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Last Updated on May 27, 2023

How Much Does a Stripper Pole Cost?

Want to look sexy? Let me tell you a secret, pole dancing not only looks hot when you perform, it tightens and strengthens your body so you look sexy all the damn time! Who doesn’t want to be a tight little package?!

Did you know erotic pole dancers (1) are originally associated with performers in circuses who traveled through America in the 1920s?

To find out how to get sexy and buy your dream pole, get all the juicy details below…

Interesting fact: Pole performance dates back to 12th century India when it practiced by men in a sport called Mallakhamb. This wasn’t an erotic dance!

You Should First Decide on a Removable or Fixed Stripper Pole

Well, duh! You want a dance pole that’s going to suit your lifestyle, right? 

My top tip in making the decision is to ask yourself where you’ll be using the pole?

If you want a dance pole at home then it makes sense to go for a removable one. 

You’ll want to buy one that you can take down so the in-laws or little old lady next door won’t gasp when they visit! If you need a pole for a fitness studio or club then go for a permanent one.

There are a few reasons dance poles are becoming a staple in homes all over the country!

Along with how pole dancing improves your sex-life (who doesn’t love a strip-tease?), this type of fitness has extreme health benefits!

x-pole sport girl dancing on strip pole striptease

With endless movements, pole dancing provides an incredible body-weight exercise. 

Probably one of the best. You can get a full-body aerobic or anaerobic workout. The movements blast your core muscles as well as your arms and legs!

A regular pole fitness work-out improves your strength, tone, and flexibility. It makes you sexy A.F!

Interesting fact: Pole dancing as an erotic dance form was popularised in the 1980s throughout bars and clubs.

How Much Does it Cost to Purchase a Stripper Pole

Dance poles come in a range of prices and there will be one in your budget. 

That’s the amazing thing with there being so many manufacturers, you get a choice. Beware, though! You want to choose one that is safe and has been tested!

So where do you find the best dance pole that will suit your budget where you’re assured that the manufacturer builds to the highest standards? 

Check out Furnpeak’s dance pole page, that’s how! We keep women and men up-to-date on all the best sexy products on the market! 

Trust me when I say, a pole makes the best sexy gift!

In terms of your precious pocket? An affordable dance pole starts around $50! The price goes up to high-end.

X-Pole Sport Gold striptease

Before buying make sure you think about the materials the dance pole is made from: chrome, steel, or brass. Brass and titanium poles make it easier to grasp, for instance. Steel is great if you have sensitive skin.

Consider the features. Perhaps you’ll want a spinning pole if you’re a performer and want to drop jaws! Poles usually come with a diameter between 38-50mm – what you choose is down to your personal preference.

You’ll also need to check its weight capacity will hold you and height will fit in the toom you plan to have it.


Pole dancing has huge health benefits. Having one at home improves sexual relationships as well as making you look amazing if you use it regularly for bodyweight movement.

Make sure you check out the features of the pole before you buy. They come at various prices. You’ll find one you can afford to buy. Just make sure you get the right size, height, and design for you!

Improve your love-life and strengthen your muscles by getting your own stripper pole today!


What is the best material for a stripper pole?

Poles come in chrome, steel, brass, and titanium. It really comes down to personal preference as to which the best is.

What is the best stripper pole manufacturer?

You pay for what you get. There is a selection of manufacturers on our pole page. I’d personally recommend Spencers as a great company to buy from.

Are there maintenance costs that come with owning a stripper pole?

There aren’t any maintenance costs apart from the anti-bac soap you’ll need to keep it clean. You also might need a little WD40 for the screw threads.

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