Realcock 2 Review

Recently a friend of mine came over very upset over something he found in his girlfriend’s room. When I asked him what it was he pulled out what looked like a severed human penis. I was in shock. First of all, it was huge, not to mention incredibly life-like. I wasn’t sure if I should be scared of his girlfriend or if I had found my new best friend.

I did some research (after impatiently listening to him vent about this thing of beauty for half an hour). I had to know what this masterpiece he called “Dupree” was.

As it turns out it is what is being called the most realistic dildo on the market, also known as RealCock 2. (It’s actually called Dirk, but my toys all have names too) I couldn’t resist. I just had to try it. This is my RealCock 2 review.

Realcock 2 Benefits

Realcock 2 models

The true allure of the Realcock 2 lies in its incredible adjustability. Thanks to the ingenious Vac U Lock system pioneered by Doc Johnson, you can embark on the ultimate, most realistic cock strap-on adventure.

But it doesn’t end there – suction cups, harnesses, and a variety of other intimate gadgets also join the party! Ladies, if your special someone is into pegging, they will relish the experience of the Realistic Cock 2 within them.

The Realcock 2 has an innovative soft outer layer that swivels around its shaft, thanks to the cutting-edge Sil Slide technology.

When stroked, it glides smoothly along the firm inner core beneath, perfectly recreating the feel of real penis flesh and skin during a real handjob.

Comprising three layers, this masterpiece features a firm core on the inside, a softer middle layer, and finally, the movable outermost layer. Its realistic resistance W color, and texture that feels like human skin, enhance the lifelike appeal of the Realcock 2, making it irresistible to the touch.

Setting it apart from ordinary dildos and silicone sex toys, this unique and authentic cock sports a real ball sack, with individual floating testicles that just beg to be pinched, twisted, grasped, and caressed.

The Real cock 2’s various densities and proportions make it incredibly lifelike and accurate, outshining its rivals.

The current trend of double-density and silicone toys doesn’t hold a candle to it! The added realism of a true cock sensation is simply astounding – it feels amazing both in hand and when summoned to explore the inner reaches of pleasure.

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


No suction cup! There are moments when you crave the thrill of unleashing your inner cowgirl and just riding wild! For steamy shower adventures, you’ll need to grab a suction cup to fully enjoy the ride.

Due to the amount of work that goes into creating such incredible detail to make these realistic dildos, the wait time to receive your one-of-a-kind RealCock2 is considerable.



We will start with the baby of the group.

Though it may be the shortest among its counterparts, this baby has an impressive girth when compared to a standard-sized realistic dildo.

With its streamlined, straight design, it features a modestly sized head while the shaft delivers a deliciously girthy experience.

Measuring 6 inches in length, an enticing 5½ inches in circumference, and a thrilling 1⅞ inches in diameter, it’s the perfect intimate companion for those seeking an immersive encounter.




Jones is your go-to average-sized realistic penis.

Featuring a comfortable 6.5-inch length, complemented by a 4.75-inch circumference and a 1⅝-inch diameter, it’s the real deal.

What’s more?

Its perfectly curved design is crafted to tantalize both the g-spot and p-spot, making it an absolute delight for pegging enthusiasts.


This bad boy has a slightly wider build than its predecessor, Jones.

The smaller head and remarkably lifelike tunica give the impression it’s brimming with vigor.

The exquisitely detailed two firm silicone balls mimic the real deal, ensuring an authentic experience.

Just like Jones, it measures an impressive 6.5 inches in length, with a girth of 5.5 inches and a diameter of 1⅞ inches.




Elevating our exploration to the realm of above-average realistic dildos, we encounter RealCock 2 Dirk – the embodiment of an exceptional porn star phallus, modeled after a circumcised penis.

With an impressively soft silicone scrotum and an enticingly soft head with a urethral hole, this masterpiece stretches to a generous 7.5 inches along its shaft.

The intricate ridges and veins stand out, delivering an authentic and exhilarating sensation.

In its full glory, RealCock 2 Dirk measures 8.5 inches in length, with a girth of 6 inches and a diameter of 2 inches.


Bruce features a somewhat tapered head accompanied by an impressive bulge along the shaft, akin to the girth of a fisting kink.

Dare to embrace the challenge?

Go ahead and add the Bruce model to your collection.

Boasting an impressive length of 10 inches and measuring 9.5 inches in circumference and 3.25 inches in diameter, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!

How to Use RealCock2

Before beginning a sensual adventure with any of these models, make sure to grab some water-based lube, as they’re made of high-quality non-porous, body-safe silicone skin.

The sensations you’ll experience with the Realcock 2 are remarkably close to the real deal, and its exceptional flexibility allows you to explore any position you can think of.

If you’re keen on having your partner take control, the Vac-U-Lock compatibility ensures effortless strapping on. For hands-free solo pleasure, simply attach this impressive toy to your preferred sex machine and let the blissful journey begin.

How to Clean and Care for RC2

To keep your RealCock 2 in tip-top shape, simply remember these easy-to-follow steps!

