an online shopper, a store visitor, a custom design enthusiast, or a bargain hunter, there’s a sex bench out there waiting for you.

Always remember to factor in size, material, and your budget before embarking on this sensual journey.

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What is a sex bench?

A sex bench is a piece of furniture designed specifically to support and enhance sexual activities, ensuring maximum comfort and facilitating a variety of positions.

For more information, read our article on what a sex bench is.

Why should I consider buying a sex bench?

It offers increased comfort, variety, and an overall enhanced intimate experience, broadening the horizons of your adventurous endeavors.

You can also get other sex furniture, such as a sex chair or a sex couch. You won’t regret it!

Can I order a sex bench online?

Absolutely! Many reputable online retailers offer sex benches. Ensure you’re buying from a trusted source with good customer reviews.

What should I keep in mind before making a purchase?

Prioritize the size, durability, material, and, of course, your budget. It’s essential that your chosen sex bench aligns with your needs and the space you have available.

It’s also good to know how to use a sex bench before buying one. Fortunately we can help with this one too!