liberator flip ramp vs liberator ramp
Last Updated on July 5, 2023

Liberator Flip Ramp vs. Original Liberator Ramp

If pillows could talk, the world would be a chaotic symphony of muffled secrets. “Hey, did you see that drool last night?” Pillow A would gossip, while Pillow B would reply, “Oh, please, you should’ve heard those snoring melodies!

But imagine the saucy tales of the Liberator Flip Ramp and the Original Ramp – the Don Juan of pillows, whisperers of sultry secrets, and enablers of acrobatic love escapades. “Oh, the positions I’ve supported!” the Flip Ramp would boast, while the Original Ramp, with a knowing smirk, would retort, “Well, you should see the elevation I provide!”

Today, we’re stepping into their world, comparing the whispers of the Flip Ramp and Original Ramp in a flirtatious showdown that could make even a pillow blush.

Liberator Flip Ramp: Key Features

Nothing quite flips the script on your love life like the Liberator Flip Ramp. 

It’s an expert at playing hide and seek – one moment, it’s a chic ottoman, the next, it’s your passport to a world of unimaginable comfort and exciting positions.

The Flip Ramp, is all about versatility. It’s like your favorite transformer toy but for adults. Use it folded for a comfortable, elevated ramp, or unfold it for a supportive rocking pad.

I’ve had nights where I simply didn’t know what to expect, but this chameleon of a cushion always had my back (and other parts of my body).

Liberator Flip Ramp Sex Pillow



Original Liberator Ramp: Key Features

Liberator Ramp sexy look Man and Woman

The Liberator Ramp, the original love game-changer, is not for the faint-hearted. This piece of pleasure equipment can elevate your game to angles you didn’t even know existed.

Its firm foam structure and high-density core have been my knight in shining armor, providing support in my most adventurous moments.

The microfiber cover clings to any surface and to itself so that you can combine it with other Liberator products for an even broader horizon of pleasure.



Shared Features & Differences

ramp vs flip ramp
  • The Flip Ramp folds into a subtle piece of furniture, while the Ramp is always ready for action.
  • The Flip Ramp offers more position versatility, while the Ramp provides consistent support.
  • The Flip Ramp is a bit pricier but comes with the added benefit of discretion.


Both the Liberator Flip Ramp and the Original Ramp bring their own flair to the boudoir. The Flip Ramp, with its versatility and stealth, is a rebellious innovator. The Ramp, on the other hand, is a steadfast classic that never fails to deliver. 

Ultimately, the choice between flipping or ramping it up depends on your personal needs, desires, and how nosy your houseguests are!


What is the Liberator Flip Ramp?

The Liberator Flip Ramp is a versatile piece of sex furniture that transforms from a discreet ottoman into a support ramp, designed to facilitate a wide variety of positions.

What is the Original Liberator Ramp?

The Original Liberator Ramp is a sex positioning aid designed to enhance comfort and enable a wider range of positions during lovemaking. Its distinctive wedge shape doesn’t fold or flip but offers consistent, reliable support.

Which is better, the Liberator Flip Ramp or the Original Ramp?

I think Liberator Flip Ramp is better, but it’s just me. Both are excellent in their own ways. The Flip Ramp offers versatility and discretion, while the Original Ramp provides consistent, unwavering support. The choice comes down to personal preference and needs.

Are the Flip Ramp and Original Ramp easy to clean?

Absolutely, the Flip Ramp and Original Ramp are easy to clean. Both ramps come with machine-washable covers, so you can keep them fresh and ready for your next romantic adventure.