Last Updated on November 2, 2020

Podcast of Furnpeak - Episode 1

Welcome to the first podcast of

Here is your host, Alex and Sasha.

In this podcast, we touched on a whole lot of subjects. We primarily focused on the main topics of our website (sex furniture, sex pillows, sex chairs…) and discussed lightly on sex positions for the swing.

Who are we?

The one writing at the moment is Sasha, and I have a boyfriend named Alex.

You can learn more about us by listening to this podcast episode or read about it on our about us page.

What is the subject of the Furnpeak podcast?

This first episode of the podcast was just an experiment; we will see if we will continue with it and make it a permanent feature for Furnpeak. We lightly touched on subjects like how we got into best sex furniture.

Our first sex chair and what we like and dislike. And so much more!

What is the goal of the podcast?

Our main goal is to inspire people and help people make the right decisions to buy sex furniture. We did a lot of research on these topics to find the best “decor” for our cozy home.

We made a lot of mistakes by purchasing cheap furniture, and in the end, it is worth the extra bucks to get real quality.

If you want to know everything we said in the podcast, I advise you to listen to it.

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