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Sex Swing Positions explained

7 Best Sex Swing Positions

The 7 Best Sex Positions For Doing It with a Sex Swing in Monotony can be a buzz kill when it comes to sex. What can you

Sex on Pillow positions explained

9 Best Sex Pillow Positions

9 Best Positions Using a Sex Pillow in Sex pillows make your love life better. Fact. You want that, right? “How?” you’re asking! So… here’s the secret:

Sex on Couch Positions explained

9 Sex Couch Positions

The 9 Best Couch Sex Positions Many sexual adventures begin on the couch. As we get comfortable, it is often where sparks start to fly. In most

How to make a sex swing explained

How to make a sex swing

How to make a Sex Swing? Some of the best memories that we have from childhood involve swings. Heck, some of us were swinging naked back then.

How to hide sex furniture guide

How to hide sex furniture

How to Hide Sex Furniture ? If you had to guess which gender the following results of a survey apply to, would you get it right? 56%

Podcast Episode 1

Podcast of Furnpeak – Episode 1 Welcome to the first podcast of Furnpeak.com Here is your host, Alex and Sasha. In this podcast, we touched on a

How to build sex furniture guide

How to build your own sex furniture

How to build your own sex furniture in Have you ever wondered what sort of genius could combine two of our favorite activities in a single product?