After enjoying your time with it, give it a gentle wash using liquid antibacterial soap and warm water.

Be sure to pat it dry – avoid rubbing, as this may damage the silicone. Don’t boil it!

To maintain its lifelike feel, make sure you work the shaft frequently. Trust me, doing this keeps the inner silicone layer soft and supple.

When it comes to lube, don’t hold back. Using a bit more than usual ensures minimal friction, preventing potential damage to the outer paint layer.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to sanitize your toy. While the realistic nature of your RC2 is captivating, it’s essential to handle it gently.

Refrain from rough play like biting or engaging in risky activities to avoid damaging your precious RC2.

My Experience with RealCock2

When going slow, it’s simply AMAZING – you can truly appreciate the intricate details, like the faint blue veins, skin tones, and skin texture! As I speed up the thrusts and lube generously, Dirk glides smoothly. (better than the real thing)

Dirk has an impressive 9-inch full length (8 inches insertable length) and 2-inch girth – larger than what I usually prefer in a dildo. However, the head’s perfect blend of softness and elasticity makes it an ideal match. That exquisite coronal ridge is impeccably designed to reach my G-spot, particularly when I’m lying on my back.

At first, like other dildos, Dirk was cold when I first put it in, but it warmed up quicker than most dildos I have used. This is a wonderful thing unless you enjoy the feeling of cold cock, which I don’t. The warmth of RealCock 2 makes it feel much more like a real penis.

The primary goal of the Vac u hole is to enable you to effortlessly attach any RealCock 2 to either (1) a high-powered thrusting machine or (2) a Vac-U-Lock harness. This way, you can cast aside the worry of dealing with the hefty base while the demanding task of thrusting is taken care of for you. (Who wouldn’t want that?)

Naturally, the most sensible solution for me was to finally treat myself to a top-notch thrusting machine. Sure, it’s a significant investment, but it’s hands down the greatest stress relief and pleasure I’ve ever experienced from a sex toy.

Additionally, there are various Vac-U-Lock suction cups available (go for the large one) if you want a hands-free ride with your Real Cock.

These suction cups work wonders on ultra-smooth horizontal surfaces but don’t expect the same results on walls. Also, when you are using any vac-u-lock accessory, using lube around the plug will make inserting and removal much easier.

Removing Vac inserts from the RealCock 2 can be challenging, particularly if you haven’t applied enough water-based lubricant beforehand. To avoid any hassles, always take out the Vac plug immediately after using it to keep the lube from drying and making extraction troublesome.

The base’s bottom isn’t completely smooth – a quirky feature of the RealCock 2.

You’ll discover two circular indents where the balls are situated, a slightly rough patch about an inch in front of the Vac-U-Lock hole for pouring core silicone, and an embedded gauze lining surrounding the Vac hole to prevent the soft silicone from tearing, unlike the issue with Hankey’s Toys Vac holes.

These marks are all perfectly normal. Besides, Dirk comes with its unique, tiny pigment dots on the base’s front, initially resembling paint splatters but are more like “freckles”!

Prices are always changing. To see the current deal to spice things up, check out the shop we recommend!


What is RealCock 2?

The Real cock 2, an incredibly realistic dildo crafted specifically for mind-blowing sexual experiences, catering to all genders and fantasies.

Expertly brought to life by Abyss Creations (creators of the famed Realdoll product) since 1996, this delectable delight goes above and beyond. The Realcock 2 features three sumptuous layers for unrivaled pleasure and authenticity.

Hold your horses! The Realcock 2 isn’t just a second-generation marvel – it boasts five unique models: Jones, Bruce, Rockwell, James, and Dirk! You aren’t limited to these either; choose from fair, medium, or dark variants, or request a one-of-a-kind, custom color, even pink if that’s your fancy!

Every aspect of the Realcock 2, from its composition to its texture, guarantees an unparalleled realistic sexual experience. Top it off with a user-friendly Vac-U-Lock system for effortless strap-on fun or unforgettable pegging adventures.

Each of the five models offers something distinct in terms of length, diameter, or overall girth.

Would you like to try some other realistic dildos? Vixskin Johnny or Vixskin Bandit might be a good choice.

Should you buy RealCock 2?

Look no further if you crave the ultimate experience! The lifelike skin movement, the floating testicles, and the squishy head texture make it feel astonishingly close to the real deal.

Not to mention, it’s compatible with Vac-u-Lock, which adds an incredible level of authenticity for strap-on or pegging adventures.

Crafted with dedication by a skilled group of artisans, these products may take a bit longer to reach you – around 8 weeks or more. But the superb quality is worth the wait! If patience isn’t your virtue, though, you might want to explore other options.

One aspect worth mentioning is the base size, which may pose a challenge for those with smaller hands. Finding the perfect grip and angle for self-use could be tricky. However, fear not! A fucking machine or suction cup can enhance your experience, but keep in mind that this could entail extra expenses.

As for the price, it might seem like a significant drawback. However, the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds in this case. The impeccable craftsmanship justifies the cost, making it a valuable investment if you can spare the cash. (as always, you can donate to my gofundme page any time!)