Lelo Sila vs Sila Cruise
Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Lelo Sila vs Sila Cruise Review

Welcome to the wild world of luxury toys!

If you’ve been following the trends, you’ll know that the Lelo Sila and Lelo Sila Cruise are two of the hottest items on the market. But which one is better?

Let’s compare and find out! Who knows, you might just find the perfect luxury toy for your solo or couple play.

When it comes to luxury clit toys, there is no better choice than the Lelo Sila series.

This chic and trendy design is the latest in the sex toy industry and has quickly become a top-selling product.

With a sleek and sophisticated design, the Lelo Sila clit suction toys are perfect for all kinds of pleasure seekers.

Which One For You?

Lelo Sila

Lelo Sila Cruise

Sila vs Sila Cruise - Which Clit Suction Toy Is Better?

Both of these clit suckers offer an array of features, making them ideal for a variety of needs. The Lelo Sila offers a more traditional design, while the Cruise has a more modern look.

Both are waterproof, rechargeable, and extremely powerful crafted with body-safe silicone. The suction toys also have a unique pulsing technology, allowing for deeper and more gratifying pleasure.

Both Lelo toys use sonic waves to gently massage the clitoral area. the mouth of the toys is especially comfortable, softer, and wider than most other toys.

The Lelo Sila 

Lelo Sila: Perfect For Larger Clitoris

Let’s start with the Lelo Sila review.

The reason I love Sila is that I don’t personally get pleasure from the hyper-focused clitoral sensations provided by other clit suction toys I’ve tried.

The wide mouth of the toy allows for direct clitoral stimulation, which was great for me. I LOVE IT.

The vibration patterns are great, and they are very quiet, which was a huge plus. The strong suction that this toy provides is perfect for stimulating all of my nerve endings.

Lelo Sila is a discreet, quiet toy designed for direct clitoral stimulation.

It features a wide mouth that allows for maximum clitoral contact and 8 vibration patterns to give you the perfect sensation.

Lelo Sila

The vibrations are designed to target specific areas of the clitoris for maximum pleasure.

The low-frequency vibrations provide a gentle yet powerful sensation that can be tailored to your individual needs. The quiet motor ensures that you won’t disturb anyone while using the toy.

With its powerful clit stimulation capabilities, Lelo Sila is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a discreet, powerful toy that will provide direct clitoral stimulation.

Even if people are living in the next room, they won’t be able to hear a thing.

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Sila Cruise: Clit Sucker Without Direct Contact

Sila Cruise’s unique design makes it different from other clit toys as it doesn’t require firm contact with your body to work due to The Cruise Control™ technology.

It allows you to indulge in pleasure without the feeling of numbness or irritation for hours on end.

I appreciate the gentle, yet rumbly sensations that the Sila provides.

Its beautiful design and shape give it an aesthetically pleasing look, and I love how the big opening offers different ways of using it.

Lelo Sila Cruise

However, the buttons are difficult to use and I have to look at them to make sure I am pressing the right one.

Additionally, some of the patterns become weak when set to the lowest intensity.

Despite these drawbacks, I am very pleased with my experience and would definitely recommend the SilaCruise to someone looking for a gentle, yet stimulating sex toy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I would like to say that the Sila Cruise is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, yet comfortable experience. It’s definitely my favorite toy.

The Cruise Control™ technology ensures constant pulsations during use, while its wider mouth delivers a deeper and more intense sensation. Plus, it only costs $10 more than the Sila model, making it an excellent value for the money.