Plus size sex tips
Last Updated on June 13, 2023

Plus Size Sex Tips

It’s time to get honest about what you want. And regardless of how small, big, or athletic your body–all women want good sex.

Right now we’re shedding light on our thicker sisters, she’s, and they’s with a vagina who want to make the most of their sex life with these sex tips for plus-size women. Discover the best sex positions for a comfortable and satisfying sex life for you and your partner.

Sex tips for plus size women

Never apologize for your body

We are diving right in with some good ol’ body positivity. That’s right. You need some plus-size confidence to match the perfectly plus-size body.

And if you can’t comfortably sit on your partner’s chest (briefly) he may not be built for fat women lovin’.

Despite what he can or can’t handle, there is no room for poor self-esteem or body image issues in the bedroom.

Regardless of body type, women have a tendency to put too much pressure on looking perfect.

Trust me, if you’ve made it to the bedroom with him the only thing he’s looking for is the g spot, not your “imperfections”.

plus size woman

Consider that your partner is just happy to be there

Plus size women it’s time to accept that people love your bigger body. Despite the few haters, there are plenty of lovers ready to ride the curves of your plus-size body.

And even though you may have a moment of insecurity, your partner likely can’t stop thinking about what they’ll do to your body.

Wear what makes you feel sexy

Plus-size fashion has made strides in recent years. There is lingerie available in sizes up to 5x. When you feel good you will exude irresistible sexual energy.

A black lace garter belt with matching stalkings, corset, and bralette can be worn during sex. You can look and feel your best in all sorts of sex positions.

Plus size sex outfits are the best way to dress for the occasion.

plus size woman in a sexy outfit

Do a little dance

This may be the deep end for some of you, but I promise you can’t go wrong with a few whirls around a stripper pole. Your partner will find it devilishly sexy.

Being a tempting stripper starts with the right pole. Here’s a simple guide on How to Choose the Best Stripper Pole for your body.

Use sex pillows

If you’re new to sex pillows, the 2022’s Best Inflatable Sex Furniture is a great place to start.

Discover a variety of pieces for you and your partner to explore new positions.

These options are supportive while leaving some buoyancy so you and your partner don’t feel stiff.

Beyond sex pillows on this list, you’ll discover all sorts of goodies to support your knees, legs, butt, and allow you to put more weight onto the furniture and less onto your partner.

There’s even a remote-controlled love lounge for when you need to give your partner a break and have some solo playtime (check out the best plus-size sex toys).

plus size woman in underwear with sex pillow

Go for stable surfaces

Opt for a sturdy chair or any of the Best Plus Size Sex Furniture options.

We’ve compiled a list of the most effective sex aids for plus-size women to have leg-shaking orgasms.

When you’re entire body is well supported, you’ll be more excited to try different positions.

Give your knees a break and have some fun. All it takes is a supportive slight modification to make a huge difference.

Why do guys prefer sex with bigger women?

Some people like a big butt, some like big boobies, and some like big everything. There is a lid for every pot and you are one sexy pot, honey.

No one wants to be loved just for their body. So intentions are important to consider. Beware of men who simply fetish size sex with a big woman without valuing the big woman.

A gal who has a little more of everything is hard to resist. All women are beautiful and have unique features that amplify their sensuality. A plus-size woman is no different. Also, it just feels good.

The sheer weight of a bigger body adds intensity to a man’s favorite positions.

If your man loves to feel crushed, practice the superwoman position for a little kinky, big girl play. Confidence is really the number one thing required to get someone to bed.

Ways to have sex when you are a plus-size woman

Don't Skip Foreplay

You don’t want to just jump right into doggy style. Warm up to each other, explore with your hands and mouth, let the temperature rise a bit.

If you’re the feminine partner, put yourself in a submissive position and let the more dominant partner lead.

This is the perfect time to establish the sexual dynamic between you two…or three…I’m not judging.

Foreplay is so underrated.

It can start as innocently as the spooning position and some great conversation and before you know it the neck kisses from behind start to give you the chills and you know you’re in for a wild night with your partner.

This is also a great way to get comfortable with each other and understand each other’s body language and sexual subtleties.

The Phoenix Sex Chair

Get on Top!

That’s right girl, give him ALL that body. Trust me, he wants it! So straddle, reverse cowgirl, and enjoy a ride on the magic stick.

For extra support, squat over his pelvis the put one leg down on the knee.

The top leg is bent from the squat and can be used to leverage your body weight making it easy to bounce up and down.

It’s especially fun when your partner grabs you and helps.

