How Much Is a Sex Swing
Last Updated on February 13, 2024

How Much Is a Sex Swing?

If you’re looking for the perfect sex swing, there isn’t one specific number that can answer the question that keeps you up at night; How much does a cost? Every person is different and wants different things.

What I think is perfect (Jay Baruchel) differs from what you might think is perfect. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice quality for a lower price, then a cheaper sex swing may be an option.

There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for a sex swing. There are a few different types of sex swings to choose from.

Price of the Best Sex Swings

The price of a good sex swing depends on what you will use it for. Someone who likes BDSM will want a different swing from someone just looking for the right sex swing to add some spice to their sex life.

Those who wish to use it to hold people, hostage for a few days will need a different swing. (And some specialistic help. Sounds crazy to me, dude!)

Another thing to consider when buying a sex swing is how much space you have. If you have limited space, using a door mount or a sex swing door jam kit will take up less room, but you will be limited in what you can do. If you want to achieve standing-up sex and want to soar to new heights of pleasure you will love this.

Sex Swing



The tied-tight Platform for suspended sex




Screamer Swing Stand Combo




Fetish Fantasy Series Swing Stand





Screamer Dual Hook with removable straps




Strict Extreme Sling for a reclined position





Fetish Fantasy Series Bondage Swing

Joy Love Dolls


Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing

Joy Love Dolls


Trinity Vibes Trinity 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

Hustler Hollywood


Whip Smart Pleasure Swing with a narrow spreader bar

Joy Love Dolls


Purple Reins Sex Sling with wrist straps and feet stirrup



Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing



Whip Smart Yoga Pleasure Swing

Joy Love Dolls


Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

Joy Love Dolls


HUSTLER® Premium Pleasure Swing

Hustler Hollywood


The Wild Side with two mounting points

Sex Swing


Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing with removable padding



WhipSmart Fantasy Bondage Swing

Hustler Hollywood


Easy Toys Door Leg & Bum Support Over The Door Swing

Joy Love Dolls


Sportsheets Door Jam Kit with sturdy acrylic barbells



Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Door Swing with hand grips

Joy Love Dolls


Whipsmart Body Sex Swing for elevated pleasure

Hustler Hollywood


Lux Fetish Door Slam Love Swing

Joy Love Dolls


Door attachment

Door sex swings are on the low spectrum of the price range (the same as body swings). Door swings are usually under a hundred dollars.

If you have kids, you might want to look at some other ones.

One day, you might find your youngest swinging in it and singing their little heart out about how mommy has an in her room. (I had a bad experience)

Normal Sex Swings

A single hook swing only has only one mounting point, offer reliable support swinger, and the strong nylon straps adjust for versatile play.

These sex swings can cost you around $150-$250.

If you want to be discreet, an aerial yoga swing is a good alternative.

Heavy-duty sex swings are designed for bondage play (to fulfill your fetish fantasy).

They have generous weight limits to hold both your and your partner’s body weight, four adjustable straps, and are great for extended play.

These sex swings will typically cost more than $200.

Screamer Sex Swing - Twist

Sex Slings

Sex slings look more like hammocks than sex swings. A sex sling requires four mounting points and is usually made from leather.

These types of sex swings can be limited in what sex positions you can do with them. A sex sling will cost you around $300-$400.

Shop around before buying anything. You might be able to find the same swing for less money.

Find out more about sex swing positions!


Whip Smart Bondage Pleasure

Sex swings can be hung from the ceiling by installing hooks on your ceiling.

You can choose to use your DIY skills and install the swing yourself or hire a professional, so you don’t end up with one partner injured.

You can find detailed information about how to hang a install a sex swing in our guide.

Making a door sex swing is relatively easy. All you need is a sturdy door. The door sex swing is designed to hang on a closed door and requires no attachments.

However, if you are an adventurous couple worried about damaging your door with door mounts, you can use a pull-up support bar for the door frame instead. 

The price range for a good pull-up bar is between $30-50, but you can spend up to $120 for a more durable one.

If you purchase a door sex swing for less than $100, it might seem impractical to spend more money on how to hang it. Nevertheless, there are many ways to enjoy the best sex swing without breaking the bank.

Normal Sex swings with a single mounting point, like the Whipsmart Pleasure Swing (I have one in my bedroom), will require:

A dual-mount sex swing like the Wild Ride Sex Swing (I have one in my basement) will require:

To have a professional hang your swing (so you won’t fall from the sky), it will cost 20 virgins. (I need all Star Trek fans!)

If you don’t want to drill holes or have hooks in your ceiling and potentially have to explain their purpose (tell people that is where your significant other sleep) or want a sex swing hanging from your ceiling, a sex swing stand could be a better option.

The sex swing stand has a four-point stand and costs around $500 (which is what causes the screaming). This is a fairly average price for a high-quality frame. It is unlikely to find a sex swing stand for less than $500.

Read our guide to the best sex swing stands!

How Much Will the Mounting Cost?

You should add an extra +15-20% of the cost of your favorite sex swing purchase for mounting expenses. (try duct tape and chewing gum) However, if you opt for a sex swing stand, you should aim to have a budget of at least $500.


Here are some examples of sex swing prices (including attachments):

Check also out our guide to the best tantric swings! Read also a detailed description of what is a sex swing.