Make these positions even more comfortable with any of 2021’s Best Sex Stools! Use on the bed, floor, or another stable surface.

Sex stools are perfect for sitting and dispersing your weight onto the tool and receiving oral sex or allowing him to penetrate deeper while lying beneath the sex stool.

Plus size women this is the throne you’ve always deserved.

Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Stool

Be a Pillow Princess

Lay back and let your partner take care of you. Big girls make the best pillow princesses.

You are inviting your partner to take the lead and don’t have to worry about doing anything that makes you feel awkward.

When you’re a pillow princess you are mostly getting pleased. you can lie happily on the bed and await your partner and their first move.

Unless you like breakin’ a sweat or being an acrobat, this is a favored position among us big girls. Just be sure your partner is ready to put in the work.

Black Label Wedge

Best Plus Size Positions

Later on, we’ll get into the exact position tutorials. For now, just understand that you won’t know your limits until you try.

Many plus-size babes won’t experiment with a new position out of fear or self-doubt. And if there is anything you take away from this article take this–you are the only thing holding you back from good sex.

You can do more positions than you’ve been allowing yourself. And if you have a partner, tonight I want you to try at least one new position. It’s okay if you feel funny or look silly. Do it. (And thank me later)

Plus Size Sex: FAQ

What are the best sex positions for plus-size women?

Doggy Style

On your knees, ass high, while begging your partner to penetrate you from behind. That’s right, we’re talkin’ doggy style.

You can’t go wrong with this kinky classic. If you have sensitive knees, cushion them with pillows. When your arms get tired, drop down into the child’s pose. This is a great position that is relaxed and invites g spot penetration.

Missionary Position

Perhaps not the most original, but the missionary position gets the job done! Missionary doesn’t have to be boring. Put one leg down and one leg up to give your partner something to hold onto. This way they can go harder and have a deep impact by pulling your body closer with each thrust. You can also keep your legs straight in the air for added tightness.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is everything you do while riding, just facing your partner’s feet. If you have a belly, this keeps the weight off of your partner’s chest and disperses it comfortably onto their legs.

Lean forward and use their knees for support as your grind or bounce up and down. It’s sure to be their favorite view.

What if your partner is also plus-size?

Want to avoid belly-to-belly contact and enjoy fun sex positions with another bigger body? 2022’s Best Sex Swings and Slings are designed so that all body types can get kinky. Check out our plus-size sex swing guide to find out which sex swings were designed to support heavier weight.

Is it just me or does laying in the bed get boring?

Sex swings take the pressure off of your knees, do all the heavy lifting to keep your legs wide open, put your legs straight above you, support your head, and put you in positions you’ve only dreamt of.

When both partners have plus-size bodies you have to think of things like –how can I make my partner comfortable, what do I do with my legs, where do I put my butt, what if my knees start hurting? Comfortable positions become incredibly important to the enjoyment of your sex life.

The sex swings and slings in the list above eliminate worry so you can get straight into the fun stuff.

Don't Be Awkward About It!

Just have the conversation about what is and isn’t feasible in the bedroom. You’re comfortable being intimate and that’s all that matters.

You can still do so many things to satisfy each other that don’t require you to stand on your head like a contortionist.

Keep in mind not all sex has to be penetrative sex. Fingers, hands, and mouths work wonders. But if you crave deep penetration, there are always dildos.

How to do the 69 sex position when you are plus size?

Bear in mind, 69 can be a tricky sex position for even slim people. So don’t feel weird if you have to do a few adjustments before you find what works. But of all the sex positions, this may be the one worth getting a little weird for. The payoff is astronomical.

Sit on his face. That’s right. Get in reverse cowgirl and just scoot back until you hover right over his drooling mouth. You can now rest your body on theirs and do your part downstairs. You’ll be able to gauge if your partner is okay with the weight on them. But they’re not likely to tap out anytime soon.

Another way is to reverse it! Let them be on top and you rest comfortably on the bed. It works both ways even if it’s not the traditional version of this position, it’s very sexy and satisfying. I just hope you don’t have a gag reflex.

Feeling like a wild monkey? Lay in your sex swing with your legs up and your head facing the ground. This way your partner only has to stand in position to achieve 69. Eat and suck to your heart’s desire just be sure to come up for air!

Any tips for men having plus-size sex?

Yes! You are blessed so don’t waste the opportunity to enjoy a big beautiful partner. Come prepared to put in a little extra effort and don’t be lazy. It’s important that you’re just as confident in trying new things. Don’t be afraid to throw her around, pin her down, break the bed, or push her feet into the headboard.

Have fun and enjoy the ride!